Leaving Delivery Boys – Chapter 15

I had to rush to the university after a beautiful morning with Brian. I was wearing one of his shirts and I loved it. It was to become something like my trademark. I was cuddling that shirt while in train. It was feeling as Brian is with me. Allover me. Suddenly I realized that I must work in Delivery Boys that evening.What am I going to do about that? Well, it was not a brainer for me. There is no way I am going to sleep with anyone except Brian after this beautiful morning. I called the manager of Delivery Boys just after midday and told him that I am not coming back. He was surprised. He told me that I am doing exceptionally well and asked me to think about it again and let him know if I change my mind. I told him how much I appreciate it all and that was it. My days in Delivery Boys are over. I did not have the same problem while I was seeing Chris. It never looked as serious as with Brian. Now I will have to workout how to cover for the income I was making at Delivery Boys. I knew it will not be easy, but I had to do it. Savings I had should give me some space and time to find other job.  I was in love! Oh,what a wonderful day!

I must say I struggled to concentrate on my lecture whole day. I told the whole story to my girlfriend at the university. It was great to have someone to share my feelings with. Once classes were finished I went to the restaurant I was working at before. The owner was quite friendly and told me to come back next week and some job might be available for me. Wow, I did not expect things to go this well with finding the job. If that is sorted, then I have only two things to concentrate on in the future – my relationship with Brian and finishing university. Eh, all the sudden I started feeling “normal”. On my way to a bookshop I walked past “357” sauna and that brought back some memories.However, I was not tempted to get in this time around. I just enjoyed the day,walking back from the bookshop and doing some window-shopping on the way. I stopped briefly in front of the Lingerie shop. I was tempted to get in and buy some sexy gear for myself – that would please Brian a lot – but I was reluctant. Well, I just did not feel comfortable going in the shop. Maybe some other time… I looked at the display and imagined what it would look like on me.I think I would like it. I would feel comfortable wearing it in my bedroom with Brian. No unnecessary spending till I got the job girl!

I hopped on my train and was thinking about Brian. I was not sure he is serious about his studying, but I was not sure. I was looking through the window and did not pay much attention to people around. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder from behind. I turned around and recognized on of my clients from Delivery Boys. Itwas a young Arab guy who made me into role-play pretending to be his girlfriend

“How are you? Do you mind if I seat next to you? – he asked with a smile.

“Hello! Sure, you can”

“I was thinking about you the other day… I thought I might go to see you at that place…”

“Oh, how sweet of you”

“What days do you work there?”

“I am not working there any more”

“Oh. Why not? You work somewhere else?”

“I need a rest from that… You know…”

“Yes, I understand… Must be hard… you know… most of people are old.. you know what I mean”

“Sure. Well, not all… Some of them are young and handsome… like you…” – I smiled


“No. Not at all. You are right about most of them being oldish. How is your girlfriend?

“Ah… fine… well… we are not together any more…”

“Oh, you have a boyfriend now?” – I asked quietly and smiled. He looked around scared that someone might have heard it.

“No… you know it is hard… my community… family… you know”

“Sure. I guess you live with your parents?”

“Yes. Still at university… I am free to go out any time, but they are strict… you know. You live on your own?

“No, I am sharing house with two housemates”

“They know… I mean… you are…”

“Yes, they know”

“Oh, good. I am getting off on the next station… Here is my phone number… If you want… give me a call” – he said and wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and gave it tome before saying “bye” and leaving. I thought how small the world is and you bump into people you know – sometimes it is pleasant and sometimes it is not. I did not mind meeting him today. I think he is very good and decent guy. I stopped in supermarket and bought some food intending to do some cooking tonight. I used to help my stepmother in the kitchen and am not bad cook. Not bad at all – I hope.

I walked in the house and the lounge-room and saw Brian on the sofa.

“Hello honey!” – I was happy to see him

He had a can of beer in one hand and joint in the other. I realized that he is probably drunk as the other evening and cold shivers went through my spine.

“Hi Marcus… You look good in my shirt” – he was drunk by the way he spoke.

“Yes honey… Love wearing your shirt” – I said and kissed him. He kissed me back and did not seem to be aggressive as last time. “I got stuff to make a dinner for us” – I said and quickly moved to the kitchen. I just needed to move away for a moment,scared of things going the same way as the other evening. I was scared. Not scared that he would attack me but scared of getting disappointed again. Maybe it is the best if I just get into cooking and hope everything will be fine. He did not follow me to the kitchen. I wanted his touch but at the same time was happy to be alone in the kitchen.

“Tom called today… He is not coming back” – Brian yelled from the lounge-room

“You serious? It means we are on our own in the house…” – I yelled back

“Yeah… Share for the next rent payment will be higher…” – he came to the kitchen door.

