Who is Chris? – Part 2 – Chapter 6

This latest chapter from Marcus has been collecting dust for some time on my desk. I really was not sure about publishing it. I guess we are all biased about things we don’t understand or practice. Well, on this rainy day in Sydney I thought that story would be appropriate way to kill the time. So, I am publishing it even that I am not sure about it. What do you think? I am sure there are (quite many) people into similar stuff. Do they visit this site? I don’t really know. Those who visit and read it are welcome to leave comments. I am really curious to find out what is your opinion on this type of story

It was great feeling being in Chris’s arms as he was walking towards bedroom. I put my arms around his neck and was feeling protected by his strong grip. I always needed a man who is strong and protective. Maybe because I grew up in the orphanage before being adopted. My stepfather is a caring man but he never spent any time with me. He was only interested in how well I am doing in school. I was always a good student and he was happy with that.

Bedroom was dark. Chris put me down on the bed and turned light on. Bed was not assembled as yet so I was laying on the mattress on the floor. It was obvious that Chris just moved in. More boxes on the floor. Chris stood up after dropping me on the mattress. I spread my legs and was waiting for him to come down but he just stood there watching me. His cock was not fully erect but was dangling heavily as he moved. He was looking around as he was searching for something. I looked around the room. Window was covered by a heavy dark brown to purple curtain. Wardrobe was also dark brown to black in gothic style. I could see some sex toys on top of one of the boxes. And lots of leather clothes. It all had some dark and scary feeling. I moved to get up but Chris stopped me – “You stay on the bed” – he said with a voice that was leaving no space for an argument. I turned around on my stomach a bit disappointed that my willingly spread legs did not make any visible response from Chris. I was a bit uncomfortable but even more curious. Who is Chris? What does he want from me? He obviously could not find what he was looking for, walked towards the door and turned the light off – “Stay on that bed till I come back” he said and closed the door. Room was completely dark.

It is hard to say for how long I was laying on the bed in a dark room but it was very long. I started to feel anxious and nervous. Could not hear Chris. Could not see anything around me. I decided to get up and see what is happening. I was feeling like going home. I opened the door and did not know where to go. The corridor was long and narrow with very little lighting. All doors leading to it were closed. I could not remember where the lounge was where my clothes were. As I looked around, the door on the end of the corridor opened. “I told you not to leave the bed. You remember that?” The voice was somehow angry. Chris was standing dressed in a black leather pants and top. Outfit was very tight. I stood frozen. I did not know should I stay there or walk back to the bedroom. Chris started walking towards me without saying anything. He walked slowly. Finally he was in front of me. He took my hands into his and twisted them behind my back firmly and our bodies were touching.

“Don’t you trust me?… You look scared… What are you scared of? You must trust me in the future and when I tell you to do something you will do it. Will you?” – he whispered as his body was squeezing towards the wall.

“Chris… I did not mean… It was long time… Was not sure what is happening… Sorry…”

“From now on Marcus you will follow my instructions” – his knee was kicking my balls as he was saying it with very firm voice. His knee was pressing my balls and kicking them as he started kissing me and squeezing my arms behind my back very hard. I kind of liked this demonstration of force and control from my man. He was kissing me passionately pushing his tongue deep into my throat with my head pressed against the wall. I moaned. He pushed my head down towards his cock. I unzipped his leather pants. His cock was not fully erected. I licked it and realized it is pierced – big metal ring attached to the root of his foreskin. I have only seen pierced cock on photos till now. I took his cock in my mouth and was sucking it gently as it started growing. I could taste metal in my mouth – and I could feel that cold feel. Chris pushed it deep into my mouth and throat. The ring was hurting much less than I anticipated.

Marcus took his belt off his pants while I was sucking him. He pushed my arms behind my back and wrapped his belt around them. My arms were squeezed firmly and he secured the belt. I could not free my arms – I did try but it just was to tight. He then pulled me up and his lips were almost touching mine – “You like this” – it did not sound like a question but more as something conclusive that cannot be questioned. “Yes…” In all honesty I was feeling it is all a bit weird but I did like it in some strange way. He put his cock between my legs and I could feel his piercing ring rubbing against my hole. I spread my buns to let it in. The cock head went in and I moaned as his piercing ring penetrated. It was not sort of painful but very different to anything I experienced before. It was incredible sensation. He did not push any deeper. He kept his cock head in while kissing me and squeezing my balls with his hand – “You will have erection when I let you” he said. “You will get trained for that and will be fine. Understand? – “Yes Chris… Understand” I said while moaning from pleasure coming from my hole and pain coming from my balls.

Chris pulled back and took me back to the bedroom. It was strange walking with my arms tied up at my back. I felt helpless in that position but not scared. Chris stopped me in front of the bed and freed my arms. “It was not too bad. Was it” he asked with a smile. I just nodded in approval. “Lay down on your back and put your arms above your head”. I followed his instruction. It was exciting, and I started getting erection as I was laying on the bed. Chris put his belt around my arms, tied them and then tied it to a piece of wood behind the bed. I could not move much. It was not uncomfortable though. He took another belt from one of the boxes in the room and slapped my cock and balls with it. “Ouch!!!” I screamed. “You forgot what I have told you about having erection? Only when I allow that to happen!” he said and slapped my balls again. He repeated it several times despite me screaming and begging him to stop. However, I lost erection. I tried to look down to see my cock and balls but could not raise my head because of my arms being tied. “It really hurts… Chris…” I almost cried. “It will be fine once your brain knows it is the consequence of not following my instructions” He touched my balls gently and then spread my legs. I was reluctant to spread my legs fearing he will hit my balls again. – “Relax and do what I tell you…” – I let him spread my legs. He took lubricant bottle and pushed its nozzle in my hole and then squeezed it. Cold lubricant started penetrating my hole. Chris then started rubbing lubricant with his hand, pushed one finger in the hole and started stroking it. Soon he was pushing two fingers in and then three. I generally don’t enjoy being fingered but this time it was different – probably because Chris filled my hole with lubricant. His fingers got deeper and deeper and I had strange sensation of being incredibly opened down there. Not sure how exactly to explain that feeling. Three fingers turned to all five soon after. It became uncomfortable and I moaned – “Chris… please… I am not comfortable…”. He stopped pushing but did not pull his hand out for a while. When he pulled his hand I was feeling great relief.

