Park Adventure – Chapter 16

Losing our third house-mate was a good and bad thing. We had a freedom that every young gay couple would enjoy but we had to fork out more money for the rent. The first week we did not discus that issue. I got part time job in the café where I worked before. That was not making as much money as escorting for Delivery Boys but was not bad at all. Rent payment was due the following week and we had to decide what to do. It was a choice of two of us staying alone in the house and paying the rent or finding another house-mate to make it financially easier. I was never a big spender and had some savings. It turned that Brian is going through rough times. He did not want to talk about that before but now we just had to face the life. In short, he was already struggling to make payments when Tom was our house-mate. His older brother was helping him but he lost his part time job some time ago. He was not doing particularly well at university either. We both had educational loan but he was spending good part of it on his habit. We really enjoyed being on our own past couple of weeks as we could be relaxed and indulge in our love and lust. I got used to wearing his shirt only when at home. That made him horny all the time except some afternoons after he had number of smokes. I got used to that as part of our relationship. After all,nobody is perfect. We postponed the decision for two weeks. I paid mine share and what Tom used to pay and Brian paid his share. He just could not afford to pay extra at this time.

“I will pay you back… Once I got a job… Cannot borrow from my brother right now…”

“Honey, it is perfectly fine… We are a gay couple…”

Strolling to the Park

He was feeling uncomfortable during our conversation about how to manage paying rent. It took him a while to disclose that he is not working any more. And he was missing quite many lectures at university as well getting in position that he could lose his loan. I know it is completely stupid but I did not mind it. I mean, he was a man and that is how some of them are. I was hoping that our relationship will make him change if I give him some time without putting any pressure and being a moaning bitch. We went to the real estate agency together and paid the rent for next two weeks and walked along the street doing some window-shopping. There is nice park in Newtown and we walked in. It was not busy. Only couple of people walking their dogs. We walked towards the corner. Nobody was around. He took my hand in his. I was melting from happiness. We found the bench at the very end of the park. His arm went around my shoulder as we were sitting and looking. We did not talk much. It was pretty clear we are both in love and just enjoyed each other’s company. Just a loving gay couple in the park.

“Did you have a boyfriend before Marcus?” – he whispered on my ear

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“No… You?”

“No… not a boyfriend… just a girlfriend… in High School”

“That mean we are the first to each other…” – I spoke softly and he put his hand on my knee.

“Yeah… you never had a girlfriend?”

“No… never… You prefer girlfriend or a boyfriend?”

“So far you are better option… I like your type… you know…” – he was cheeky

“You are my best option… my best… man… I love you Brian…”

He pulled me towards him and we kissed. We did not care if anyone could come along and see us.

“I love you too Marcus…” – he whispered and took my hand and walked towards the bushy part of the park, his arm over my shoulder. We walked into the bush.

“You ever made love in the bush Marcus?”

“I am a country boy… my first time was in the bush… in the creek close to the farm”

“You had a boyfriend then”

“No… was not like that…”

“What was it?”

“Just a mate from High School… On summer holiday… Only once…”

“If I was him I would keep you… Just once!? Why?”

“He was straight… Just horny…”

“He had a girlfriend?”

“Not then but he had later…”

“My first was a guy too… Yeah… I was very horny… You like straight guys?”

“Noo!.. I mean… I did like him…”

“I am very horny… right now…” – he held me firmly to his body and I could feel his erection. I was erect too. We got down on the ground and started kissing and rolling. We stopped rolling and he was on top of me. Our lips touched gently. He gently spread my legs with his knee and got between them. I could feel his hard cock pushing through the jeans. I was excited and my precum made my belly wet.

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Things are heating up

“Wish you are wearing just my shirt…” – he unzipped my jeans first and then his. My man was very horny and I wanted to make him happy in spite of my concerns of being seen by someone that might be passing there. He turned me around on top of him and pushed my jeans down. I wanted him so much. I stripped my jeans off with my feet. He pulled his jeans down to his knees. I pulled down and started sucking him. He moaned quietly and let me lick his cock and balls. His arm pulled me up and we kissed. I was wearing my top only and was on top of him. He rolled me onside and put his cock between my legs from behind. We did not have lubricant and I was starting to worry about that. He just rubbed his cock against my hole but did not try to penetrate. He knew I could not take it dry. He moved down and started licking my hole and spitting on it. His finger got deeper and he kept spitting on my hole and fingering it before moving up. His cock pushed gently and I spread my hole with my hands hoping to make it easier. He spit on his hand and wet his cock with his spit before pushing again. His head started penetrating slowly. I wished I had lubricant with me but could feel that this might work. Pain became very strong as he pushed deeper and I could not keep quiet. I moved my body trying to make his penetration smoother. His head finally got in and I could feel his shaft pushing deeper. He stopped

“You fine…?”

“Just slow…honey… slow…”

He kissed my neck and pushed further in very short strokes. My body was slowly opening and welcoming his manhood. I moaned and he put his hand on top of my mouth gently.

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“You are beautiful… so hot…” he whispered while pushing deeper. I could feel every small move of his shaft. It was like a dream. His strokes became a bit faster and his shaft reached the very bottom of my body. I could feel his body pressing my buns and his balls slapping them as he stroked. He started stroking my cock as he was moving faster and I ejaculated. He held me from behind and his strokes became faster and stronger. I knew he is cumming as he made several strong pushes with his cock before he stopped while breathing deep and fast.

He pulled out and turned me towards him and we kissed. Oh, this was so much better than my experience in the creek. I was like in a heaven – my dream of getting real boyfriend and being part of a gay couple was coming true. I closed my eyes and enjoyed touch of his body when he jumped

“Shit…. Bloody dog!”

I jumped and opened my eyes. There was a dog sniffing very close. We both froze. I quickly grabbed my jeans and pulled it on. We could not see dog’s owner, but we knew he must be somewhere around. Brian pulled his jeans up and looked around. Any couple would feel uncomfortable in this situation. Not to mention if we are talking about gay guys having sex in a public park.

“I will go first and will whistle when everything is clear” – he said and walked out of the bush. Dog followed him. I stood there alone and a bit scared. Not long after that Brian whistled, and I walked out of the bush. We quickly left the park and walked back home laughing all the way. Worries about paying rent were gone. We were a gay couple that just made love in the park and trying to get away with it. It think that for the first time ever I was feeling as it is lovely being gay.

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To be continued… 

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