Delivery Boy(s) – Chapter 11 – Morning After

I was the first to wake up. I opened my eyes and felt warm arm resting on my waist and stomach. It was great feeling. I don’t remember last time a woke up in arms of someone I had pleasure with. His arm was reassuring. I felt wanted and protected. I stayed like that for a while before turning around slowly. Brian was still asleep. I looked down and adored his cock. My stud had a great piece of meat even when it is not erected. “My stud?” Am I running ahead of things ahead? Well, I wish he is my stud. We already live under same roof. I looked all over his body and I liked every bit of it. And smell of my bed was so nice – smell of cum and love. I realised that Brian is tired and probably will not wake up for a while. I have classes in the afternoon so there was no need to rush. I got up slowly not to wake him up. Our third housemate is away this and next week so it was fine walking to the bathroom naked. I stayed under shower for a while enjoying warm water on my body. What a difference – yesterday morning I felt miserable and hurt. Now I feel like I can fly. I forgot my towel in the room and rushed to grab it. I dried myself in the room and started looking around for my jeans. I spotted lingerie left by that boy/girl who came with Brian. I picked it up from the flor and put it on – Brian will like seeing me in this. It was a bit tight but not too uncomfortable.

I made myself a coup of a coffee in the kitchen and enjoyed my morning. Could not believe it all happened that way yesterday. After a while I decided to make a breakfast for my man. He must be very hungry after fucking not one but two bitches last afternoon and night. Scrambled eggs and some cheese was the best I can make out of stuff in the fridge. I placed two plates on a tray and took it to the room. I walked in and put the tray on my desk when Brian started turning in bed and woke up. He raised his head and looked around. Big smile appeared on his face – “Yum. You look beautiful in that. So sexy and feminine” – mumbled still waking up – “I knew you like it. Wear it just for you… And breakfast is ready for my man” I said proudly. “Wow! You would make great housewife” he said looking at the tray.

I took tray and brought it to him in bed. He raised up and took the tray from my hands. I popped in bed next to him. We had a breakfast in bed without talking. I was thinking about being under the same roof for a year and not knowing how great time we can have together. Brian was first to finish his breakfast and he placed tray next to the bed. I finished soon after and placed my tray on the other side of the bed. He pulled me towards him and kissed me softly.

“That was great night Marcus. I really like you”

“I like you too Brian. I loved every moment of it”

“Sorry about that boy and me being drunk… But, I am glad actually… We would never get together if that did not happen…”

“Yeah. I am glad it happened too…” – I put my hand on his stomach

“Was I gentle enough for you?”

“As much as it is possible with this monster” – I responded while touching his cock

“You made that monster cum while fucking… You have no idea… I told you… Did I?”

“Yes… And cum like a river… It was still dripping out of me this morning” – we laughed and he pulled me close, his arm behind me holding my buns. He pushed his finger gently in my hole, I moaned and touched his cock and balls.

“You are cock hungry bitch… I have not washed from last night yet” – he whispered

“I did not start fingering myself… You did…mm “

He pushed his other hand into my panties. My cock started growing.

“You are getting wet again… You know how to know that girl is ready for sex?” – he asked while holding my cock and balls in his hand

“No…” – I really had no clue

“Her pussy gets very wet. That is why they don’t need lubricant”

“Wow! Cool. My pussy does not do that”

His cock started hardening in my hands. It was a handful of hardened muscle growing in my hand.

“You are perfectly built to wear that type of underwear. Your cock would not poke out” – he laughed

“It is small…” – I did not mind his comment. He was not the first one to make that sort of comment.

“No, it is perfect. I mean… you are bottom… right?”

“Yes” – I guess he knew that since we met first time.

“What sort of underwear do you use Marcus?”

“Shorts of briefs… When I wear it…”

“Sex hungry nymphomaniac…That is why you shave I guess”

I did not want to make comment on that. I am horny all the time to be honest. He turned me around and we were laying on sides facing each other. He pulled me close to his body and his cock went between my legs. I put my leg on top of his. He rubbed his cock between my legs slowly as we were kissing. We both loved kissing and he was great kisser. So passionate while pushing his tongue in my throat. Obviously he loves penetrating.

“How did you do it?” – he asked


“I did not think I will ever do it… For long time… You made me cum while having sex…”

“That is natural”

“I cannot. I could not before. Get close but just cannot…”

“Now you can” – I said while playing with his cock – “I could feel your cum shooting inside me. It was so hot…”

“You want some more… Bitch” – he started pulling my panties off

“Eh… men… just want to empty their balls…”

“You don’t want more?” – panties went down my knees – “Yes or no?”

