I was playing on the apps, chatting to the right people and deleting messages from the wrong ones, when I saw his profile. A little conversation later and we’d set up a meeting – he seemed relieved to have found exactly what he wanted.

Won’t say his name (let’s call him Pex), but what attracted me to his photo was his chest, specifically his big dark nipples and fair smooth skin. When we exchanged photos I was surprised to see how handsome he was – mixed Chinese/Malay guy in his twenties, longish curly hair – and he looked exactly like his photos when he turned up at my doorstep a little after the arranged time. He had trouble getting public transport, so he was a little sweaty: no surprise, really, since he was wearing a long-sleeved grey cotton top and maroon shorts.

The shorts showed off his thick thighs and well-formed calves, which were a little hairy. I got him to come into my condo and after I shut the door, I admired the view. He had the body of a serious bodybuilder, or a fitness model, shoulders looking broad because of the muscle, and his tight top didn’t hide his bulging arms or massive pecs.

He had a nice bubble butt, and even though he had well-developed legs, it wasn’t big. Pex noticed me looking, and flexed for me, showing off his front and back. I suggested that he take off his clothes and relax, enjoy the cool aircon, and let me do my work.

During our chat, after I complimented his chest, he’d told me that he had sensitive tits, and that he enjoyed gentle nipple play – wouldn’t mind some of that and some oral, and if I needed to, he would let me fuck him. Sounded good to me.

He stripped off his top and his shorts, and I saw that he was wearing only a pair of skimpy white briefs underneath. I took him to the living room, dialled the lights down low, sat next to him and leaned over. He pulled me in for a kiss – good kisser, lots of tongue – and then I started to service him. I started with my hands, touching and feeling his pecs. He had a flat, lean stomach, which only made his chest look even bigger. His fair skin made his large nipples look even more appealing, and when I licked one with my tongue, I could taste his fresh sweat.

I took my time, working exclusively on his nipples, first one, and then the other, just licking to begin with. I explored his chest with my tongue, licking his pecs clean, and circling his nipples with the tip of my tongue till they got nice and firm. He had big nubs, and he moaned appreciatively, softly, when I took one between my lips and sucked on it. I did that for a while, enjoying the soft moans and gasps, and then moved to the other one. I made sure to keep up the stimulation, flicking one with my finger as I sucked the other one. Pex lay back, relaxing into the feeling or flooded with sensation.

He gasped and lifted a little off the couch when I opened my mouth and took as much of his chest into it as I could, running my tongue over and around his nub, and then breathed heavily while I licked and sucked it. Before I could move to the other one, he lifted his arm on that side, and using his other hand, urged me into his smooth hairless pit. I could smell him more: fragrant and a little musky, but I licked and nuzzled his open armpit, and he moaned a little more. I lifted my head out, and he smiled at me.

“See how hard you make me?” he said, and I looked down to see that he had a sizeable bulge in his underwear (his cock was parked downwards) and a huge wet spot.

I smiled back, saying nothing, but leaned over further to put my lips on his other nipple. Repeated the action from before, his nipple and some of his chest in my mouth, and when he reached for his crotch I pushed his hand away. I don’t want anyone else playing with my toys.

I lifted his other arm and pulled it toward me, and he got the message, letting me lean back against the couch and climbing up to press his armpit into my face. As I licked it, I ran my hand up his muscular arm, feeling how tense and taut it was because he was using it to brace against the sofa, and then down his side. Guess Pex was ticklish, because he moved away from my hand, and laughed. I looked up at him, and he smiled (such a gorgeous smile) and bent down to kiss me.

I couldn’t resist, and I put my arms around him. He leaned down on me and I slipped to one side, so that we were lying on the sofa, with him lying on top of me. I could feel him, hard against me, even through my clothes. We kissed for a while, that way, and then he lifted himself off me. I hooked my hands into the waistband of his underwear, and pulled it down. His cut cock looked good, hard and firm, the head shiny and wet with precum, smaller at the tip and widening down the shaft till it was thick at the base. He climbed off me, and took his underwear off, letting out a pair of fairly large, loose balls, and I noticed that he was completely smooth, no trace of hair.

