Delivery Boys – Chapter 10 – Unexpected Change (Part 1)

It was just before Midnight when I got back home. My housemates were already asleep in their rooms. I went to kitchen to have a drink before going to my room. I could not sleep for long time. Just turning and tossing in my bed. I was really hurt by Chris and felt being used. Did he ever have any warm feelings about me? I wanted to believe he did and maybe still has but I was not convinced. I woke up very late that morning with a headache and decided not to go to university. I just did not feel like doing anything that morning. I somehow manage to get some more sleep and woke up mid-afternoon feeling a bit better. Strong coffee helped with clearing my mind. I was feeling guilty for missing classes today. Graduating was my absolute priority. I stood under shower for a while letting water slide over my body. We had big mirror on the bathroom door. I got out of shower and had a look at my body. Pale and skinny as always. Pubic hair needed to be shaved. I took the shaver used just for that purpose and sprayed shaving cream over my pubic hair or what looked like it. I don’t even remember what I looked like with full grown pubic hair. My balls did not need shaving and my hole was naturally smooth. I finished shaving and applied some cream to stop itching. Maybe I should try waxing? I wrapped towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom. At the same time someone walked in through the main entry. One of my housemates came back home. We were quite relaxed in our household as far as dress code was concerned. However, I suddenly was confronted with a female. Oops, Brian obviously brought home a girl. This was unusually early for that. He usually used to sneak them (and boys) very late in the evening. He was very careful with bringing his one-night stands and we could only hear them but almost never saw any of them.

Brian was surprised when he saw me.

“You are not at university Marcus?” he asked. “No, I was feeling unwell today and decided to stay at home. I will disappear in my room quickly. No problems mate” – I said while making my way through towards my room. I closed the door and started dressing. Did not really want to listen Brian having fun in his room that was right next to mine. Good excuse to get moving and go out. I was hungry and needed to go out and get something to eat anyway.

“He is more feminine than you” – I could hear Brian. His voice was coming from lounge rather than from his room. I had to walk through lounge to get out. I was reluctant to proceed but there was no other way, so I opened the lounge door. Brian was standing naked in the middle of the room. His cock was hanging and was not erect. He was a monster, long, thick and uncut. Balls were also hanging low. The girl was siting on the sofa. She had small breasts and wearing only black lingerie. I avoided looking at any of them, closed the door and try to rush out. Brian stepped in front of me blocking me from exiting. I realised he is drunk.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Marcus” he mumbled. “You are not scared of girls. This is very special one” The girl was covering her breasts but did not seem to be embarrassed. She actually said “Hello” to me and I responded with short “Hi. Nice to meet you. I have to go now” I said hoping that Brian will let me go.

“Do you like my pick-up Marcus?” Brian sounded sarcastic and somehow unpleasant. He moved towards her grabbed her panties and pulled them off quickly. What I have seen shocked me. It was not a girl. She had a cock and balls. I stared at her with my mouth wide open in disbelief. I knew that Brian is bisexual but… She kept her legs spread, playing with her cock – “You like my pussy?” she asked me and started pushing finger in her very red hole and playing with her balls. Or should I say his?

“He is not into topping” Brian said. “I bet he would be better in bed than you”. I started feeling very embarrassed with Brian being rude to this guy. It just was not fair. I also started feeling offended as girl was obviously prostitute Brian picked up somewhere and I felt solidarity with her as my fellow sex worker. “Please let me go Brian” I said firmly and made my way towards the door. I was outside very quickly. What happened to Brian? Drunk in mid-afternoon.

I took my time having my lunch in Newtown centre, then walked along the main street checking on shops and then stopped in café for a coup of a coffee before heading back home. It was two hours since I left, and I figured that Brian would finish with his trade and everything would be normal when I return. I was thinking about that boy/girl while having a coffee. She had female breasts for sure though quite small. She was quite convincing dressed. I would not think it was a boy when we met after they came in the house. I walked slowly back home, hesitated a moment and then unlocked the front door and walked in. It was quiet. I opened the door and walked in the lounge. The light was off but TV was on. Brian was laying on the lounge naked and sleeping. I could not see the girl. Was she gone. What if she robbed us? These things happen. I rushed towards my room to check if my laptop is still there. “Fucken moron” – I thought about Brian. Luckily, my laptop was still on my desk and nothing seemed to be missing from the room. I checked my stash of cash. In Delivery Boys we are paid cash and I keep it at home rather than depositing it in the bank. That way I can claim assistance. I walked back to the lounge to see if Brian is fine. He was sleeping. I throw a blanket over his naked body. He did not move at all. Door leading to kitchen opened and Brian’s “girl” appeared. She was naked as well.

“Hello” she said cheerfully. What the hell is she still doing here, went through my mind.

“You are still here?” – I asked as friendly as I could.

“He fell asleep soon after you left” she said “I could not get any…. You know… Money… off him. I was hungry and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. You don’t mind?”