Chris laid next to me, pushed his arm under my head, his cock was pressing my waist and he was gently rubbing my hole with his hand – “You need to trust me Marcus. It will make you relax your stomach muscles and you will enjoy it… Promise…” – he was sounding loving, caring and convincing.

“I really trust you Chris… but… need time…” – I was sounding apologetic and I really was feeling that way. I really wanted to please him as much as possible. It was enjoyable being tied on the bed and helpless but feeling somehow protected by my man, strong, confident, dominating… As we kissed my cock starting to get hard and Chris slapped it several times. It did not stop my erection growing so he slapped my balls and made me scream. It certainly worked. “I will spend some time training your little clitoris…” he said with a laugh. I laughed too despite a pain coming from my balls.

Chris reached for something from the box next to the bed. I could not see what it is. He took lubricant and pushed the nozzle in my hole and squeezed it. Cold gel started penetrating my hole again. My muscles contracted in response to the cold but then slowly relaxed. He gently rubbed lubricant in my hole with his fingers and I was completely relaxed. I was expecting that he will try to fist me again but was not as anxious as before. However, he took very long but not very thick dildo. I could see it as he held it while raising my legs. It was very long white flexible dildo. He put a lot of lubricant on it and then pushed it in my hole. It penetrated easily as it was not very thick. Chris was pushing it slowly with very short strokes. I moaned as it started getting deeper. It was hard to gauge how deep he pushed it in, but sensation was very pleasant. Till sudden pain. I moaned loud. He stopped and pulled little bit out. Chris reached for a pillow and pushed it under my lower back to raise my body. He took another pillow and pushed it under my back. Dildo started moving again and reached a point of pain. “Chris… it hurts…” I moaned. He pushed deeper and I felt very strong pain briefly. I could feel as dildo broke through something deep inside me. Like going through some narrow point. Pain did not go completely away but it was not sharp any more. “Move your legs to find comfortable position”. I think I already have. Chris started licking my nipples and slowly pushing dildo in. It just would not go any deeper. Then he started twisting it and I moaned very loudly. I could feel it penetrating more. I felt like it is above my belly button. Sensation was between mild pain and sort of tickling. I started breathing faster. I found comfortable position but my legs started getting tired and falling down. Chris rested one of my legs on his shoulder and held the other one in his hand. He then suddenly left the bed and bedroom. I tried to contract my stomach muscles in hope to push the dildo out but it only made me feel the pain without moving. I guessed it is too deep. I started feeling panic but Chris returned quickly. He grabbed my legs, raised my body and pushed something under it. It was some sort of plastic sheet. He also put something else on side of the bed but I could not see what. Chris leaned over me, kissed me gently and then started licking my nipples. I sort of got used to dildo deep inside me and enjoyed his tongue licking my nipples and tummy. Dildo started moving again with twisting but not just forwards. Christ started stroking it slowly. It started creating like a vacuum inside me. I started feeling sick and then I had huge urge to go to toilet. “Chris… Please… Must go… Please…” I screamed while trying to hold my breath and prevent stuff going down my hole. Chris then pulled dildo out quite rapidly. Before he pulled out completely he reached from something from side of the bed and put it between me and him. Then he pulled the dildo quickly. A lot of air came out after it and then Chris put something under my hole. The air was followed by liquid. I was so embarrassed as never before in my whole life. He rubbed my stomach and pressed it gently. “Calm down” he whispered. I was feeling embarrassed and relieved. My body felt empty. Chris cleaned my hole and turned me over to take plastic sheet away. I was on my stomach resting and hiding my face while he was rubbing my back and hole with a towel. I started crying. Chris was massaging my back and shoulders while I was crying and hiding my face.

Chris was on top of me and I could feel his cock pushing my balls. I slowly stopped crying. He was just gently pushing my balls with his cock and kissing my neck. “You are good boy Marcus. Your tummy is clean now and you can have my baby there soon” – Chris whispered on my ear. “Do you want my baby?” he asked. “Yes….” I whispered back. “Was I dirty?” I asked. “No… I just made sure it is all out… Simple procedure… You know I am a nurse…” he said while turning me around to lay on side. He was behind me holding me in his hands. “You are fine Marcus… I am taking good care of you. You like me taking care of you… don’t you?” – “I think I like it but… it was… a bit… gross”. I just could not resist trying to please Chris in any way. He held me firmly in his arms and his cock slowly started penetrating my body while he was gently massaging my stomach and kissing my neck. It was strange feeling but very pleasurable. He was stroking slowly and it took a while before he moaned while ejaculating in me. I was not sore but rather feeling a bit numb. He stayed inside me and continue gentle kissing and cuddling. Soon after he pulled out I fell asleep.

It was late morning when I woke up. Chris was already up and not in the bedroom. It was very dark as he had heavy curtains on the window. I stayed in bed thinking about last night. It was extraordinary night. I have never thought I will be submitted to something that happened last night. It was like weird. But I started coming to conclusion that I liked it. I touched my stomach thinking about Chris obsession of getting me pregnant. OK, I am very feminine but I am a boy or a man if you wish.



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