Nico Mamedia Thanks to Jason Oung Part II

Everyone’s Paying Attention to Nico Mamedia Thanks to Jason Oung Part II

Where Nico returns for a second part with Jason Oung as a photographer.

For the fashion edits build by Oung and wearing Malaysian designer Faridz Salleh. Nico is represented by Oxygen Models/GME Malaysia.

Wearing new designs by local designer Faridz salleh for the second test shoot with photographer Jason Oung in Kuala Lumpur.Nicholas-by-Jason-Oung-for-Fashionably-Male-Part-II-Edits1



Male Models wanted in Kuala Lumpur

There’s a lot of models calls wanted to get you to work at Kuala Lumpur, but let me tell you that is not easy working in Asia.

It takes a lot of work to break into this kind of modeling and land those high-paying male modeling jobs you have been dreaming of.

Like females who want to become swimsuit models, men who want to get into male fitness modeling, in particular, need to be willing to pay some serious dues before they can even think about landing jobs.



How to work as a male model in an Asia Market

First of all, you need to be comfortable in your masculinity.

Male modeling covers a wide range of fashion and photographic styles and some of the most well-known male models have worn things they would not normally have worn out in public.

But rather than get embarrassed and blow off the whole male modeling business, they stuck it out and completed their modeling jobs with a great attitude that made it all seem natural.

Next, you need to know what it takes to get noticed by a male modeling agency.

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There are thousands of good-looking guys with perfect bodies out there looking to get the right modeling agency’s attention, and you’ll just be another face in the crowd if you just walk in with a modeling portfolio and nothing else.

Consider taking bit parts as a walk-on actor or in community theater to raise your visibility and add to your credit list.

Male modeling jobs are not easy to come by and you need to have an edge when working in this industry; acting is just one way to do it.

For GME Malaysia an agency who’s always looking for the best faces and bodies is located at Kuala Lumpur and got the best faces in town.

Male modeling is no walk in the park, either. Be prepared to work long nights and even longer days, taking what seems like the same photograph every time.



Oh Dear Nico

If you read this lines, we wish you all the best and good lucks, cause now that you’re posted here with us, everyone is looking at you.

He was very lucky to be chosen by one of the greatest agencies in Malaysia it’s a great deal.

Also working with Jason it must be enthralling, working with a true professional photographer, being directed by his commands and Nico did a very good job too.

You can see the firs part of this material here:


Photographer: Jason Oung
IG: @jasonoungphotography
FB: JasonOungPhotography

Model: Nicholas Mamedia
Agency: Oxygen Models / GME Malaysia
IG: @nicomamedia

Designer: Faridz Salleh
IG: @faridz_salleh

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Make Up Artist: Pat kah hoo
IG: @Kahoo57


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