Delivery Boys – Chapter 7

My stomach was rumbling while I was laying on the bed, feeling somehow protected by cover and thinking about last night. It was empty just as Chris likes it. I guess the only stuff inside was his sperm, if it did not drip out. He likes to leave it in so after cumming he turns me on my stomach. I touch my hole to check if it is still wet and laughed as it was silly thing. It is inside my tummy. I touched my stomach again. How girls feel after they get pregnant? Do they know immediately? I pushed cover and looked at my stomach. Then I pumped it with air to make it bigger. Is it me being influenced by Chris or I always had this feeling but was not aware of it? I pumped more air in my stomach and held it with my hands. How it feels having live body inside it. Must be amazing.

I finally got up and pushed curtain on side to have a look through the window. It was looking towards very small backyard. Morning was very bright. Sun was well up. Must be late morning. I looked around the room. It was still messy and unpacked. All my clothes were in the lounge. I looked around and grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and walked out of the room. I don’t remember where the toilet and bathroom were. I was bursting to be honest. Otherwise I would probably be laying on the bed trying to look pregnant. I walked towards one door and opened it. Bingo! I was in the bathroom. It was nice to empty my bladder. I jumped in the shower and enjoyed stream of hot water washing my body. The door opened and Chris entered the bathroom. He was wearing his tight leather pants and nothing on the top.


“Gee, you can slip Marcus. I went to bedroom to see if you are fine…”

“I was tired…” I said, closed the water and grabbed the towel. “It was long evening…”

“You are not going to university today?”

“I will go to classes in the afternoon. I feel a bit strange…”

“In what sense?”

“Well… I… I feel strange. Like inside me. Sort of empty… Not sure…”

“Ah that. That will be fine. It is normal after full on douching. Will go away in couple more hours”

“Sure. Should eat something but not feeling hungry at all”

I finished drying my body and started wrapping towel around my waist but Chris stopped me.

“Marcus, I want you to be completely naked all the time when we are here. You can only wear socks. Understand?”

“Yes… What if I feel cold?”

“It is not cold now. There is aircon in the lounge and it is always warm in bed. No clothes… Unless I approve it but you should not be too demanding Marcus”

“What if someone comes in? Or knock on the door…?”

“Will tell you what to do then. Not clothes. Is that too hard to do for me?


“I am doing night shift tonight Marcus so we don’t have to rush. What time do you have afternoon classes?

“From 2pm. What is the time now?

“It is 10:30am now”

We walked to the kitchen. Chris quickly made some cornflakes.

“I don’t really like milk…”

Chris continued pouring milk

“I want you to be healthy Marcus. I want my baby to grow in a healthy body.”

I started laughing. “What baby?”

Chris did not like my reaction at all. He grabbed my balls and squeezed them and I started screaming but he continued and pushed me down on my knees before releasing them.

“Marcus… What do you know about it all? Maybe I judged you wrongly? Oh, don’t tell me that you are the MAN… Surely, you have dick and balls and that is about it. I was sure about that at least…”

I was holding my hands on top of my balls in pain.

“It hurts Chris. It hurts a lot…”

“That is exactly why I did it Marcus. Makes sense. Does it? You deserved it Marcus. Because you don’t understand your real self. Surely, I know that you cannot get pregnant. But! In your mind you want it. I am sure you do. Do you?

“Not really sure Chris… You made me… I have never thought about it. But this morning, in bed I was touching my stomach and thinking… you know… what if…”

“You really did that?”

“Yes. I even pumped it up to look bigger. Like… you know…”

Chris took me in his arms and cuddled me for a while.


“I knew I made a good judgement. You like the idea of motherhood. Do you know what happens after I ejaculate inside you?

“What do you mean?”


“Not sure. You feel good…”

“Well. Sperm is alive. Your body inside is moist and warm – like vagina. When sperm is released it starts sort of swimming. It looks for eggs. It can stay alive inside you for as long as several hours. That turns me on. Not just ejaculating. I can do it with my right hand. But when I do it with you I feel that your body is trying to accommodate it. Understand. Not your body but your mind. Does it make any sense? Most of other bottoms don’t have that desire. But you do. I know you do”

“Yes” – a said quietly while trying to make a picture of that in my head. Amazing.

