Delivery Boys – Chapter 9

Getting Hurt and Sad

I got up late this Sunday morning. It was busy night in Delivery Boys and I was tired after work. I must admit that Arab guy came to my mind when I was having shower. I think he was completely virgin before meeting me. Not only with gays but with girls too. He did not really have any reasons to be reluctant. He was nicely built, had a decent cock and was reasonably good kisser. However, I think he is straight rather than gay. Just shy with girls. It was good fun to do role-play with him. I think I did quite well. Yeah, I wish him luck.

I dived into my textbooks straight after late breakfast as exams are coming in couple of weeks. My flatmates were chatting in the kitchen when I walked in to have a late lunch. I was daggy in my track-pants and T-shirt, but we are very relaxed in our household. Brian had someone with him here last night and was very happy and chatty. He is not getting much sex, as far as I could figure. He is a good boy – No gay saunas, no gay sex-clubs… Well, we all have our own ways I guess. He is bottom like me but different in many ways – what they call a “power-bottom”. Thomas, who is Bi on the other side is having a ball. I think he spends more time with girls, but he also brought home couple of handsome boys. They were all like me – slim and feminine.

Chris called just before 4pm to arrange meeting. He worked this morning and just got back home. We arranged to meet around six at his place. I went to my room to get ready. Should I douche or not? I don’t think I should because chances are Chris will want to do it to me when we meet. I think I know him and his preference by now, but you never know with him. What should I wear? I guess we are going to stay at his place and his rule is that I have to be naked while there, so it is not so important. Would be nice if we go out together sometimes… I would feel like having a boyfriend that way. Now, I am not sure what sort of relationship we have.


I arrived just before six. Chris took some time before opening door after I press the bell. He came out wearing white coat and stethoscope looking like a doctor. Well, he looked the same as when we met first time at the Clinic. I was surprised. Surely, he does not wear that when coming home from work.

“You are on time. Please come in” – he said like greeting someone unknown rather than me

“Thank you” – I said and walked in. He closed the door and then walked in front of me. No kisses or anything like that. I was feeling like a prostitute. OK, I am an escort and should not be stranger to that feeling but it is not what I expected from Chris. He took me to bedroom. This was not the bedroom we used last time. It was tidy, unlike last time. Heavy curtains were on windows and light was on. I could see queen size bed with a table at the end of it. There was a coffee table in the corner with two armchairs. Sling was hanging from the ceiling. I also noticed that wooden bed head had stuff that looked like something used to tie arms in it. I know I saw it in some videos.

“Please take a seat and tell me what the reason is you came to see me?” – Chris sounded like a stranger – like a doctor.


“Use your imagination Marcus” – he said

I took some time but then I realised this is new role-play. Wow, I am starting to play these often these days. I tried to use my imagination but was not sure what to say. What does he want.

“Did you have your menstruation on time?” – he asked. This gave me idea what is this about.

“Yes. I had my menstruation on time”

“Are your menstruations normally painful?”

“No” – what the hell – what do I suppose to say. I guess “yes” is pretty good bet but I have said “no” already

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“And you have a stomach pain now?”


“Would you mind taking your clothes off and climbing on the table” – he said showing the table placed along bottom of the bed covered with towel. I got up from my armchair and started undressing. Chris watched me from his chair. I placed my clothes in the corner and climbed on the table. Chris did not move for a while. He was just watching me without saying anything. I was feeling exposed. He finally got up and was touching my chest and stomach with his stethoscope. I started getting erection. He squeezed my balls making me scream – “You remember it is not allowed? – he said while squeezing my balls with one hand and slapping my cock with another. My erection that just started was gone while I was screaming. Well, I should expect this.

Chris started examining my stomach. He was touching it gently.

“Did you have any sexual contacts since your last menstruation?”

“Yes. With you” – He slapped my face but rather gently and we both laughed briefly. Young Arab guy from yesterday came to my mind. What would be Chris’s reaction if I told him that I am probably still having that guy’s sperm looking for eggs. He spread my legs while still touching my stomach.


