Men of the Web: A Quickfire Interview With @_chriswolfe

We had the pleasure of grabbing a quick chat with the amazing, burgeoning Australian fashion star Christopher Wolfe. We talked about life, inspiration, and his love for Gaga. He’s pretty great, so make sure to check him out on Instagram and in the image gallery at the end.

Fast Facts

  • I go by the name Christopher.
  • Pro nouns: him he his
  • I’m am gay
  • I am out to all family and friends
  • I currently have no hobbies as I work full time
  • I’m passionate about fashion and wish to pursue a career in the fashion industry by having my own design and label of men’s underwear.

On His Life

I’m from a small city between Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. I like getting out and enjoying the sun, so going to the beach or swimming in the pool. I love socialising so I enjoy being out and about. Currently I work full time.

On His Year

This year has been a year I decided to put my head down and work and save, I’m planning on going on holidays next year so I haven’t been able to do anything too exciting that’s out of the ordinary.

On His Media Habits

I’m currently loving the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that is on Netflix. I am still waiting to see A Star Is Born, I know right weird I haven’t seen it yet.

On His Inspiration

I get most of my inspiration from Lady Gaga, I think she is an icon and a gift to our era and generation and I feel so privileged to be alive the same era as herself. Her music, her love for everyone and her motivation and drive is nothing short of inspirational.


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