Delivery Boys – Chapter 10 – Unexpected Change – Part 2

I don’t think Brian was drunk any more but he certainly was not his normal self I knew since we started sharing the house.

“Wow. Who peed in the bed” Brian asked while looking at the wet patch of my cum spreading over the sheet. Then he looked at me – “Nice hairless style Marcus. I really like it. Little triangle of trimmed hair like hers would make it even more sexy” – I covered my genitals and was feeling uncomfortable and exposed. I had nowhere to run as it was happening in my room. I was hoping that Brian would take his boy/girl to his room and everything will be over. He did not seem keen to go though.

“No need to hide your dick Marcus. Don’t be shy… Are you going to change the sheet?

I was happy to move and change sheet. That way I was feeling more comfortable. While I was doing it Brian took a seat at my chair and called his boy/girl to him. She went on her knees and between his knees and started sucking his cock. He was sort of not really interested in that while watching me changing the sheets on the bed. Hope they are not going to stay in my room and have sex here. His cock started getting hard and he started guiding her head as she was sucking it. She was choking and moaning. I did not know where to look. His cock was impressive and huge. She could not get it all in her mouth no matter how hard she tried, and he forced. He pushed her away. His cock was wet from her saliva dripping down his balls. He pulled her up, spread her legs and made her sit on his lap.

“Time to ride it” he said, raised her in the air and she slid on his cock moaning loudly. She tried to rest on the ground but could not reach it. Brian started stroking up and down and she finally was sitting on his cock touching his balls.

“Slowly darling please” she moaned while holding on his neck.

This was the first time I watched a couple fucking. I am certainly not into that stuff, but I could not stop watching it. Brian suddenly stood up holding her in his arms. She tried to pull herself up by clinging on his neck and shoulders while moaning. He moved towards the wall, pinned her against it and started moving her up and down on his cock quite violently. Her legs were dangling and she screamed. It went for a short while till, I guess, he got tired. With her on his cock he walked across the room and placed her on the bed. She tried to pull back but he held her legs and started stroking with force. I decided I had enough of watching it and walked towards the door. I can wait for them to finish in the kitchen.

“Where are you going Marcus? – Brian asked while pulling out his cock

“I will have a coffee till you guys finish…”

“You don’t want to play with us Marcus? Why not? Just relax mate”


He walked away from the bed and stood between me and door. It was not done in threatening way but was quite decisive. I am sure he would let me go out if I insisted. I was even thinking about suggesting that they move to his room. I sort of wanted this to finish but on the other side I was not quite sure about it. She was still grasping for air on the bed. She turned on her stomach. I stood in front of Brian unsure if I want to get out or not. His cock was strongly erected and straight up. He noticed I am observing his manhood.

“I can see you like my cock Marcus” he was very direct

“It is impressive Brian…”

He put his hands on my shoulders and looked all over me.

“I definitely love the look of your body Marcus. Skinny, smooth, shaven…You look sexier than her” – he said – “I want to try something. You won’t mind” he said and turned to her

“Bring your lingerie from lounge” – he said to her.

“You want me to go? You promised to help me if I come… You know…” she said while getting off the bed

“We are not finished yet. You will get what you need. Now, go and get your lingerie here”

She left the room. Marcus stepped close to me and his cock was touching my stomach and chest. He then pulled me closer and kissed my neck. I could feel pulsing of his cock pressing me. His lips moved from my neck and we kissed. It was more like numerous short but passionate kissing. He held my buns and my arms rested around his waist. The door opened and his boy/girl walked back into the room. She was holding her sexy lingerie in her hands. Brian took it from her and looked at my eyes

“I think you would look great in this Marcus” – He looked at her and me – “You are similar sizes as well… Would you wear it for me Marcus?… Please…”

I did not know how to respond to that. Is he making a joke of me.

“Just for me Marcus…I think you will look stunning in that… Please”

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I took panties from his hand and put it on. It was probably one size smaller than mine but fitted fine. It was minimalistic – just enough to cover my cock. I was not prepared to wear the rest though and Brian did not insist. He pulled me close to him and started kissing. Suddenly he raised me from the floor. I thought he will try to do the same thing as with her – string covering my hole would not stop penetration. I held my arms around his neck. He lowered me down but did not try to penetrate me. I was resting on his cock like sitting on a tree branch. I could feel his strength and passion. He walked towards the bed and lowered me down. We kissed and for the first time I felt like I wanted to have sex with Brian. We shared house for around a year now but I never had that sort of feeling. We kissed and cuddled and rolled on the bed. It was very passionate. We completely forgot on the boy Brian brought home for a while. He was standing close to the door and watching us. I knew exactly what was he feeling as I experienced it just some half an hour ago. Roles were reversed now.


