Intimate hygiene, health and sex – Discussion – Mk 2

The Vice article is a good one from a medical perspective however I feel it really does not touch on the actual realities that are associated with anal sex that requires that a bottom feels Confident that he is Clean.


Earlier on in the Summer, there was an article in Vice Magazine which argued that there is a misconception that a bottom guy needed to douche before anal sex. The experts consulted for this article state that based on certain medical facts, douching was unnecessary to engage in regular anal sex. You can read the full article here.


It is great hearing expert medical opinion on the subject, I however felt that those who have anal sex at the heart of their active sex life would beg to differ when they take into consideration the broader realities associated with anal sex where a deep sense of confidence in one’s cleanliness is required. I share I share just for of those realities here:

Tightness Does Not Equal Fun for A Beginner

For the receptive partner, anal sex can at times be an anxiety ridden exercise. He can be very much eager to be fucked but finds himself too tight, unable to relax and the whole thing is a painful exercise.

Often, one of the reasons often why a guy cannot relax is because he is anxious that faecal matter will make its way down his intestinal system during sex to cause a mess. He is tense about this, focussed on not letting anything come down. He clenches and creates a tight environment for the entering penis. This causes undue friction and eventually the whole process becomes uncomfortable and painful.

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However if he feels CONFIDENT that he is Completely CLEAN, that his bowels are empty and that NOTHING can come down.

A Mess Is A Mood Killer

Any top worth his salt knows that anal sex at times can get messy. It comes with the territory. A good top accepts that and does not make an issue when there is ‘an accident’ of brown stains or a whiff of smell. For the bottom however this can be extremely embarrassing. So most are meticulous about getting themselves clean before sex and during sex they are constantly asking, checking to see if ‘It is Clean’. They are not able to fully relax. When there is a mess, it kills the mood. There is often profuse apologies as both take a break and scramble to clean up.

The horny sex mood is broken and after clean up, it takes a little while to regain momentum. Once you have it again, it can be broken again, if there is a mess.

Thus being CLEAN and feeling Confidently CLEAN is at the heart of gay sex. Thus the efforts to ensure that on is clean before the act is crucial.

Long Sessions

The Vice article states that standard regular sex does not require one to douche or anything. However what the experts don’t take into account is that gay men often enjoy long sessions of anal intercourse that may stretch over many hours. In those circumstances, it is vital that the receptive partner’s lower bowels are completely empty before play begins in order to avoid mess that may come over time as natural movements of the bowels occur.

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Thus being Confident that you are empty and Clean is essential.


Assplay, Fisting & Big Toys

The Vice article states that the average penis does not go far enough into a one’s lower bowels to disturb any faecal matter. Once again however those experts are not taking into consideration that some gay men engage in more intense penetration with Fisting and Big Toys where penetration does indeed go far deeper.

Once again, being Confidently Clean far into the bowels is a requirement.

In Conclusion

The Vice article is a good one from a medical perspective however I feel it really does not touch on the actual realities that are associated with anal sex that requires that a bottom feels Confident that he is Clean.

The CLEAN Confidence Range of ConfidentU is very much aware of this looks to cater to the actual needs that gay men have for sex when it comes to cleanliness whilst doing it in a way that focuses as much as possible on overall well-being.



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