Delivery Boy(s) – Love or Lust – Chapter 13

My alarm went off at 6:30. I silenced it quickly and looked at Brian’s sleeping face. I could feel love filling my chest and body. Alarm did not wake him up. I kissed him gently and sneaked out of the room. Brief shower and back to my room to get dressed.Lounge room was still in mess. I quickly dressed in my room and rushed to the kitchen to have a coup of a coffee. It was so beautiful being full of love and feeling of belonging to someone loved and loving. Time to go to university was getting close. I went to my room to get some textbooks and realized that Brian’s shirt I was wearing yesterday was on the floor and stained with our cum.I picked it up from the floor and put it with my laundry. I loved that shirt. I kissed it and smell it and it was smelling on our lust and love.

I was surprised that following lectures that morning was not disrupted by thinking about other things. My friends noticed that I am in a good mood. Two girlfriends in particular

“You had very good night Marcus” – my girlfriend asked with a smirk on her face during a break. “Happy with your new boyfriend?” she asked quietly. I did not want to hide it any more. Not in front of her. And I really wanted to share my feelings with the rest of the world or at least friendly part of it.

“Yes… He is great…” – it was my first step in coming out and I really did not know what to say. “We actually live together”

“Wow, he moved in quickly”

“No. We lived together for a year or so… Just… now… we got close…”

“Kidding!? That’s very cool. You share the room?”

“No… We have one more flatmate, but he is away now. Everyone has his own room…” – I sounded apologetic. She is very curious

“Well, did he visit you or you visited him last night?” – she kept pushing.“I was in his room last night” – I said after a big pause. I was feeling uncomfortable but also willing to tell her all about it at the same time

Our break wa sover and we returned to class. She was curious about my new relationship and followed me to the nearby café during our lunch break and we chatted about relationships etc. I was happy there is someone I could talk about my newly-found love. We had only two lectures in the afternoon and I rushed back home.Brian was not at home when I arrived. I collected all items needing washing from my room and then from his room too and took them to the laundromat for washing. On the way back home, I was feeling incredible happiness. I don’t know what exactly that feeling was. It was completely new to me. I put the laundry basket away and started cleaning the lounge-room and then kitchen. Luckily there were no stains on the sofa. I slumped on the sofa after finishing cleaning and was thinking about making love on it last night. For me it was not just being fucked by another guy who just wanted to empty his balls. It was making love by someone who cared about me. Who loves me. I was absolutely convinced Brian had the same feeling about me as I had about him. So far he always managed to ejaculate during intercourse – something that he apparently could not do with either guys or girls he was fucking. It must be something. It must mean he really enjoyed our making love. Some of my clients had the same problem.Probably because they simply knew that all is fake. I must say I was really doing my best to satisfy my clients. I was even feeling somehow guilty if they could not cum during intercourse. No much time for resting girl! I got up and started ironing our clothes. I took Brian’s briefs – at least two sizes bigger than mine. I touched them and was thinking about monster hiding behind. I put new bed sheets and pillow cases on beds in both of our rooms and went back to put away the rest of the clothes when Brian came in. My heart started beating faster when I heard him unlocking the front door. My man is back home! He walked in and I threw myself in his arms. We almost fell over. We kissed, and I realised that he was drinking. He hugged me gently and we walked to the loungeroom. He was really drunk and was stumbling on the way. We got down on the sofa and he started kissing me uncontrollably. I must say that I was noti mpressed at all. This is the second time Brian is coming home drunk in the late afternoon. I helped him take his shoes off and he fell asleep. I was disappointed. My man was drunk sleeping on sofa. He did not notice that I cleaned the room, ironed his clothes… Why is Brian drinking so much? I have not noticed that happening before. Maybe I just did not pay attention. Who knows? I looked at him sleeping on the sofa and decided to fight for my man. I will be there for him. First thing I was going to do is to get something for dinner. I walked out and got some takeaway food and lemonade. Brian moved after I walked in the lounge-room. He was awake.

 “You are awake honey?”


“Are you hungry or would you like a coffee?” – eh, I am already sounding like a housewife – and I love it!

“Coffee would be great…For headache…I suppose…”

I went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee for us. I was singing while doing it. Not something I normally do. Yes, I was concerned about Brian getting drunk  often,but I was happy I could do something for him. At least make him a nice coup of coffee. Brian was not in the lounge-room when I came back from kitchen. He walked out of his room with a joint in his hands.

