The new recruits


One of my many talent scouts around the country, Jojo, works in the Chicago area. He called and told me about these two young boys he had met who were just out of high school and looking for jobs. He told them they could make good money doing porn and the boys seemed interested. After seeing their photos I flew into O’Hare the following week. After landing Jojo picked me up and took me to his apartment on the outskirts of town where his boys were waiting to meet me. After a brief introduction we went into the bedroom where Jojo and I both sat in chairs across from the boys who were seated on the end of the bed in front of us.

Devon McIntyre and Michael Anderson are both 19 and in good shape. I was impresseed with thier photos and was even more impressed with them in person. Both boys had nice smiles and great teeth and as Jojo said were fresh out of high school where they were both active in sports. Michael has a girlfriend but Devon does not, Since graduation they were not doing much of anything. They were both from good homes and raised well. They boys had heard about me through Jojo and were nervous on their first introduction to me. I put the boys at ease and asked them if they knew what i do and what I was interested in getting from them. They both nodded sheepishly as if to say they understood. Although not highly experienced they were both curious about being in gay movies for money.

I wanted to see the boys naked so I asked the boys to disrobe. They had never been naked in front of a stranger before and were very nervous and very humble which I like. It was a little cold in the room and I asked Jojo to turn the heat up. After some more small talk about the sports they played in school and what teams they liked the room was finally warmer. I asked the boys to disrobe again. This time the boys looked at each other and started to take their off their clothes obediently but much too quickly. “Slow down boys, where’s the fire?” I said. The boys stopped and then proceeded slower than before. Sneakers off first, then the socks, the t shirt, the jean and they were just about to take their white jockey shorts off and i stopped them. “Leave the briefs boy,: I said. They seemed confused but followed my orders. Taking their clothes off they revealed their young and strong all American midwest born and raised bodies. These are just what we like to see getting fucked in the ass in our movies.

The boys again sat on the edge of the bed. I asked the boys to suck each other a bit which they did with Michael standing and Devon on his knees. The boys were really inexperienced and awkward, especially Devon.

After watching them suck each other for awhile I wanted to see more. I wanted to see their assholes as soon as possible. The boys were more relaxed and not worried about their nakedness as much I asked them to kneel on the bed for me with their asses towards me. The boys awkwardly climbed onto the bed and knelt with their backs to me. “ That’s great boys now bend over” I said. I asked them to bend forward so I could see their asses. The boys hesitated at first but then seemed to know what I wanted but were clumbsy on the execution. “Just bend over forward, spread your legs widely and make the top of your heads touch the bed,” I said. The boys did as they were told. They bent over and spread out their legs for me. They obediently did as I said. This was a good sign. Now what I really wanted to see came into full view for me. Two young and firm untouched all Amercan boy asses, highly desired in my field, just out of high school and looking for a purpose. These boys were young and ripe. I hoped to give each of them a direction and a purpose soon enough. Neither one of these young boy asses had ever had a dick in it. Spread widely for me here I could see at each of their tight pretty pink virgin boy anal lips were surrounded by a full wreath of full post adolescent untrimmed boy hair. Michael’s hair was a light shade, sort of tan and Devon’s was a very bushy circle of black hair which contrasted with his vwhite skin. These are the kinds of boys and boy holes our viewers like to see getting stretched and pounded by an large experienced bone hard greased up cock. Eventually the two boy’s pussies spread now before me would have to be shaved clean after their initial fuckings for our films. For now, though, as beginners a full growth of post adolecent boy hair surrounding their untouched virgin boy holes while they were in training will be just fine.

They tried to get up but I made them stay like this in this position. “Boys, Jojo and I have to talk but I want you to stay just as you are in this position so I can really understand what I am getting here. Is that understood?” I asked. “Yes,” both said. “Yes, what?.” I returned firmly. A little hesitation and then, “Yes, sir!” both boys said together. Devon and Michael were sending signals to me that they would be easy to train. The boys both stayed in their positions while Jojo and I sat and watched the view. We talked business for the next thirty to forty minutes.

If these boys agreed to come with me they would be in this position a lot and needed to get used to being face down with their ass up in the air a lot. They would have to get used to older men looking at them, admiring them and picturing them in a multitude of compromising positions. This was going to be their life at Mark Daniels Productions. These young boys were soon going to be objects, objects of affection. They had better get used to the idea ASAP. I needed to keep them naked in this position for as long as possible.

Jojo and I continued our discussion and then I said, “Look back at me through your legs, boys.” The boys each struggled and adjusted themselves in an attempt to please me which I liked. They moved themselves so I had a clear view of their faces upside down past their hanging dicks and young balls through their spread legs. Both boys made a noble attempt to look back at me with their cute all American faces through their legs. While talking with Jojo to my left I made sure I spent some time looking back at the boys. I had to slouch down a bit and bend my neck just a little untill I made eye contact with Devon who was bent over on the left side of the bed. I nodded and smiled at Devon. Devon was shy but was anxious to please me and tried to stay focused on my face. When I looked at Michael he moved his eyes away a bit ashamed to have an older man looking at his face upside down through his legs and past his spread hairy boyhole, ball and hanging dick. Michael had a bigger dick than Devon and it hung down longer. “Michael, don’t look away,” I said to the boy. “You keep looking at me and do as you’re directed. Do you understand?” Michael obediently looked my way and after a bit I nodded and smiled my approval to him.

I am a big man at 6′ 3″. I run a very successful production company with fifty employees. I am a former USMC Sergent and know how to get young men to do as i say. I spread my legs and adjusted myself watching their faces to see which of the boys would notice. “Keep looking at me as I talk to Jojo.” I wanted them to stay focused on me. I would be their alpha and the best way to start our relationship was for them to be in this position.