Brian called him to come to the bed. It was late afternoon and there was very little light coming through the window. Brian was on his back, I was on his right and other boy was on his left side resting on Brian’s arms. Boy/girl then moved down and started sucking Brian’s cock – “Very big…” – she was saying and licking it. Brian and I look at each other and laughed. We kissed and his arm went down and under my buns. His fingers were playing with my balls packed in a tight panties. My cock was hardening and was very wet. I enjoyed this all and realised we looked like two girly boys fighting for a piece of this stud laying between us. I did not mind that at all. I wanted him and I was confident I will get him. Brian’s other hand was playing with my nipples and then slowly moved down. He touched my cock through panties. I was hard. – “Nice… You are having a lots of precum Marcus” – he said while playing with my cock with one hand and gently fingering me with another. I just moaned as his finger got deeper and he was kissing me passionately. I started wishing for more than that finger while he was pushing it deeper and I spread my legs to accommodate it. Boy/girl was sucking Brian’s cock and licking his balls.

“I will finish with her quickly and then we will be alone” – he whispered on my ear – “She can suck your cock while I am fucking her” – he suggested. I really did not feel like doing it. I was not jealous because of the way he said it. I was glad that he is not just to kick her out and embarrass her. He pulled his finger out of my hole and I rolled away laying on my stomach. Brian pulled his boy/girl up and flipped her on side in front of him. She was facing me. He raised her leg and pushed his cock in her hole. She moaned and then screamed as he brutally pushed deeper in. She moaned very loudly while holding my arm with both of her hands, trying to pull away from Brian.

“Please no pain Sir…Please… Too big…” she almost cried. I was feeling very sorry for her and angry at Brian for being so brutal.

“You said you like big before we came here… Remember?” he said while holding her and stroking in and out very fast. I don’t think I can watch this for much longer. It just did not feel right.

“You want me to stop?” – he asked her as he slowed – “I can let you go”

“You promised to help me. OK?” – she said while almost crying

Brian pulled out and stood next to the bed – “I will keep my promise. You can go if you cannot take it and I will help you” – he said. She turned towards him while covering her hole with a hand. She was obviously hurting.

“Ok” – she said and slowly got up. Brian walked out of the room and she followed him. I knew he is going to give her money. I would never think that stud like him would pay for sex.

I realised that I am wearing her panties and got up and walked to the lounge room to give it back to her.

“You should take this back” – I said while pulling panties down

“No, I have sorted it out already” – Brian said while his trade was putting her jeans on. “You made it wet already Marcus”

“I am sorry. She can take it in her bag” – I said feeling embarrassed and somehow guilty.

“It is fine Marcus” – Brian said as he took her to the door.

I stood there with her panties around my knees. My erection was gone. I wanted to feel Brian’s manhood but not in a brutal way he handled that poor boy/girl. Brian walked back to the lounge. He hugged me gently and pulled panties up. “I will take them off later” he said, took me in his arms and walked back to my room. He held me in his arms while we were kissing. I put my arms around his neck and enjoyed feeling of his strong arms holding me. He lowered me gently on the bed and we rolled while kissing. We ended on Brian laying on his back and I was on top of him. I touched his cock for the first time.

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“You like my cock?” – he asked while I was stroking it gently

“It is not only big but very straight. No band at all… I like it…”

I moved down and my lips touched his cock. He pushed me gently away – “I did not clean it after fucking her” – I was glad that he is concerned about my health, as I could smell it. I placed my head on his chest looking down to his manhood while he massaged my shoulders. He rolled me over on my back and moved on top of me. I willingly spread my legs to let him between them. He started playing with my nipples and licking them while his hand was rubbing my cock through tight panties. My cock was hard

“You drip a lots of precum” – he said – “I like it… Women get wet when aroused. Your precum smells very sexy… And, you look stunning with panties on”

“They are a bit tight” I said while moaning and holding my hands around his neck and shoulders. He pulled my panties down on my knees as my legs went up in the air and stopped there. His hand was pressing my balls and then he removed panties but kept my legs high up before letting them fall down and wrap around his waist. He was on his knees, his cock towering over my stomach, holding my knees wide spread. I put my hands on top of his holding my knees and let my feet wrap around his waist. He leaned towards me and his cock touched my hole.

“You won’t be rough Brian?” – I asked as his cock pressed firmer on my hole

“I don’t want to hurt you Marcus. It was different with that bitch…You tell me if you are hurting… I take time to cum… Most often I don’t cum in… Only with my hand…” – he sounded like someone trying to assure me but also sharing his deep secret with me. He moved back to let me get lubricant on my hole. I lubricated my hole quickly and then took his cock in my hand and got some lubricant on it. He had no precum at all. With my clients I try to hold their cock and guide it in slowly and protect myself – or at least have that feeling of protecting. I trusted Brian despite brutality he displayed with his boy/girl just half an hour ago. He visibly enjoyed being lubricated by me and was no in rush. I think he even sort of hesitated to proceed.

“If you get sore I will pull out… I usually cum on my stomach with the help of my hand…”

“I want it in babe” – I could not believe I said that and with that sort of voice. Yes, I was getting extremely horny. I wanted to feel him inside me. “Give it to me!”

He took my legs and placed them on his shoulders and pressed his cock. His cock-head moved in but I was in pain and my moaning clearly indicated it. He quickly pulled out

“Let me control my legs baby” – I told him – “I will let you in” – I pulled my legs from his shoulder and spread them wider. If I have learned anything while working as an escort then it is how to find the most comfortable position to take penetration. Tops should let bottom control his legs while penetrating. Once they are in and stomach muscles relax then it is ok for them to hold bottom’s legs (to a point of course).