“You smoke?” –he asked “No… I did not know you… smoke” – I was discovering things about Brian I never noticed before. “Yeah… sometimes…when I can afford it…” he was talking slowly while lighting his joint. He inhaled deeply and leaned back on the sofa before having some coffee. “Are you sure you don’t want to try?” – “Yeah…I got some takeaway for a dinner… When you are ready…” He did not respond. He was just staring at the ceiling and smoking his joint. I felt that Brian wanted to be left alone so I walked to my room. I closed the door of my room and felt disappointed with the way our evening was progressing. I really expected romantic evening with Brian – as a couple… Well, it did not look like my expectations are going to materialize. Never mind. I turned my laptop on and started browsing through some projects I was doing for university.

“Marcus! Where the hell are you? Marcus!” – Brian was calling from the lounge-room. I walked out of my room – “Are you hiding bitch?” – he continued being loud.

“I am here honey… Was looking at some homework for school…”

I walked into the lounge-room and found him with his jeans down to his knees, trying to take it off. I helped him take his jeans off and he pulled me towards him and placed me on his lap. He held me firmly and started undoing zipper on my jeans. I helped him unzipping it and his hand grabbed my balls and cock forcefully. –“It hurts Brian…Please…” – he slowed down. “You sneaked out of the bed this morning without kissing the monster…”

“I had classes early and did not want to wake you. You look beautiful asleep…”

“We could do quickie… You not bored with me already…?”

“I am not bored with you” – I put my arms around his neck – “I … I like you…”

“You like me or just like my monster?”

“I like both” – I kissed him. Smell and taste of dope and alcohol flooded my mouth.

He kept pushing my jeans down and I took it off. My undies were still on

“How come you’re wearing underwear?”

“I thought you prefer it that way…” – my voice was flirty

“Yeah… but different type of underwear… you know what I mean…”

“It is too small for me…She was smaller than me…”

“You will get one? Just for me … A… “

“Hmm… maybe…” – I was cheeky

He grabbed my undies and ripped them off me with a force.

“No maybe bitch… no maybe” – he turned me around to face him. I was on my knees facing him on his lap and he held my shoulders and pressed them strongly. I realised that being cheeky is not right thing at this moment.

“I will… We can go together to do some shopping for it”

“When?” – he kept pressing  question

“I can get it tomorrow honey… After classes… I can get it” – I was trying to calm him down

He pushed me down on the floor between his legs and guided my head towards his crotch. His cock was not erect. He obviously was sweating today and I could smell his sweat and smell of his balls. I like the smell of a man. You know that smell…I pulled his undies down and started licking his balls and cock. He laid back with his arms behind his neck while I continued licking his balls. His cock started getting hard slowly. He moaned quietly, and his cock got hard and pulsing in my mouth. Suddenly he grabbed me, pulled me up and placed me on his cock with my legs up. He pushed his cock in my hole with a force. I was trying to find support and pull away but could not do it and my body was completely resting on his cock. I screamed

“Brian… please… honey… I am not…please… lubricant…” – I begged him

He pulled me towards him and pushed and his cock penetrated me. I could feel pain that moved up my spine. I grabbed him around his neck trying to raise my body but couldn’t stop his penetration. He stood up holding me in his arms, shook my body several times and my body just slid on top of his cock. He lost balance and we fell on the sofa. We rolled and he was on top of me with my legs on his shoulders.He was stroking wildly and moaning. He was trying to reach climax, his body sweating. I could not get erection. I did not enjoy this at all. I hated it and just concentrated on protecting myself from his violent pumping. Couple of times he appeared as being very close but just could not blow. He pulled out suddenly and started stroking his cock with his hand. I was happy that is over and just was laying down. He kept stroking till sperm started dripping out of his cock. There was not much of it at all. He let it drip on my chest, took deep breath and slumped on the sofa next to me. I felt humiliated. I knew I am going to cry and did not want to do it in front of him, so I jumped from sofa and walked to my room. I closed the door behind me and started crying. All my stupid dreams about finally getting real boyfriend were shattered. I slumped on my bed and continue crying till I fell asleep.


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