“We have to do something about that. I am fine with paying more right now but not sure about later…” – I kept getting dinner ready scared of something unpleasant happening.

“Maybe we would never… get together… if he was here…” – he came behind me and put his arms around my waist.

“It was nice being on our own last few days… Really nice… Like… a couple”

“Now we can walk around naked” – he started unzipping my jeans

“Yes honey… Not right now… I am cooking…”

“Keep the shirt on” – he said and pushed my jeans down to my knees. I willingly stepped out of my jeans and he threw it in the corner. He took hi jeans and shorts off and took me in his arms from behind. Nice fuzzy feeling went through my body feeling his body so close.

“Dinner will be ready in five…”

He kissed my neck several times

“What if I want to eat you instead?” He was talking slowly

“You will lose me then… Not much meat here honey”

He started touching my cock and balls and I got hard but kept putting finishing touches to our dinner. Just as I tuned the plate off and moved the dish he turned me around towards him

“You are horny little skinny bitch… My monster is sleepy” – I could feel his cock rubbing my tummy. He was not hard but was not completely soft either. Was hanging down long way.

“You made me… Maybe monster is hungry and waiting for dinner” – I kissed his chest.

He let me set the table and serve the dinner. He was sitting on the chair and looked very sleepy. We started eating in silence. He quite liked it. He slowly went back to the lounge-room after the dinner and I stayed to clear the table. Will leave washing dishes for tomorrow. When I walked to the lounge-room Brian was asleep on the sofa. I watched TV for a while and then decided it is time to go to the bed. Was not sure is it better to leave Brian on the sofa or to wake him up so we can go to the bed. I decided to wake him up. Well, sort of waking him up. I helped him walk to the bedroom and he was asleep before I turned the light off.It was not the most romantic evening, but I was happy. He was drinking and smoking stuff but did not make any problems. Eh, men!

I felt very comfortable laying next to Brian who was deep asleep and I fell asleep very quickly. Sometime in the middle of night I woke up. Brian was awake holding me-from behind and trying to penetrate me. He was hard. He noticed that I woke up and raised my leg trying to penetrate me quite forcefully.

“Honey… I am dry…” – I said through moaning“I want it now… just take it… OK… Now! – he pushed me on stomach.

I spread my legs and was trying to make his penetration easier, but it was very painful. I couldn’t reach for lubricant. Was not even sure where is it in the dark. His head moved in and I whimpered from pain. He started pushing deeper and I could not take it anymore. He held me around the waist and was thrusting very slowly. I was in panic

“Honey… You will hurt… our baby…” – I cried

“What baby?” – he slowed down – “What baby”

“Our baby… honey…”

He pulled out and turned me towards him.

“You mean… silly… actually… I like the idea… You are… pregnant?” – his voice was mellow

“I think so… honey…” – I played role quite well rubbing my stomach while talking softly

He put his hand on my stomach gently and kissed me. I was relaxed – it worked!

“Baby… Is it mine?” he asked between kisses

“I only had it with you… The other night… I think you… made it…”

He touched my nipples squeezing them gently – “Any milk here?”

“It is too early…” – we chatted softly while cuddling and kissing

“Does it mean… no more… sex?”

“No… We have to be careful…” – I was simply melting

“I am sorry…Will be careful…” – he turned bedside lamp on and opened the draw to pull out lubricant. We kissed while he was lubricating my hole and then his cock. Once he put the lubricant away I gently pulled him towards me – “I love making love to you honey…” He moved on top of me between my legs spread and expecting. His penetration was very gentle and we both moaned. He got to the bottom slowly and we let lose. Our bodies were sweating as we indulged in each other bodies for awhile and then slowed down. He was barely moving inside me and I could feel him with great pleasure.

“What if you’re not… pregnant”

“I think I am… if not… maybe tonight…” – I was flirting

“I want a boy… you?” – this was turning into a conversation of a “proper” couple

“I want your baby… boy or girl… just your baby”

He held me firmly and we started making love madly again. I could hear myself moaning louder than ever and he pushed strongly before ejaculating in short strokes as his body was shaking. I ejaculated just seconds after that. He slumped on top of me. Our sweat and my sperm spread over my stomach. We stayed like that for awhile. I loved feeling his weight on top of me.

“Will pull slowly… You keep it in… Don’t let it drip” – he said very quietly and pulled out.Oh God I wished it could be possible. We held together. He looked very happy and tired and fell asleep quickly. I hugged his body and touched his sleeping monster. I kissed the monster before getting towel to clean my chest and stomach. I touched my hole and wished I could really…

To be continued


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