I have learned over the years when dealing with straight boys who are interested but uncertain about the gay porn business you need a film but gentle hand in dealing with them.

After a good long while Michael started to get up. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I have to pee.” he said. “Okay then, go but hurry back fast. Understood?” “Yes”, he replied. “Yes what?.” I asked. “Yes, sir.” Michael replied and then quickly ran off to the john. See? Repect is simple when you demand it.

I was thinking. If these boys agreed to come with me they would be mine, under contract, soley in my care and I would not only be their employer I would also be their mentor and guardian. They would live with me. I hadn’t had two boys in my bed in awhile and these two youngsters would be wonderful to train. The thought of having both of these boys fresh out of a midwest high school back in LA in my bed between my legs taking turns licking the shaft of my dick was stirring me up. I pictured them in the morning on their naked knees between my spread legs with their tongues hanging out. I would train their mouths to open wide for me and I would train their asses to do the same. I would put them on their knees on my bed just like they are now and fuck one and then the other. I would put them on their backs and slide my dick in Devon listening to him squeal and struggle as my dick carved a pathway for other men into his anal cavity. I would then take Michael, l put him in the same position, pin his ankles behind his ears and fuck the living daylights out of him These boys would learn how to love my dick in their ass is no time at all. My dick would be their training tool. They would be cutting their teeth….so to speak…. on my dick. Yes I would have a great time with these boys in LA.

I knew then and there they would be perfect for my stable of young men to be fucked in the ass in my films..

Michael came back and proceeded to get back in the same position. “Michael,” I said. “Let’s try you in a different position. Put your back up against the headboard and spread your legs wide. Bend you knees,” I said. The boy with the girlfriend obeyed me, sat at the head of the bed, bent his legs and gave Jojo and I a view that was better than the Grand Canyon. I asked Jojo to put a couple of pillows behind Michael’s back and head so I could see his face more. Michael, put your hands behind your head while you do this. “ The boy soon showed us his hairy arm pits and un trimed crothc hairs, Chicken just waiting for the rooster.

“Devon, you can get in the same position as well.” Devon scampered up to the headboard and was happy to sit up. “Both of you boys spread your legs wide, keep your knees bent and keep looking at me and smile while you get yourselves hard. Hands behind your heads. Make believe I am a camera. I want to see what your dicks look like hard.” I didn’t have to say another word. Their dicks were rock hard and at attention.

I kept them this way for another twenty minutes or so until they were good and hard. Both boys had nice dicks…..not too big and not too small. These were going to bottom in my films for sure. Their boy cunts were in need of training. I was picturing the camera angles already. Michael would be on all fours with a wide frame on his face while one of the seasoned guys plows a new home in his ass from behind. The look on his face with his eyes watering struggling to take the dick will be beautiful. His eyes will be pleading with me into the camera to make it stop……..but it wouldn’t until he learned how to cum….with a dick in his ass. Young Devon would be on his back, his pretty legs stretched high up and spread wide squealing in ectacy.

After a good long while I then asked Jojo and Michael to go into the living room. I wanted to speak with Devon alone for awhile. The boys looked puzzled again but when Jojo opened the door Michael took the hint and exited to the living room. Devon was still sitting upright on the bed as they closed the door. “Put your clothes on, son,” I said while I sat firmly in my seat. Devon put his clothes on quickly as I sat patiently.

“When you have them on I just want you to sit there till I am ready.” I looked at my phone checking my messages. I made a call to my office in LA. The boy continued to dress and then sat quietly until I was finished my call and he was spoken to again.

“Devon,” I said finally. “Yes, sir.” You know, son, I want to take you and Michael with me to LA.” Devon smiled, “You know what that means, son?” “Yes, yes, thank you, sir. I think I do, sir,” he said. “What does it mean, son?” I asked Devon. “ You are going to take us to LA and we will make money by doing your movies in California.” He said. “Yes, that’s right.” I said. “You are going to be under contract to me. I am going to teach you the ins and out of the industry and you and Michael will be my new trainees.” “I have big ideas for you.” “Thank you, sir,” Devon said, very appreciative. “You won’t be disappointed.” “I hope not.” I added.

As I sat in my chair I unbuckled my wide belt buckle. “Come over here, son,” I said. I think it’s about time for you to show me just how much this great opportunity means to you.” I watched his nineteen year old recently out of high school face and he suddenly turned bright red. He saw me gesture for him to come over and get comfortable on the floor between my legs as I spread them. This would be the first of many times Devon would be humming on his knees at end of my cock looking up gratefully with those pretty blue eyes of his making sure I was happy. The boy hesitated but this was actually a good sign. I don’t like boys who are whores right off the bat. I do like to seduce them…especially the young ones…in the beginning. I pulled down my zipper and pulled out my thick 10 incher. I could see the kid hesitate but then I saw him swallow hard. I could tell he was confused with the idea that he was being asked to wrap his sweet young nineteen year old tongue around an older, fifty two year old, man’s cock. After all I was old enough to be this boy’s father. He would soon be over that hump though and then some. He would have to be over that hump especially when I start to hump this tender young colt’s tight ass with my cock. This sweet young pup would soon be learning every square inch of my cock and memorizing every vein with his mouth lips and ass lips. I could tell his mouth was starting to salivate.

“Come on over here to me now, son. Don’t be shy.” Devon looked down and then obeyed me. He came over slowly. “Now get down on your knees for me son,” I said.

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