“Do you really want it? – he asked whispering on my ear while kissing my neck

“Do you want to give it to me? – I responded with a question

“I want it since we met first time” – he started pushing his cock slowly into my hole. The head went through and then rest started penetrating in short strokes. I moaned as he pushed slowly. It was somehow different. I felt as he was making love to me rather than just fucking me. I found Brian attractive when I moved as a third housemate here but never had a desire to have sex with him. I knew he is BI and never thought of getting close to him more than being housemates. I pulled my knees closer to my body as his cock got deeper. He was so gentle while pushing himself in. He looked at my eyes between passionate kisses and asked if I am fine. I certainly was. His large tool was getting deeper and his breathing became faster as his strokes became loner. Chris’s big dildo went through my mind. It opened me completely with very slight but exceptionally sweet pain. I enjoyed it and my body got relaxed so I let my legs rest on his waist. His balls started slapping my buns as he stroked.

“Oh Brian, it is so good” – I whispered between kisses – “You can move my legs where you want now” – I was relaxed and trusted him completely. He took my legs in his hands and placed them on his shoulders. His cock was feeling stronger in that position. I moved my had back as he stroked. It went on for a while. I would probably cum by now but it did not happened because Brian’s boy/girl made me blow a big load only one hour ago. My cock was rock hard which was unusual as I normally lose erection during penetration. It was hard and dripping precum. Brian slowed down and asked if I am fine – “I don’t think I can cum Marcus…” – it sounded as he has this problem regularly and was obsessed with it. I wanted him to cum very badly. I don’t think I ever wanted it this much. I started getting obsessed with making Brian cum while fucking rather than wanking his beautiful cock after dry fuck. I pulled him towards me and whispered – “I am loving this Brian…You feel so good…Do you want to change position?” I sensed that he needed to relax and forget about his problem. He pulled his cock out and appeared sort of confused. I gently pushed him on his back and moved down to lick his cock. It was wet.

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“It might be dirty” he said – “It is my juice” I responded with laugh. He started laughing as well. I started licking his balls. They were stiff and not too hairy. There was more hair around his hole. I started licking his hole. At first it appeared that he does not like it.

“What are you doing Marcus?” – he sounded confused and surprised “I am top only…”

“I know… I am bottom only…I am not trying…you know… You will like it… Promise… Will you kiss me after? – we both laughed again and I went back to licking his hole. He was responsive now, spread his legs and let me lick him deeper. He started relaxing and enjoying it. I moved up after his hole was wet from my saliva and rested my head on his shoulder and placed my hand on his chest. He kissed my hair and gently pulled me closer. My hand moved to his cock. It has been hard for more than hour now. I pushed it up. He enjoyed it immensely. I turned my head up – “You promised to kiss me after licking you” – I smiled. He took my head in his hands and we started kissing. I slowly moved on side with him behind me. Loved the feeling of his cock pressing my back while he pulled me closer. I moved to allow his cock between my legs. I really wanted to feel it in me again. His cock-head rubbed my hole and then pushed in. I moved to make it easier to penetrate. He took my leg up and pushed in more forcefully than before. I moaned and he stopped.


“I want it Brian…It feels good” – I encouraged him to continue and he started stroking stronger pushing his cock deeper and deeper. I loved the pain he was making with every stroke and moaned loudly. He was breathing fast and pulling me towards him while stroking fast and strong. I wanted it to last but also wanted him to cum to deal with his problem. He was getting into it but then stopped – “I told you Marcus I rarely cum while fucking. I want you to cum and then I will j/o” – he said while pulling his cock out. He sounded disappointed and even embarrassed. I turned towards him, kissed his chest – “It was so nice Brian. You are so good…” We rested for a while in silence. I wanted to make him cum while fucking me. It became my obsession and mission. We started cuddling and rolling on the bed. It was so natural and warm and playful… I sensed that he is ready again, took lubricant and splashed it over my hole and then over his cock. I stroked his cock while lubricating it for a while then I moved up, took his cock in my hand and sit on it. It slid in and I started riding it gently. I started moving faster and ride became wild. Brian finally got completely relaxed and let me ride his cock. He started moaning as I continue and then pulled me closer and started pushing up and down. His eyes were closed and mouth open moaning loudly. He started cuming with very loud moaning. His body was shaking and his strokes slowed down. My cock started pulsing and cum started shooting all over Brian’s chest and all the way to his face. Wow, we managed to climax together. I slumped down on his chest spreading my cum between our bodies. I licked my cum from his face and we kissed. His cock flopped out of my hole and his cum started dripping down.

“We made a lot of mess” – I laughed. We laughed together while cuddling. It proved to be exceptional joy for both of us. Neither of us rushed to clean. We enjoyed each other’s touch and sticky cum over our bodies. I was so happy and satisfied. And he was too. We kissed and cuddled and then fell asleep.

To be continued…



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