“You know the answer” – I held his cock and started stroking it

He turned around and took my panties off and threw them on the ground. I spread my legs while reaching for lubricant. He took lubricant bottle from me and started spreading it over my hole. He took more and pushed it in with his finger. I lubricated his cock, gently and slowly as we kissed. He took my legs and put them on his shoulders

“Honey let me control legs when we start playing… You are so big boy…” – he let me choose the position. His cock was knocking on my hole. I wanted it in me. I put my arms around his shoulders and pulled him towards me as his cock head pushed in. “Slowly…” I moaned – “Oh, mm…” – I loved the feeling of being conquered. “You like it?” – he whispered on my ear – “You are so warm…” – kept pushing without stroking. Just pushing in slowly. His cock reached my sensitive spot and I moaned in pleasure – “Stop here… mm…” – I enjoyed it immensely and felt strong desire to take me. I moved my legs to open more and his cock started sliding deeper. He moaned and started stroking and pushed in forcefully. He pushed in and I could feel his cock touching something in me that was causing pain and pleasure. He grabbed my knees and spread them open and pushed strongly till his balls started slapping my buns. Pain and pleasure flooded all over my body. I felt conquered, taken, helpless and happy. I let him control me completely. He was breathing fast and pumping fast and strong. My cock was slapping all over my stomach dripping precum. There must be something about having sex with Brian as my cock stayed erected instead of softening after penetration as with other guys. I let lose, moaned and grabbed his waist with my hands. I was so happy and wanted to please him. “Give it to me honey…mm…give it to me…” He leaned towards me, held my waist and continue pumping. I sensed he is reaching point of climax and hoped he will manage to cum in. I wanted him to enjoy it fully. He was very close but sort of struggling to blow. I must help him do it. For his and my own pleasure. “Breed me…” – I screamed – he pushed violently and then screamed as his strokes changed the rhythm. I knew he is cuming. Pleasure took over my body and my cock started shooting. Our sweat covered bodies shook as we shared pleasure of having climaxed together. He pulled out slowly while holding my knees and watched his sperm dripping out of my hole and then started spreading my sperm over my stomach and chest. My legs fell on the bed and I was so happy and exhausted and could not move. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Brian turned on his back, put his arm under my shoulders and closed his eyes as his breathing slowly became normal. We stayed silenced for a while. I enjoyed feeling of my sperm dripping on the sheets from my stomach. It was incredibly comforting feeling of his strong arm under my shoulders. I checked time and realised it is almost 11am. My classes start at 1pm and it was time to get ready.

“I have to move honey. Have classes this afternoon” – I whispered on his ear. He kissed me softly before I got up. I went to have a shower. It was great standing under warm water. The door opened and Brian walked in the shower. We soaped each other’s body and then kissed under the stream. We stepped out of the shower and wrapped each other in towels before walking out of the bathroom.

My room looked very messy. Pillows on the ground, sheets wet of fresh sperm. The whole room smelt on our sperm. I took sheets off the bed and chucked them in the laundry basket. Brian just watched me with towel wrapped around his waist. I had only two sets of sheets for my bed and they were both stained. I guess I will have to do laundry tonight after my classes.

“I must get dressed and ready honey” – I said while looking around and deciding what to wear. Brian picked panties from the floor and held them in the air – “You are not going to wear this?” – he asked. “They are too tight for me…” – “You are going to wear your briefs?” – was his next question – “Do you want me to? – I responded with a cheeky voice – “You are hot with or without bitch” – he said and slapped my buns before giving me a quick soft kiss. I thought I should wear underwear on this occasion, grabbed my clean briefs and pulled them up before putting my jeans on. Clean t-shirt was the next and I was ready. Brian had a brief look at me – “Wait a moment” – he said and walked out of the room. Soon he came back with a sky-blue shirt. His shirt – “Try this” – he handed it over to me. I put it on. It was several sizes too big – “It is too big for me honey” – he stepped closer, rolled sleeves on my shirt and adjusted it. Ok, sleeves were fine now but shirt was very long. I looked at the mirror and realised that it looks like some sort of a skirt or something. It looked ok after few more adjustments and I decided to wear it just to please Brian. I can always take it off later. Brian followed me to the door and we kissed on the open door before he let me go. Wow! Wow! I was so happy!

To be continued…

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