Well, at least I am sure now how babies are made


I had my cornflakes with the milk. We were both silent. It was weird to eat naked. I was feeling somehow, well, was feeling naked… Not only physically but completely naked. We finished our breakfast silently. I did not know what to do. I took our bowls to sink, found some dishwashing liquid and washed all dishes. Still feeling weird about doing it all completely naked. As soon as I finished washing Chris got behind me. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my buns through his pants. He held me strongly and was kissing my shoulders and neck while pushing me towards the sink. Then he turned me around and pushed me gently down. He guided me to unzip his pants. He was not wearing underpants. I started licking his cock and he pushed it deep in my mouth. I was choking but he kept stroking and holding my head. I started stroking my cock that got hard. Chis started moaning and I knew he is about to blow. I managed to cum at the same time as his hot sperm started filling my mouth and throat. Stroking stopped, and he pulled his cock out. My saliva and his sperm were dripping from his cock. I pulled me up and then noticed my sperm being on the floor.

“You cum too? Now, this time you will get away with that but remember. That boy thing will have to be controlled. Understand?

“Yes Chris” I said while still breathing fast. Well, it was great and I got away without being punished so I was happy.

I went to have a shower and came back to the lounge to get dressed. It is time to go to the university. Chris cleaned my cum from the floor. I dressed, and we kissed. It was a long kiss. I was feeling great. I was thinking about it all on the way to university. I think I know Chris better now. It is weird but more and more I liked the whole thing. Hope that nobody at class will notice my tummy…

I bought some take-away for dinner on my way back from university. What was striking is the fact that I sort of worried about getting healthy food – because of the baby! I mean, please! Am I getting that weird? Oh, well, I like it regardless. My flatmates were both at home. Yeah, they wanted to know where I was last night.

“I have found the man” – I responded. “I mean the real man. You know what I mean. The breeder to be precise” I was cheeky.

The following day I was rostered to work in Delivery Boys late shift. Went to classes in the morning and had a lunch before heading home to change and get ready for the evening. I had to get to the “office” by 5pm and had some time to spear. Enough time to do some homework. However, it just was not happening. Instead of homework I was thinking about THAT night with Chris. I was curious. Am I really a woman in boys’ body? I started browsing Internet trying to find out about pregnancy and stuff. Not that I am completely uninformed but I have found some things I have never thought about like:

“A male releases sperm when he ejaculates, and a female releases an egg each month, during ovulation. It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. So, if an egg and sperm meet (an egg is fertilized), it travels down the fallopian tube and implants in the lining of the uterus. If this happens, a female becomes pregnant”

And then something that Chris was not right about:

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“The fastest swimmers may find the egg in as little as 45 minutes. It can take the slowest up to 12 hours. If the sperm don’t find an egg in the fallopian tubes at the time of intercourse, they can survive inside you for up to seven days . This means that if you ovulate within this time window you could still conceive.” – Seven days! Wow. Maybe Chris is right though, as I don’t have the uterus… Still, it is possible IT is still alive in me now! I touched my stomach without even thinking about it. Time just flew and I ended rushing my preparations for work. Did not have to douche this time, thanks to Chris. Oh, what about doing this job and being with Chris? Are we a couple yet? I was not sure, but it appeared as potential problem. I did not mind working in Delivery Boys instead of being a waiter in some café.


I got to the agency just on time. Quickly let manager know I am in and walked to the kitchen. I was thirsty. Other two guys were in the lounge. We acknowledged each other. They were watching some TV show. I watched a bit but was bored. I rarely watch the box. As a country boy back at the farm I preferred doing something. Around six o’clock door-bell rang and manager opened the door. We knew we had to get ready to meet the client. I used to be excited about meeting client. Always worried about how I present myself but tonight I was quite relaxed about it. Manager called us and I was to meet the client second. When the first escort came back to the lounge it was my turn. I walked in the guest reception room and saw a guy in his mid to late forties wearing high visibility workman’s gear. Quite tall, broad shoulders and big feet. Not always, but big feet means that guy has pretty big cock. I quickly presented myself. When I finished he took some time observing me from my head to toes before asking a question – “You said you are bottom only?” – “Yes Sir. I am bottom only.” He looked at me before asking – “You consider yourself submissive and/or feminine. You look very girly obviously” – “Yes, I am feminine Sir. Smooth and…” – “But not submissive?” he cut me off in the middle of my sentence. – “I am not sure what do you mean by submissive Sir. I like to please my partner…” – “OK, I got it. What was your name again?” I told him my name and left the room. I walked back to the lounge and next escort went to see the client. I did not think I will get this one. Surprisingly, manager called me to take the client to one of rooms.

