Two Boys Stand Before Dmitry Zemenkov And This is What Happened

Two boys stand before Dmitry Zemenkov lens and this is what happened. See two new male models in front of your screen. Exclusive in Fashionably Male.

Let’s flight to Vilnius Lithuania is about 7,290 kilometers from Washington, DC as the crow flies.

Vilnius-based photographer Dmitry Zemenkov instinctively captures the mood and feeling of models, and every piece of clothing, with the help of the model and Dmitry’s technical abilities, start telling its own story

Vilnius is in the southeast part of Lithuania and is the second largest city in the Baltic states.

These photo represents the hours we’ll waste watching the new work of Dmitry Zemenkov

In the first block we have model (with a short haircut) Ramünas Bartulis represented by ECMA Models.

Interesting who Ramünas’ look, reminds me of the appearance of a lion tamer but a little more transgressive.

Hairstylist Emilija Šimukauskaitė, styled by Dmitry Zemenkov and Emilija Eini with pieces by Lithuanian designer Marius Vepsta.

The question is: who do you choose to be today?

Two sides of Dmitry Zemenkov the bad and the good, what you prefer?

For the next block we have a new European face named Domantas Gr. Representing the softly side, the good side a gently side taken by Dmitry Zemenkov.

Every piece of clothing is like a separate play character that we choose ourselves. The things we wear affect the way we behave, our social status or a desired strategy.

This is absolutely good, very fine well constructed by Dmitry Zemenkov, so you guys what side are you? the good or the bad? Let me know.

Photographer: Dmitry Zemenkov /
Model 1 (with a short haircut): Ramūnas Bartulis at
Model 2: Domantas Gr
Styled by Dmitry Zemenkov and Emilija Eini with pieces by Lithuanian designer Marius Vepsta

Hair Stylist for Model 1 (Ramūnas Bartulis) : Emilija Šimukauskaitė


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