Delivery Boy(s) – Chapter 12 – Romantic Evening

Millions of thoughts went through my mind on the way from home to the university. I was happy and completely forgot about Brian’s shirt I was wearing on top of my t-shirt. I walked in the classroom and two of my girlfriends were already there. They both looked at me and I realised I am wearing Brian’s shirt that is way too big for me.

“Wow! You look so… cool…very casual but elegant…” – one of them said just as I was about to take it off. The other one agreed. “Did you really go to buy oversized shirt? What an idea. Or you borrowed it?” – she was really impressed. “I borrowed it from my housemate” I said and took a seat while other students started coming into the classroom. I found it difficult to concentrate on what lecturer was talking. I was just thinking about the last night and about my shirt. I even thought of leaving before the end of all classes but decided to stay. I stayed in the classroom after the first lecture. Just did not feel like going out. One of my friends who liked my shirt stayed too. “Your housemate must be a big boy” she commented while adjusting my shirt. “Yes, he is over 6’ I think” – “You sure it is not a boyfriend?” she asked quietly and smiled at me. “Boyfriend?” – I was surprised by her question. I was not out. “Marcus, it is obvious you are gay… And today you seem to be happier than ever before… And wearing that shirt…” Blood rushed in my face. I have done everything to hide my sexual preference when at university. “Don’t worry Marcus… I will not tell anyone” – “Cool” – was the best I could say. Well, I did not deny or admit it. Other students started arriving back to the classroom and saved me from this unpleasant situation. The last lecture finished at 6:15pm. I rushed out of the classroom to avoid further conversation with my girlfriend. So much happened today – great morning with Brian, impressing girls with my new style and then that question about me being gay… I hoped she will just forget about it. I was happy to see Brian again. If he is at home. I think he neglected his studying and was going out all the time. I rarely seen him at home in the evenings. I did not know much about what he is doing. I almost ran from station to home. I was very disappointed to find that Brian is not at home. I walked to my room to face the mess I have left there this morning. I was too tired to clear it right now and walked in the kitchen to get something to eat and have a coffee. Well, just realised that, after making a breakfast for two of us this morning there was not food left in the fridge. Well, coffee will do. I put the kettle on when the front door opened. Brian walked in the kitchen with couple of bags in his hands.

“You are already back” – he kissed me softly – “I got some Chinese takeaway”

“Glad to see you…My man is hungry…” – I took bags from him and started unpacking them.

“Hope you like Chinese” – he put his arms around me holding me from behind as I was sorting out the food. I felt so loved in that position and my body was shivering feeling his arms around me. I finished getting food ready and he turned me around and we kissed gently and softly. I was feeling so warm in his arms. What a great day!

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“You like my shirt! I thought you will not wear it all day…You look very sexy in that…”

“My girlfriends at university liked it” – he looked at me – “It is like a mini skirt on you… Your private parts would be covered even if you take jeans off… Want to try?”


Bottom of his shirt was low – somewhere between my waist and knees. I walked out of the kitchen and into my room and took my jeans off. Was not sure about undies. Decided to leave undies on. Looked at the mirror and really liked the look. I walked back to the kitchen. Brian had a good look at me from toes to the head.

“God, you are more feminine looking than most of girls I know.”

“Glad you like it honey… Time for a dinner” – I think I sounded like a housewife or something. We took our takeaways and started eating. I was hungry and so was he. We were eating in silence when his feet started rubbing my knee under the table. I smiled at him. His feet moved up and touched my balls.

“You are wearing your briefs” he said while his toes were massaging my cock

“You are naughty Brian”

“And you love it. Don’t you?” – he laughed. I pushed my feet up and started massaging his cock under the table.

“I was under impression that you prefer if I wear underwear”

“Does not bother me. I like getting you undressed though… Panties would be really cool”

“Your girl’s panties are too small for me dear” – I was sarcastic and cheeky

“You sound jealous, bitch”

“Just saying…”

Our conversation was interrupted by a phone ringing. I answered without checking who is the caller. It was Chris. We did not talk since our last meeting couple of days ago. He wanted me to come over to his place. Seriously! He was rude with me last time. I told him that I am very busy with my exams and cannot come to his place. He insisted but I resisted. I told him I will call him when I am free and conversation ended. I was proud of myself not letting him control me. Brian went to bathroom during my phone call. I started clearing dining table when Brian came back to the kitchen.

“Your boyfriend?” he asked with a smirk on his face

“I don’t have a boyfriend” I said, and it sounded sad.

Brian was about to give me a hug when his phone started ringing. I turned around and started washing dishes in the sink. He answered. Someone was asking him to go out and he said he is busy. That made me happy.

“Your boyfriend or girlfriend?” I asked sarcastically

“A friend of mine. Don’t be jealous…” he said and put his arms around me. I enjoyed being in his arms, finished washing dishes and turned around.

“Be warned. I am possessive bitch…” – I laughed and he kissed me, took me in his arms and lifted me on the kitchen bench. I held my arms around his neck and put my legs around his waist.

“I can see your underwear now…Love your mini-skirt…” he mumbled while kissing me and undoing top two buttons on my shirt. He started playing with my nipples and then kissing them while I was playing with his hair. He started biting my nipples and I moaned.

