‘Golden Boy’ Jordie Caskey: By Gabe Ayala PnV Exclusive Photo Feature

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

29 Candles…and the fire is just getting started!!!   

Today (September 8) is gorgeous Jordie Caskey’s birthday and we’re celebrating with an exclusive new shoot, “Golden Boy”, by LA-based photographer Gabe Ayala.  

Blue-eyed brunette Jordie has been a long-time fan favorite. A native of rural, Northern Louisiana, Jordie’s All-American good looks include impeccable skin and a slim, sexy body that brings sizzle to any shoot.   

Gabe explained what makes Jordie special, “He has a really great and open spirit. He contributes to the process with his own ideas. He’s also got killer eyes and a great jawline.” Gabe added, “He’s just a cool dude!”

Jordie and Gabe first collaborated in 2013 for the magazine, Type/Face.   “Working with Gabe is always fun,” Jordie commented.   He recalled that in the magazine, he appeared on both the cover and another editorial in the same issue.  




Jordie and Gabe

‘We’ve worked together on several occasions, so I was excited to shoot with him for the first time since 2015.” A tropical and summery concept was the objective for “Golden Boy.” According to Jordie, “we wanted it to look humid and sultry with the plants and bright colors.”   

Jordie and Gabe worked together on the styling, and paired the clothes with some of Jordie’s personal jewelry. “I’m very happy with how the images turned out, but it’s no surprise because Gabe and I always make a good team.”

In the meantime, Jordie has a birthday to celebrate, and shared his sentiments about one final lap around the 20’s:

“I’m excited to be turning 29 for many reasons! As this birthday was approaching, I thought about how this would be my last year in my twenties and how I could never go back. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I was graduating high school…knowing that I could never go back and my life would change forever.”

Jordie continued, “I’m so looking forward to living this next year fully and enjoying every moment. I’m also extremely excited for what the future has in store for me and how my next chapters will read! I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me over these last several years. I’m truly so grateful, and you make what I do so much fun. Much love!”




Be sure to catch our recent interview with Jordie:   https://fashionablymale.net/2018/08/08/sweet-southern-charmer-the-return-of-jordie-caskey-images-by-adam-washington/

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Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2018/09/08/golden-boy-jordie-caskey-by-gabe-ayala-pnv-exclusive/

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