I moved a bit along the sofa, so that my head was resting against the armrest. He climbed back on me, straddling my chest, and pushed his cock towards my lips. I took it in, and let him facefuck me, slowly, moving his hips to slide his dick in and out of my mouth, almost all the way, the full length of it, as he hissed with pleasure, his balls swinging against my chin as he did so. I slobbered on his cock, a softly wet blow job, slurping as he pumped into and out of my mouth. I ran my hands up the back of his firm, muscular thighs, soft as silk but hard under my fingers. He went a little faster, shorter strokes this time, and I breathed through my nose, and when I looked up, I saw that he was fingering his big nipples on his large rounded pecs as he moved.

He started to moan, and then looked down at me.

“You okay to swallow right?” Pex said, and when I nodded, he went a little faster still. I realised that this guy was being completely selfish – he was fucking my mouth like it was a hot ass. I wondered whether he’d live up to his end of the bargain, because I was rock hard in my shorts, and ready to fuck him once he’d gotten off. I grabbed onto his ass cheeks with both hands, and as he thrust into me, I spread his cheeks, and gingerly fingered his hole, running my fingers across (I could feel) his smooth, hairless pucker. That seemed to turn him on, and he got louder.

He moved, more and more urgently, until finally with a louder groan he unloaded – I could feel his cock pulsing against my lips as he pumped out a nice warm load, straight down my waiting throat. I swallowed, taking it all in. I do like sucking cock, after all.

He pulled out, and I let him go, and he climbed off me. I got off the sofa, and stripped off my own t-shirt and shorts. I was fully hard, and when I let it out, my cock was pointing up, my foreskin retracted a little bit. He was watching me, and looked unsure of what to do. I knew what I wanted, though, and pushed him back so that he sat on the sofa. I knelt between his legs, and lifted his semi-hard dick so that I could get to his balls. His sac was soft and smooth under my tongue, and when I sucked on his balls, it got tight and pulled up. From my finger action earlier, I figured he would enjoy getting rimmed, and when I licked down from his ballsack towards his hole, he lifted his legs and let out a soft moan.

His rosebud was fully exposed, pink and pretty against his fair skin. As I expected, he was also smooth back here. I put my hands against his asscheeks, helping to hold him up. When I put my tongue flat against his hole, I felt a shudder go through him, and he moaned even louder. I rimmed him thoroughly, licking around and across his asshole, kissing it, and sticking my tongue into it. He tried to stay still, but he obviously enjoyed it, writhing and moving as I ate him out: tasty.

When I stopped, and looked up, I saw that he was hard again. His hands were up against his chest – probably playing with his nipples again. He looked shyly down at me.

“Please,” Pex said, “Fuck me, can?”

So much for “you can fuck me if you want” – this guy was horny and ready for it.

I stood up, and presented my erection to him.

“You gotta suck it first,” I said.

He sat up, and leaned forward, but before he could take my cock into my mouth, I pulled it up and exposed my balls, which were hanging down loose.

“Lick my balls,” I said, and he obediently stuck out his tongue. I let him lick me, and then without prompting he sucked on my balls, one first, then the other.

When he let them go, I turned around. I felt his hands on my ass, kneading and squeezing my cheeks before he spread them open. He rimmed me, doing to me what I had done to him before, tonguing my hole, licking it. I didn’t let him do that for too long before I straightened up and turned around.

This time I did let him suck on my cock, although I didn’t face fuck him, let him do all the work.

“Get me nice and wet,” I said, and he did, licking up and down the shaft, sucking me down with little difficulty (he had a good angle) and his mouth felt good on me. I patted his cheek and he let got of my dick.

I stepped over to the side table and got a condom and ripped it open. He had lubed up my cock well, and I pulled back my foreskin and let it rest against the edge of my dickhead, rubbing some of my precum over it before I rolled on the condom and checked to make sure it was securely on before getting some lube. Pex leaned back against the sofa, and had put his legs down, but I got him to pull them up again, and he held on to the outside of his thighs, once again exposing his hole. I dribbled some lube on him, and then lubed myself up. I smacked my dick gently against his hole, watching as it twitched and winked at me. He had a hungry hole. I bent my knees a bit, and pushed my cock downwards.