“There is a chance that you are pregnant young lady. This sort of pain is common for pregnancy but not at this early stage”. I will have to prepare you for examination. Follow me to another room for preparation” – he took my hand and helped me get off the table and took me through the door on side of the room. It was a bathroom. There was a shower, a loo and another table between them with sink in the corner. I knew what is to follow. He helped me hop on the table. “On your knees and turn your back towards shower” – he said and I followed. He adjusted water temperature, washed my hole from outside and then pushed the nozzle in. He allowed only little water in before pulling the nozzle out. “Discharge” he said and I did. He washed my hole from outside before pushing nozzle in but for a bit longer time now. I discharged as soon as nozzle went out. Just could not hold it any more. He repeated it one more time, washed my buns and then dried them with a towel. Chris helped me get off the table and took me back to the room.

“Do you use contraception?


“Did you have intercourse without using condom?”


“There is a good chance that you are pregnant”

I don’t want to be pregnant doctor

“You are still in the school?”

Yes. Year eleven. My parents would not be happy if I am pregnant. Might kick me out…”

“Would you please hop on the table again” – he helped me climbing there. He pulled slings from the ceiling and placed my legs in each of them and tied them. I would not be able to get my legs out of sling without him releasing the belt holding them. He turned around and brought something from bedside table. I could see him putting surgical gloves on his hands. Then he started lubricating my hole. He put quite some lubricant there and then he pushed that bottle in my hole and squeezed it. I could feel cold lubricant entering my hole. He finished lubricating, took my arm to the side of the table and tied it up. I did not see this coming. He did the same with the other arm. He then walked out of the room. It is just then that I realised my position. Laying on the table with my legs spread and tied up in the air and my arms tied to the table. I could only raise my head little bit. I started feeling uneasy and somehow cold. What Chris has on his mind? I tried to free my arms, but it could not be done. The same was with legs. I started feeling a panic when door opened. Chris came in pushing some sort of trolley in front of him. I could see some big dildoes, hoses and metal things looking like medical instruments. At least he was back in the room. I somehow trusted him. I will just have to go along with his desires and he will love me at the end. He left the trolley on side of the table, checked my hole, took a tissue and wiped it.

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“This procedure might be unpleasant. You will need to relax as much as you can”

“I will try doctor”

He took a dildo from the trolley and started pushing it in my hole. I remember how weird feeling that made last time. However, that experience made me more relaxed about it. It was penetrating me slowly. I could move my legs and body just enough to accommodate that penetration. He did not push it as deep as last time. He stopped pushing and sort of twisting it. I liked the sensation. He stroked it couple of times and then pulled it out. He repeated it with a different, thicker dildo. It took a bit longer to push it in. Then he repeated it with even thicker dildo. I moaned as it started penetrating. He pulled it out briefly and squeezed more lubricant in my hole before pushing it in again with short strokes. I could feel it getting deeper and deeper. I started getting erection. Chris noticed it and slapped my balls and started twisting the dildo making it painful. I screamed but he continued and my erection was suppressed in a very short time. He pushed dildo slower now. It reached point when it became painful. I could feel that pain not in my stomach but in my chest as well. I moaned and started breathing slower as pain was stronger when I take air in. He stopped but did not pull it out. I started getting used to it. He started touching my stomach like doing examination by pressing it gently.

“OK. It is in position” – he said.

I was trying to control my breathing. He started pulling it out very slowly and I was overwhelmed with feeling of relief. It started feeling good. Finally, dildo was out.

“It is nicely opened now. I can start examination” – Chris said with pleasure. He pushed the bottle with lubricant in my hole. It went it deeper than ever. Cold lubricant was feeling good inside. He pulled the bottle out and started massaging my hole with a finger, then two fingers then I could feel his fingers spreading and making it more open. It was getting in slowly. OMG, he is going to fist me – went through my mind. I moaned with every move he made. It was not painful though, or it was much less painful than I expected. He stopped and turned it a bit around. He wrapped my cock in something that was feeling like a plastic bag of some sort. I could feel one of his fingers moving like trying to tickle or something. It touched a point that was very pleasurable and continued. I moaned loudly in pleasure and then I could feel my cum going through my penis and dripping out of it rather than shooting as usual. It was wonderful feeling. All my body was feeling pleasure. I was shaking. I don’t think I have ever had so long ejaculation. And my cock was not hard. It was sort of semi-erected and Chris did not object to it as there was no punishment.


