Beach and the moonlight – Chapter 17

Is there anything more romantic than being on beach and watching moonlight with someone you are in love with?

Brian and I slowly settled into our relationship. We decided that he will concentrate on university to avoid dropping out and losing student loan. I managed to get more hours working in the café to cover our expenses. Brian would still manage to get a joint or two daily but he really changed for better. I kept doing well at university and was happy despite being very busy running between home,university and work.

Simply I was happy to be with him. I loved him very much and I was convinced that he loved me just as much. Due to my business we had less sex unlike first several weeks of our relationship when we were full of lust for each other. I noticed that he is perving when we go out together. He was more perving at girls but sometimes on other guys as well. It made me feel a bit jealous from time to time.

Brian was not out. Well, I cannot say that I was open about my sexual preferences either. I did not try to hide anything, but I also did not think I should share it with everyone. Generally, only two of my girlfriends from university knew I am gay.Brian was particularly concerned about his family. His brother visited couple of times during this first six months of our relationship.

Brian’s Brother

Once he stayed overnight and Brian and I slept in separate rooms. Brian was very tense during these visits and insisted that I will not cook for all of us. It all had to look like we are just house-mates. I was busy anyway, so I was absent from home most of the time when his brother visited and there was no drama. And, I was trying not to look feminine in his presence.

His brother stayed three days with us during last visit and Brian could not wait for him to go away. On the other side, they were quite close. His brother was supporting Brian financially as well. He brother was rough type, loud and ignorant and I was happy to keep away. I could sense he was very homophobic type. Well, if he only knew about Brian…

I went shopping on my own just to stay out of the house and avoid spending any more time than necessary with Brian’s brother and among other things I bought a lotto ticket.That was very unusual thing to do for me. My shopping was more looking at things I would like to buy but could not afford it. Clothes, electronics,books. I loved spending time in bookshops and really enjoyed visiting library from time to time.

Lotto win!

Two days after Brian’s brother left, I stopped in the newsagent to check my lotto ticket. Wow!Wow! I won over $5,000.00 dollars! It is not a big win but for a struggling student it was a little fortune. I did not go to supermarket to get stuff for a dinner but rushed straight back home. Brian was in kitchen when I arrived

“Guess what honey! I won five thousand on lotto!” – I was excited and threw myself in Brian’s arms

“You are kidding bitch?!”

“No… We got five thousand and I am not going to cook tonight. We can afford a dinner out”

“You got money already?”

“Not yet… They will send me a check, but we can go for a dinner now. I have enough for that”

“You are my lucky bitch…” – we kissed

In the gay bar together

That evening we had our first romantic dinner together. We did not go far from our home as there are some very nice restaurants in Newtown. After dinner we went to see drag show in a gay bar. Neither of us was into gay bar scene but it was on the way back home.

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Brian was uncomfortable with going in the bar but once we got in and show started his eyes were wide open and he was enjoying it a lot. He simply likes very feminine guys. We did not stay for a drink after the show asI had to get up early in the morning.

“You enjoyed the show a lot honey… Which queen you liked the most?”

“You are jealous… They were beautiful but too butch for my taste… You would be great dressed…”

“Maybe I get dressed one day… Just for you though… Not in public…” – I started thinking about getting lingerie that he wanted me to wear so much but stopped mentioning it lately. I think he just did not want to pressure me with that too much.Well, I got some money now and might buy something nice and sexy to please my man.

I grabbed a gay paper from the shop following day. Not that I read it regularly. I was reading it more regularly before relationship with Brian started. Was thinking about advertising there as an escort but decided it is safer to stick with Delivery Boys.

Planning our first trip together

I would have to have my own place to be able to do it. That was out of the question now. I just grabbed the paper and did not even read it – just left it on the coffee table in the lounge and rushed out to get to work that evening. Brian was already asleep when I came back from work. Gay paper was opened on the kitchen bench and I could see an advertisement circled.

It was weekend rental for a flat on Central Coast. Well, he obviously liked it and circled the advertisement. I was very tired after busy day that started at university then shopping and then working and was happy that my man did not wake up when I quietly sneaked in the bed. Usually he is very horny if I wake him up. I am not complaining about it though…

Brian was already up when I woke up. I had good night sleep and was feeling fresh. It is Saturday and I will only have to go to work in the afternoon. He was in the kitchen when I got out of the bedroom.


“Here is my sleeping lazy beauty” – he kissed me as I walked in the kitchen

“Morning… I was so tired…”

He put the kettle on and we had a coffee in the kitchen while I was slowly waking up.

“I saw you circled that advertisement in the paper honey… It seem to be nice place…”

“You like it?”

“Yeah… would be nice… Maybe we could… go… “

“You are working Saturday evenings”

“I can get one shift off. Owner will be fine… Let’s call and see if we can book it”

Booking holiday!

Brian made a call and found out details. It was not too expensive for two nights and we decided to book it for next Weekend. Yay! It would be our first holiday together!

I arranged to have Friday and Saturday off my work in the café and was excited whole week about our short holiday coming Weekend. I shared it with my girlfriend at university.