I rubbed my dickhead against his asshole, and it pulsed at me some more.

“You want this?” I said. After he let me worship his (admittedly fine) body and fucked my face earlier, I thought it worthwhile to turn the tables.

He made the cutest face, and nodded.

I grabbed his cock with one hand, and stroked it. He gasped.

“You sure?” I said.

“Yes,” he said, understanding that I wanted to hear him say it.

I rubbed against his hole again, finding the opening. I put the tip in, against his pucker.

“Say it again,” I said.

“Fuck me,” he said, and as I stroked his cock with one hand, I used the other to push forward into him. Not much, only a little, but he gasped.

I let go of his dick, and smacked his ass with my open palm. He gasped again.

“Push out,” I said, “Like you’re going to shit.”

As he did so, I pushed in, fairly easily, but he moaned and whimpered like I was raping him. Then I hit his ring, and since he was already making so much noise, I decided not to give him a chance.

I pushed against him, hard, forcing my way in, and he groaned.

“Fuck me,” he managed to say, so I knew I wasn’t killing him, “FUUUCK, so big, FUCK, fuck”.

He was tight, but not unmanageably so, and I pulled out to let him catch a breath before I pushed in again. I did that a few times, going in a little further each time, till he was stretched open enough that I could move more smoothly, in and out, not too roughly, a nice slow pump.

The position wasn’t ideal, though, so I pulled out, and got Pex to move to the chaise, so that I could kneel with his legs over my thighs, and fuck up and forward into him. Less room to move this time, but I managed to get back to a steady pumping rhythm, and then I leaned forward, ignoring his soft moans, and put my hands on his big nubs. Rubbing them with my thumbs seemed to send him into spasms of ecstasy, and I bent forward to kiss him, feeling him twist and move under me as we locked lips.

When I straightened up, he surprised me by asking me to fuck him harder, so I got him to stand up and bend over the chaise, braced on his hands, so that I could enter him from behind. I leaned over, my chest against his back, slowly fucking him while I played with his nipples, which seemed swollen under my fingertips. I knew they were sensitive, but when I pinched one, he groaned appreciatively, and I pinched them both, firmly, and gave them a twist, which made him buck against me.

“More,” he said, and I continued torturing his tits, staying still as he fucked himself on me. He moaned in frustration, and I decided to put him out of his misery – I let go of his chest, and straightened up, put my hands on his waist, and really went at it, hammer-fucking him, ramming into his ass. He grunted and groaned, breathing heavily, and used one free hand to play with his cock while I pummelled his ass. It didn’t take long for him to cum (a second time) and when I felt his ass pulsing around my cock, I rode the feeling and unloaded myself, squirting into the condom that I was wearing, thrusting hard, slapping into Pex’s bottom.

Pex straightened up when I pulled out, and when he turned to face me, I pulled off my condom, held it in one hand and put my free hand on his shoulder. He knelt, and sucked me clean, my hand tangled in his hair and then I held his head still and fucked his face, moving from the hips.

I let him go, and he released my dick. He looked up at me, and brushed a hand through his hair.

“Nice?” I said, and he nodded and smiled up at me again.

I got rid of the condom, and took him into the shower. He was one of those guys who got all cuddly after a fuck, and we held each other under the cool spray from the rain shower and kissed.

I noticed that he was hard (again!) when we finished, and asked if he wanted some help. He nodded, and he leaned back against me, with my fingers up his ass at first, my other hand jacking him off. That went for a while, guess the third cum was a long time coming. I let go and let him jerk himself off while I fingerfucked him with one hand (although he was pushing back enough that it was like he was fucking himself onto my fingers) and pinched and twisted a nipple with the other, and that set him off, and he cried out and bucked his hips and dribbled another load onto my bathroom floor.

I turned on the shower again and we got cleaned up, properly this time, and he stepped out of the shower and got dressed. I settled for wrapping a towel around myself, and then let him out before cleaning up the living room. We exchanged numbers, so it’s possible that we’ll do this again – I did like sucking on his big nipples, and I found it a turn-on when he fucked my face till he came … and he was a fun fuck.

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