“We released your eggs” – Chris said with a pleasure. He took the small plastic bag off my cock and raised it in the air. It was full of my sperm. – “I like when it happens in controlled way. Do you feel good? – “Yes Chris… doctor” and I was.

Chris took a but plug from his trolley, pushed it in my hole and then secured it with a tape. After being fisted I could barely feel it in my hole. He taped it several times making sure it will stay in.

“I will take this to the lab now” – Chris took the bag with my sperm and walked out of the room. I was feeling relaxed in this position now. I guess the hardest bit is over. And I listened to my rumbling stomach. I was feeling like I need to go to toilet, but I knew it is just a feeling. I was feeling hungry.

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Chris walked back in the room

“Congratulations! You are pregnant” he said while releasing my arms and legs.

I don’t want the baby doctor

“You can apply for abortion in a public hospital. They will approve it if your parents agree”

“Please doctor. My parents must not know about this. Please

“It can be done privately but it cost some money. I guess you don’t have money though”

“No, I don’t have money doctor

“You can get off the table” he said and helped me hop from the table. My legs were a bit numb and I was walking funny with but plug in my hole. I got to the armchair. Sitting with but plug was weird but not uncomfortable.

“That is not very good situation” – Chris said while rubbing his crotch – “You are very attractive. It is possible to make some arrangement…” – he took his white coat off. He was wearing a leather shorts only.

I am happy to make arrangement doctor

“Don’t be shy” he said and invited me to come to him with his hand.

I got up and approached him. He rubbed his cock and signal to me to touch it. I went on my knees between his legs and started touching his cock. He pulled his shorts down. His cock was not erect yet. I started licking it and took it in my mouth. It started getting hard slowly. He did not force things this time around and let me suck it. I noticed that he did not shave. His balls were getting some hair too. I sucked him for a while before he pushed my head away.

“I think that bed is more comfortable” he said, got up from his armchair and went to bed. I followed him. He made me lay on my stomach, massaged my back and buns for a while and then took tapes off and pulled but plug out of my hole.

“You are fine after that procedure. Have you ever had anal intercourse?

No doctor

“You are willing to try I assume? – he asked and answered his question

If you can fix me doctor, I am willing…”


“It will be fixed and fine” – he said while turning around. His cock rubbed my hole for a while and then he pushed it in. I moaned. He stroked it slowly but then started slamming it wildly. I could feel it ripping through me and his balls slamming my buns every time he pushed in. It was rough. Chris was never this rough with me before. He was holding my hands firmly and continued for some time. It was almost feeling like a rape. Finally, he moaned loudly, pushed in forcefully and then slowed down till he stopped. He spread my hole with his hands

“Extract it” – he said, and I did. – “Good” – he then slammed his body down on bed. He pulled me toward him, his arm under my shoulder and gave me brief kiss. – “That was good”. I was happy that he was pleased. We cuddled for a while. He was different and relaxed.

“I am doing early shift in the morning. You can stay and get up very early or go home tonight” – he said while walking to bathroom to have a shower. I did not expect that. What should I do? He finished shower and came out of bathroom

“I will go home now Chris. I think it is better than getting up very early tomorrow…” – I got up and walked to have a shower myself. I was feeling a bit sad while having shower. I just had a feeling that he wanted to get rid of me. I dressed up quickly and we walked to the door. Quick kiss at the door and I was on my way back home.


I was sad. I was hurt. I expected something nice and romantic to happen this evening and night. I was used instead. By time I arrived home I was feeling angry. I don’t want to see him again.

To be continued…

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