“I love your skinny body but some more meat would feel nice here”

“This girl will not have silicones dear…”

“I did not suggest that” – he looked at my eyes – “I like your natural feminine feel.”

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“Do you perceive me as a woman Brian?”  – I surprised myself by being so direct. I really wanted to know what he thinks about me. It was important to me. He became someone that matters.

“I like you as you are… I really do… You are… Well, I like your feminine feel. You look feminine too but I discovered that you are more than just that appearance…”

I was convinced that he is honest.

“How do you perceive me?” he asked. We stopped kissing and our faces were almost touching as we looked each other straight in the eyes.

“Strong…naughty…gentle…You are my type Brian…You make me feel secure…”

“You really think so?” – his lips were touching mine. We kissed. He took me in his arms and walked to the sofa. I was on his lap feeling loved more than ever. Is this really happening to me? So far, I experienced so much sex and so little real love. Now I was falling in love and had a feeling that he is falling in love with me. I wanted him so much and he was there holding me in his strong arms and kissing me… How we both failed to notice each other for so long time in spite of living under the same roof? He was rubbing my chest as we were kissing. I realised his desire for female breasts and was hoping it will not turn him off. I could feel his hard cock and reached for it after unzipping his jeans. He pulled his jeans off down to his knees and took my briefs off.

“Love your wet cock, hard but still covered with skin. Smell of your precum is inviting. Just like…” – he was playing with my cock pulling my foreskin off my cock head and then pulling it back on – “Like…?” – “You are not going to be offended?” – “No” – “Like a pussy… They get wet when excited and ready…” – “You think about being with a girl when you close your eyes and we kiss?” – “No! I don’t think about anyone else when kissing you. I knew you will get offended. You silly…Bitch…” – “I love being your silly bitch… I will be what you want me to be…” – we kissed long and soft and wet as we both sensed we are on the same waves. He pulled me to the edge of kitchen cabinet. His cock was rubbing against mine. I pulled him close with my legs around his waist. His cock was rubbing my hole and trying to push in. I tried to make it easier by bringing my knees slower to my chest and spreading them but it just would not get in.

“Honey… we need some lubricant for your monster…”

“You like my monster?” – “You promise it will be just for me…?” – “No promises… I like when you are jealous…” – “They are many monsters out there honey…” – “I know but you like this one” – “Mm… yes…mm”

He took me in his arms and walked into my room, grabbed lubricant tube and then walked back to the lounge. I was in his arms on the sofa. I could feel his cock rubbing my back while he was playing with my nipples with one hand and fingering me with another. He pushed me up and placed his cock between my legs.

“You want to ride the monster?”

“You mean donkey?” – I laughed while stroking his cock.

I reached for lubricant and started lubricating his head first and then down the shaft. He moaned in pleasure. I slapped lubricant on my hole while he spread my buns from behind.

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“Donkey might split you in half”

“You want to hurt me honey?”

“If you are naughty…Yes”

“I am always good girl… or you prefer good boy…?”

“What do you think?”


“My clever bitch”

He raised me, spread my legs and his cock started rubbing my hole. I was trying to keep balance in that position enjoying being in strong hands. His cock head pushed in and I moaned. He let me slide on his cock rapidly. In this helpless position I could not resist it. I moaned loudly as his cock ripped through my body. Pleasure was stronger than pain. After couple of forceful short strokes I could feel his balls touching my buns. He stopped stroking as we both moaned. I managed to put my arm around his neck and he let my legs rest on his knees. He was kissing my shoulder and playing with my nipples and cock. My body relaxed and enjoyed that foreign object inside it. I started feeling urge to feel it more and started moving up and down his cock. He moaned and started stroking my cock. I started riding his cock faster and wilder and he started stroking my cock faster. We both started sweating and moaning loudly then he grabbed me around my waist and started stroking fast and wild before shaking violently. His sperm started spraying inside me. I could feel heat going through my spine, moaned and my cock exploded spraying sperm all over my chest and neck. Our bodies shook together and then we calmed down. He was kissing me from behind and spreading my sperm dripping down my body. I just slump and enjoyed sensation of his hands on my chest and his cock inside me. I did not want it out. I usually feel very uncomfortable with cock still inside me after climaxing but this time was different. It was somehow pleasantly unpleasant. He stayed hard for a while. He raised me up and let his cock flop out of my hole followed by a big drip of his sperm. He placed me next to him and we just enjoyed touch of each other’s body.

“I will have to clean sofa dear” – I was the first one to move

“You made a mess so you will clean” – he said laughing

“What about your mess?”

“Most of my mess is still inside you”

“Yeah, donkey filled me with a cream and extra was dripping”

We walked to bathroom together and kissed and cuddled under shower for a while. I knew I am in love. Possibly my first serious love. Possibly? Definitely!

I cleaned some cum from sofa with a wet towel. Brian slumped in the armchair opposite and just stared at me. It was already late evening. Too late to do my laundry and I had no clean sheets in my room. I finished cleaning and slumped on Brian’s lap. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. We almost fell asleep on the sofa.

“I have no clean bed sheets left…”

“You made a mess all over the house Marcus…” – he laughed – “Fancy sleeping in my bed?” – he said with a big smirk on his face

“Like a refugee?” – I was cheeky

“If you are not scared of monster waking you up in the middle of night…”

“Maybe I like monsters dear”

He took me in his arms and we went to his room.

To be continued…

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