Brian and I met at the Central Station. I got there straight from university in the mid-afternoon. I packed everything that morning and he brought the luggage with him. We enjoyed the scenery along two hours long trip and arrived at Gosford late afternoon. Apartment we rented was not far from the station. The owner handed over the keys and we paid and quickly unpacked.

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We went for a walk and then stopped for a dinner in a nice restaurant. After dinner we jumped on the bus to take us to another place with nice beaches. I have never been to this area. When we arrived it was already dark and I was not sure it was really good idea to come here at that time of the day. Brian wanted to do it and I was happy to follow.

In the bush

We walked away for the small-town center and into the bush stretching along the coast. Brian had a torch with him. I guess he was prepared for that. Most of the way we were walking through the bush that was well above the coastline. We could hear waves smashing against rocks.

Brian insisted on walking further and then we found the way to get down to the beach. It was very steep. It was not really walkway. Finally we got to the bottom of the hill. It was not really a beach. Small area covered with sand and the rest was big rocks. Sandy part of the beach was very narrow.

We kissed gently on the moonlight. It was spectacular view and sound of waves smashing the rocks around us. We undressed each other while kissing and Brian took my hand and walked in the water. Brian grew up close to the beach and was good surfer and swimmer. I learn to swim in the creek close to the farm and was not good swimmer at all. I told him that I am scare of going further in the water.He took me in his arms and walked in the water.

In the water

Deeper and deeper. I held firmly with my arms around his neck. He walked few more steps and lost the ground under his feet. We started swimming. Better to say he was swimming and I was holding to him and trying to swim. Waves were quite big. After struggling to stay afloat for a while we got back closer to the beach and I was happy to feel sand under my feet.

We were standing in water reaching up to my chest and kissing.Brian pulled me close to him and I could feel his cock rubbing my stomach. He was not hard at first but as we continued his cock started getting hard. He raised me up and pushed his semi-erect cock between my legs. I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

Hold me firm

“You are not scared anymore?” – he whispered on my ear

“Not in your arms honey…” – I whispered back – “My man… my horny man…”

His cock reached full erection. I was resting on it comfortably. His hand stretched my buns and he rubbed and then fingered my hole gently. It was a great pleasure feeling his fingers and cold water around that sensitive part of me. His cock started pushing against my hole. I enjoyed it and let my body slowly slide on it. His shaft pushed slowly through me and I moaned loudly.

Loving his touch – feeling his manhood

“You like it bitch… Don’t you?”

“Just slowly honey… I love it… oh…”

I am not sure I can describe that sensation of being penetrated in the water. Pleasure started spreading over my all body. I did not feel the same as when I am lubricated down there. At the same time it was not the same as when I don’t get enough lubricant. His shaft was sliding in somehow different. Possibly because it allowed some water in when he started penetrating.

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I did not think about that right then. I was conquered by his manhood, I could feel it moving inside me,pulsing and touching points of pleasure. We kissed as he slowly progressed through till I could rest on it with my full weight. Maybe for the first time I was not just passive partner but participated in his penetration. I was riding it and I loved every bit of it.

Riding on my man’s mahood

Brian started walking away from the beach and soon we were not on the ground. I was relaxed and that helped us float while making love. His shaft popped out of my hole as we were swimming. It was hard keeping it in while swimming. I tried to dive in and kiss his cock but only for short time.

We made a couple of small circles and started swimming back towardsthe bitch. We started splashing water at each other once we could stand on the ground in the water and walked slowly out. Brian slowly pulled me down and we were laying on the very edge of the water, waves splashing over us and then pulling away.

Brian held me firmly in his arms and we kissed while he was playing with my nipples.

“Hmm your clitoris is very hard tonight” – he laughed after touching my cock

“And everything is wet… just for you… Love you Brian… Love you!”

On the beach

“You might get some sand up your boy-pussy” he said and turned me on my back. Sand was cold and refreshing. I spread my legs to welcome my man. He did not lose any time,spread them wider and placed his cock on my hole. He moved in very quickly and his cock-head has passed the entry before I could moan from sudden pleasurable pain. He was very keen.

I loved the feeling of his body pressing me on the sound as he pushed his manhood deeper in my body. His strokes were slow but forceful and soon I could feel his balls slapping my buns. I opened my eyes while we were kissing and could see beautiful full moon just behind Brian’s head. It was unreal. We rolled over several times and changed positions.

We were never this playful in bed. We were both so happy and our loud laughing was echoing onthe small beach. I loved riding on top of him. He leaned against big rock and I was on top of him. He let me ride him without moving from his position. I moved my body around and got different sensations from his shaft in different positions.

Happiest moment in my life

He held me close to him and flipped me on my back. I knew he is close. His strokes became faster and stronger and we both moaned louder than ever before. I was the first one to ejaculate. My hot cum was spraying between our bodies. Brian grabbed my knees, spread them wide and made several forceful strokes before moaning.

His strokes became shorter and his body was trembling.I loved that feeling of having my man happy and satisfied. He slumped on top of me and we kissed softly while waves were splashing over us. I looked up again and could see the Moon and I was sure it is the happiest moment in my life.

To be continued…

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