I collected towels and went to the reception room to meet the client and take him upstairs to one of our private rooms. He slapped my bottom as we were walking upstairs. We got in the room and I gave him towels and told him that I will be back quickly. He said he will wait for me to come back before undressing. I went out to get more towels, condoms, lube and some massaging oil. The client was still standing undressed when I returned to the room. I locked the door and put towels and accessories on side of the bed. The client let me finish that and then he grabbed me from behind and kissed and bit my ear. He quickly turned me around and held me firmly close to his body. I could feel his cock is getting hard. He let me go and said – “Undress” – I started undressing while he was watching. I took my jeans and t-shirt off and was in undies only and stood in front of him. “Take that down too” he said and I pulled my undies down. “Now you take my clothes off. Just slowly”. I took his shirt off first. His chest was very hairy. I loosened his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock was hard. I pulled his pants down to the ground and he stepped out of them. He was wearing footy shorts. I could smell his cock. I pulled his shorts down and his rather long but not very thick cut cock popped out. “Now you suck it” he said while holding his cock. “Would you like to have a shower first Sir? – I asked. “No” he said and grabbed me and pushed me down on my knees. His cock was right in front of my face. I really did not like it. I could smell it. I could insist that he takes shower, but I did not want to make drama as he already said he does not want to take shower. I started sucking his cock. He held my head firmly and pushed his cock deep in my mouth and throat. I was choking and coughing but he continued pushing hard. I thought I am going to throw up when he stopped. I was struggling to get some air while still on my knees. “You washed my dick well” – he said – “Better than shower”. He went on the bed and was on his back holding his cock up. “Time to ride it bitch” he said and I got up and went to take condom and lubricant. “No rubber!” he said. I immediately thought about Chris and decided to resist this time – something I have not done before with a client. Well, pretty much I never resisted. “We are not allowed to have sex without condoms Sir” – I said. I surprised myself with firmness of my voice. “Nobody will know” he said. “We have regular checks but agency Sir. I would lose my job if I do it Sir” – I lied. He reluctantly let me put condom on his cock while he was holding it up. I put some lubricant on his cock and splashed some on my hole and pushed it in with a finger. Then I slowly went on top and let his cock slide in my hole slowly. It was not very thick and started penetrating pretty easy but he suddenly pushed it up and slammed it in. He grabbed my knees and started stroking forcefully. I moaned. It was not unpleasant. It was not pleasure either, but I moaned because I wanted him to think that he is great fucker. He moved up and held my back with his arms and placed me on my back. He took my knees and spread them wide and continue stroking fast and strong. “You like that cock?” – “Yes Sir, I like it” – “You like big” – “Yes Sir. It is big” – how boring but that is part of the job. He pulled out and took my arms and we went out of the bed. He pushed me towards the window, squeezed my arms on my back and penetrated me. I was hoping he will cum soon as this position was not comfortable. He took a while but finally slowed down and then pushed very deep while moaning. I was relieved. He pulled out and turned me around. “Take the rubber off”. – I took condom off his cock. This animal cum like a horse. Condom was full of it. I made sure it does not drip on the floor. “Clean it with your mouth”. I reluctantly started licking it and he pushed it in my mouth but was not forceful this time. His cock got very sensitive as it got in my mouth and he pulled it out and made me lick it without taking it in my mouth. His erection faded very quickly and he pushed me away. Without saying anything he started dressing and I did the same. Few minutes later I escorted him to the main door and he left. I went straight to the bathroom and washed my mouth. It was one of those filthy pigs, but it is all part of this profession. I had a shower and it made me feel relaxed.



We had only one more client coming that evening and he went with Asian boy. Unusually quiet evening. I did not mind it at all. I was happy with one client for the evening. That will cover my bills. So far, I had at least one client at every shift I worked here and that is pretty good. One of us working this evening went home without anything. I was feeling a bit sorry for him, but such is life. We had to stay till 11:30pm. I spent rest of the evening trying to reed a book I have found in the agency. Well, I was staring in the book but I was just thinking about Chris. I was so proud I resisted client’s request to have unprotected sex. I felt that from now on only Chris will have that privilege. His sperm might still be swimming inside me and looking for an egg. Eh, how silly I can get.

To be continued…

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