“No. Not at all… There is not much food in our fridge though”

I did not know what to say in this situation. Could not just go to my room and leave her alone there. She was Asian, similar height to me and similar built. And she certainly did not have any problems roaming naked through stranger’s house.

“Where are you from?” I asked and immediately thought it is rude and racist. Her English was very good with very little accent.

“I am not Thai. Everyone think I am Thai” – she said while laughing – “What do you think?”

“I don’t know…”

“I am from Cambodia. Came here last year. With a barang. That is how we call white men”

“I see. Your boyfriend?”

“He was. But always drinking and other stuff. You know…”

I got the picture and started getting ready for a long evening entertaining this girl. I was not very excited about that at all. What else could I do?

“He likes you a lot” she said pointing at Brian who was sleeping on the sofa. “Do you dress as well?” – she was very direct.

“No… I don’t dress”

“But you feel like a girl?”

“I am just a bottom…”

“I do both” she said and smiled at me “You never do both?”

“No, I don’t… Did once but did not work for me…”

“He has very big cock” she pointed at Brian. “He was so drunk it never got hard. Did he fuck you before? – she asked in her direct way – “No. We are just housemates”

“What do you think about my breasts?” – was her next question – “They are nice…How did you…I mean how did you get them to get like that? – I was curious and happy to be able to keep conversation going while hoping that Brian will wake up

“Just hormones. For eight months now. No money for silicon ones yet…” she said while rubbing her tits. “It made them bigger but not big enough. And… make my cock shrink a bit. It was never very big…”

“You still get erection?” – I was more and more curious.

“Yes, I can still fuck and cum normally…. You want to try? – she laughed loudly

“Just asking…” – I was embarrassed again tonight.

“You have a boyfriend? – she continued with questions

“No… I am free… I mean single… Busy with studying”

“You stay in the same room with him?”

“No. I have my room”

“Show me your room… Please” she said and took my hand in hers

I figured that I will just have to do that and we walked to my room. She looked around and made herself comfortable on my bed. I asked if she wanted a drink and she declined.

“Come here” – she said – “You are not scared?”

“No. Of course not scared” – I said and got on the bed. She immediately grabbed my cock. I resisted but she persisted. We kissed slowly, and I let her undo my zipper.

“Oh, you shave” – she noticed immediately. “I prefer to leave some hair. Like a triangle as you can see”. She slowly lose my belt and pushed my jeans down. “I like that you don’t wear underwear” she said. She took my hand and made me touch her breasts. They were quite soft but nipples were hard – she was horny and her cock was hard. I started getting erection as she played with my cock. “You have a lot of foreskin” – she said while pulling my foreskin off my cock head. I started enjoying this.

We kissed and cuddled and rolled over my bed till I was laying on my stomach and she was on top of me. “You are so stiff dear. I will give you nice massage” she said and started massaging my neck. It felt good and started relaxing and letting her massage my neck and slowly down my back. Her hands felt warm and healing. After a while she got down to my buns. She massaged them gently and then started spreading them. She spit on my hole and started fingering it. I moaned in pleasure. I really wanted her to fuck me so I slowly started spreading my legs. She massaged my balls with her cock and then started rubbing it against my hole. She spread my buns, spit on it several times and her cock head slowly pushed into my hole. Penetration was slow and gentle and incredibly pleasurable. She pushed in with short strokes till I could feel her balls touching my body. She stopped and her chest was laying on my back. I could feel her breasts on my back. It was so different. She turned my head and we kissed while our bodies were firmly touching and she was stroking slowly. It felt very spontaneous – something you don’t get as an escort. She did not have a big cock but she certainly made me feel it. It felt like it belonged there rather than a foreign body. She started stroking faster while pushing my head deep into the pillow. My cock was rubbing against the bed and I was getting close to climax. She started making short but forceful strokes trying to get as deep as possible. I moaned loudly and my cock exploded. I kept cumming for a while and could feel my warm cum on sheet under. She cum moments later with loud moaning and wild strokes and shaking.

She stayed in for a while. Her body was shaking. Then she pulled out and stayed laying on my back and cuddling my shoulders. Wet patch full of my cum started spreading on the sheet. I usually hate making mess, but this time was different. I was so relaxed and did not move. So was her. I was trying to remember when the last time was I felt this good after having sex. I came to conclusion that this was my best sex ever. She slowly got up, and gently spank my buns. I was lazy to move but turned around. “Wow. You made a whole lake on the sheet” she said looking at the sheet wet from my cum. I look at it and laughed.

She got up and had a look at my books when the door opened. It was Brian.

“I knew I will find you here slut” – he said and let himself in and closed the door behind him. I was feeling uncomfortable and did not like his tone when talking to her.

“It was all my idea” – I said trying to defend her. I covered my genitals with a pillow. Brian has never seen me naked.

“You are not going to tell me that you fucked little slut?”


“Oh, she fucked you! Wow!” – he sounded surprised.

“Did you fuck my housemate? – he asked her, but she stayed silent.

To be continued…

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