Delivery Boy(s) – Who is Brian – Chapter 14

I jump in my bed as something touched my shoulder. I turned around and could see Brian’s face leaning over me. He kissed my shoulder again

“Please leave me alone… I am tired…” – I was scared that he is still drunk.

“I am sorry baby… I am really sorry… Marcus… Sorry…” he was whispering in my ear with very soft voice and kissed my neck. His lips were hot, but I was feeling cold shivers going through my spine. I was really hurt. It was like a rape. And what he really want now?

“We will talk in the morning Brian… I am really tired…”

“It is almost morning now… You are mad at me… I did not mean…”

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 4:30. I was confused… Part of me was saying to ask him to leave and the other part was still feeling sympathy for Brian.

“I just wanted to say I am sorry… If you want me … to leave…” – he obviously did not come to continue his wild game from last night. Suddenly I wanted him to stay. I was even feeling sorry for him.

“It was not fair Brian… I … I like you but… it was not nice…”

“I like you too Marcus… Very much…” he leaned back over me and his lips were close to mine. He started kissing me softly and I put my arms around his neck. He was sitting on my bed and we kissed. His hand raised my cover sheet – “You always sleep naked?”

“No… Just last night I was…”

“Let’s forget about last night… I am sorry… Don’t know what is wrong with me… OK?”

He started touching my nipples and I moved to make space for him. He accepted my“invitation” and jumped in bed. We pulled cover on top of us. My head was resting on his arm and we kissed gently for a while. I enjoyed his strong arm holding me close to him and warm feeling for Brian returned and filled my body.

“I love your smoothness Marcus… Feel like a real…”

“Real? You mean, girl honey?”

“Err… you don’t mind…?”

“You make me feel that way honey… I love it… I am your… girl” – I was really feeling it

He grabbed me and we rolled while kissing. I ended up on top of him, kissing his neck and chest. I could feel his body was relaxed as he let me kiss his chest and nipples. I slowly moved down and was kissing his stomach. He let me pull his shorts down. His cock was not hard, but he started moaning as I licked it, then he pulled me up and kissed me.

“You want to wake monster up?”

“If you promise to be good to me…”

“I know I was bad last night Marcus… I…”

“But you promise to be good from now on?”

He touched my cock that was hard.

“It is hard and wet… You are very horny girl…” he said between kisses

His cock started moving and getting hard as we kissed. I enjoyed that feeling of his manhood showing interest in me as it pushed against my stomach.

“You are getting horny too” – I said in a flirting voice.

“You make me horny all the time… aaand… you make me cum… you know… in…”

“You like that…mmm”

“Yeah… feels natural… “ – he moaned as I was rubbing my stomach against his cock. I pushed his shorts down with my toes while kissing. He liked that – “Horny bitch” – we both laughed and he push his shorts off the bed with his toes.

“I just like touch of your body… like… my strong man…”

“I just like touch of your body… like… my strong man…”

We rolled again several times till we were facing each other side by side. We held each other close, kissed and cuddled. He took my leg and placed it over his waist and his cock was between my legs touching my hole.

“You like strong man?”

“Strong but gentle… protective…”

“And with big monster” – he laughed – “I am not size queen honey… but… it is nice…” – I touched his cock. He was very horny and I loved that feeling of being a reason for his sexual desires. I stroked it gently as he moaned and pushed it against my hole


“Yes honey”

“Thanks for forgiving me about last night…”

“Brian… I … I like you… You promise…”

“I like you too… Very much…” – his arms were holding me firm and I could feel that he likes me. I was melting in his arms. He gently rolled me on my back and I willingly spread my legs to welcome him. He kissed my toes and licked my leg slowly. I completely surrender and enjoyed every moment. He continued and was licking my balls and my hole. My cock was hard and wet.

“You are wet Marcus…You are ready… Just like…”

“You like my clitoris wet honey” – I flirted. And I think I hit his weak point.

“Wow…You feel like that? I mean… clitoris…”

“When I am with you honey. You make me…”

He continued licking my balls and then stomach moving slowly up till he was laying on me kissing my neck and ear and whispering. I reached for lubricant from bedside table. I would love if I did not have to disrupt this but I knew I could not take him without lubricant. He sensed it and made it possible for me to lubricate my hole while we were kissing. I made sure it is all lubricated including his cock that was rubbing my hole while I lubricate them both. Soon after that he started entering me. I moved my body to accommodate his penetration. Feeling his manhood conquering me was great. I moaned and twisted my body to allow him to get as deep as possible. His tool progressed through my body slowly but firmly. This time he did not stroke, just pushed in slowly. It was drilling slowly through my body and I could feel every bit of it.

“Yeah… Right there… Honey…” – I moaned as he touch the spot inside me sending shivers through my spine. “Oh… God…please…” – I was overwhelmed with pleasure. My arms were around his neck and he was kissing me. After a short pause he pushed in further as our bodies were touching. It felt like he pushed through some entry point… something like that. I could see his cock-head inside with my eyes closed. He started stroking and his balls started slapping my buns. I screamed as my cock was pulsing between our bodies and reached a climax. Warm sperm started spraying. His stroking accelerated and his breathing was fast and deep.He screamed while making strong push. He pushed strongly several times as his body was shaking. We both reached climax. His shaking finally stopped and he slumped on top of me. I was completely overwhelmed. We stayed like that for awhile. It was so great feeling his wet body, smell of cum and sweat, being trapped under his strong body. We kissed softly and cuddled. He let his cock flop out of my hole, rolled on side of me and pulled me towards him.

“Only you can make my monster cum like this… Love you Marcus… – he whispered on my ear that wonderful word – LOVE.

“I love you very much Brian” – I whispered back as heat was going through my spine.

Sunlight started coming through the window as we were cuddling, kissing and telling each other I LOVE YOU… I was dreaming about this for years and it finally happened.

I have seen two faces of Brian this night. One, I hated and the other, I loved. I pushed one I hated out of my head and embraced I loved.


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