Desnudo Magazine “Travel Size” Work by Chesterfield Hector

Photographer Chesterfield Hector ends 2018 very very good, with stunning work published on Desnudo Magazine, where models get naked and covering only with Travel bags.

Teamed up with stylist Phill Tarling choosing the bags and also grooming the models Chris Reid, Darcy James from NEVS Models, James Yates and Declan McKenna from SUPA Models in UK.

We had not submit anything up from Chesterfield since 2016, can you believe?

The selection of the models is splendid, never Chesterfield is gonna let you down ’bout it.

Chesterfield’s work is professional, he is very dedicated and passionate about the quality of his work.

Focusing on bodies with warm to skin tones, that enhance physical beauty, having the perfect setting of light, helps too.

In this work, in addition to the handbags, we can see the excellent selection of models and those autumn tones that help us to warm.

Showing some Outtakes:

Darcy James lead the pack of Alpha models in the new fashion story of photographer Chesterfield Hector.

James Yates another super handsome male model that we hope we can see more for this coming 2019.

You can see the rest on Desnudo Magazine @desnudomagazine.

Photography Chesterfield Hector @chesterfieldhector
Stylist Phill Tarling @philltarling 
Models Chris Reid @chris_reid  & Darcy James @darcyjames__from @nevsmodels and
James Yates @yatesy17 & Declan McKenna @dec_mck from @supamodelmanagement.


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