Who is Chris? – Part 1 – Chapter 5

Kinky encounter

Chris called on Monday morning to say he is working afternoons this week. Meaning he will be finishing his shift at 11 pm. He wanted to know if I would be able to meet him either in mornings or late evenings. I could not meet in the mornings because my classes at university that I did not want to miss. He moved to a new place and was living on his own. We agreed to talk later during day and to see if we can meet tonight or some other night this week. I did not want to make commitment straight away.

My classes were over by half past four that afternoon and I was expecting call from Chris, but it did not happen. I went home and was reluctant to call him. Being an escort makes you feel reluctant to initiate contact with other guys. Many people believe that escorts are enjoying a lot of sex and not interested in relationship. I certainly get a lot of sex, but it is somehow empty and unfulfilled sex. I am not sure I can explain it. Well, just say it is more work and much less pleasure.

I decided not to call first despite an urge to make that call. Takeaway dinner was almost finished when my phone rung. I grabbed it immediately. It was Chris!

“Hey Marcus, how are you babe?”

“I am fine. Just finished my dinner… How are you?”

“Horny as hell… You keen to meet tonight at my place?”

“You are not tired after work?”

“Nah. It takes me longer to cum when I am tired. I had quiet shift and will be fine. And, I am horny when thinking of you.”

“I was thinking of you too.”


“Yes, I will come. What time will you be at home?”

“Will be there around 11:30 pm” – he said and gave me his address.

“Oh, by the way, how do you clean your pussy?”

“I douche but not every time. Why?”

“How do you douche?”

“I have nozzle that I attach to shower head and… you know…”

“Great. Bring it with you. Hope my shower head is suitable for that”

“I am clean, but I can douche here before coming”

“Just do what I asked you. OK?”

“OK Chris. I will bring it with me”

I had more than one hour before leaving. Chris is in Darlinghurst – very gay area of Sydney. I could even walk there from the Central Station – some twenty minutes of walk. I was not sure what bus would take me there. I jumped in the shower before leaving. Normally I don’t wear underwear, but I decided to wear it this time. Did not want to appear too slutty to Chris. Obviously, I was keen to leave good impression on him. Seeing him for the second time was almost like dating. I have not been dating for long time. Possibly never. I packed lubricant and condoms in my bag together with the nozzle for showerhead for douching. It was weird that he wanted me to douche at his place, but I did not have problem with that. I had classes early tomorrow morning and packed stuff I needed for that. I guessed I will stay at Chris’s place all night and get to the university from there.

Train was almost deserted on the way to Central Station. I hopped out and started walking instead of looking for bus to take me to Darlinghurst. It was pleasant evening for walk. Finding Chris’s place was not hard at all. It was a townhouse, typical for this part of the town. It was almost midnight when I arrived and Chris should be already at home. Bell did not seem to work so I knocked on the door several times. Chris came out to greet me. He was wearing leather trousers and nothing on the top. I did not expect him to be dressed like that. He pulled me in and locked the door. He took me through long corridor to the lounge. Some half-unpacked boxes were on the floor. I noticed some ropes, belts and chains in one of the boxes.

“Make yourself comfortable Marcus. What would you like to drink?

“Coke or water would be great. Thanks”

I had a good look at the box while Chris was in kitchen. He brought me a Coke and wine for himself.

“You are interested in stuff in the box… Well, I am into some hot stuff but nothing drastic. I think you will like it too… You are definitely submissive… True?”

“Well… I never try much except vanilla sex… Don’t know…”

“But you are curious?”

“Yeah… Don’t know really… Like strong guys who sort of dominate but…”

“I noticed you like being controlled in bed. I like it. I like quite few things about you Marcus. You look like you are fifteen only. Gentle and feminine but not over the top. Submissive is part of your femininity and a bit more. We will play step by step…” he said and made himself comfortable in an armchair opposite sofa where I was. He was sipping his wine and looking at me

I must admit that I was surprised (if not disappointed) with the way he greeted me to his place. No kissing or hugging. However, I was very keen to find more about Chris and stuff he likes. I liked his appearance, confidence and openness. Chris stood up from his chair and walked towards me. He got very close, his knees were touching sofa and he was looking down at me. He was rubbing his cock through his leather pants and looking in my eyes. I figured that he wants his cock sucked. I carefully undone buttons and pulled out his cock – it was not fully erected but was sort of hard. I started licking it and then took it in my mouth. He held my head as I was sucking his cock. His erection came very quickly and I was chocking but continue sucking. At that stage it started feeling as I am with a client. I just could not feel any connection with Chris and started thinking it will be very long night or I might find excuse to leave but not straight away.

Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it. He leaned over and kissed me gently and then slumped next to me on the sofa. He was holding me firm and close to his body and we were kissing while he was rubbing my cock and balls and pushing his finger towards my hole before I could undress. I started feeling warm and horny. That is more like what I expected on my first date with Chris. It started feeling like a romance. He was holding me firm but gentle.

“Are you ready for some fun?”


“Shower first… Did you get your nozzle for douching?”

“Yes, it is in my bag”

“Get it out and let’s go to the bathroom”

“You are not going to? I mean… I can do it quickly myself…”

“What is the problem Marcus? We slept together already…Nothing to hide”

“But… it is different…”

“Just do it Marcus. I am medical professional. Know how it works.”

I took my bag and pulled nozzle out of it. Chris took the nozzle of me and we walked to bathroom. Bathroom was spacy with a shower and bathtub separate. Toilet was in the corner and washing machine in the middle with dryer next to it. Some old buildings have big bathrooms. Chris quickly check if nozzle fits to the showerheads in bathtub and shower. It was fitting to the shower one but not the one in the bathtub. I was just standing and feeling uncomfortable. He fitted the nozzle to the showerhead in the shower and turned to me. Took me close to him and we kissed for a while as he slowly undressed me.

“Hey, you are wearing underwear tonight. How come? You were not wearing them when we met first time” he said and pushed my briefs down. His kisses and cuddles as we were standing helped with getting a bit relaxed.

“Time to get your pussy cleaned boy. I prefer doing it in a bathtub, but your nozzle won’t fit there. Shower will be fine. I will fix the one in the bathtub as soon as possible”

He adjusted water in the shower and we went in together. I love kissing under shower. It is very romantic and make me horny. We soaped each other and kissed and cuddled. Chris pulled my foreskin back and soaped my hard cock.

“Your boy clitoris is hard” he said and slapped my cock several times. “We will have to get some control over it” he said before starting to soap my hole and finger it. I enjoyed it.

We kissed under shower for a while before Chris closed the water and we walked out of the shower. Chris pushed me down and I was about to start sucking his cock, but he made me go on my knees and elbows like in a doggy style.

“You just stay down” he said and started taking shower head off and attaching the nozzle to the hose.

“Chris… I prefer doing it in privacy… I had a lunch and dinner today since I … you know what I am talking about… It is not clean right now…”

“You just stay as you are and relax. I will take care of it all and you have nothing to worry. I won’t see anything I have not seen before. You will like it…” – he adjusted water to make it warm. Next thing I could feel nozzle rubbing my hole and then gently penetrating. I was feeling extremely embarrassed by this. “Please Chris… let me do it myself…” He slapped my buns several times and then took my balls in his hand and squeezed them gently. Water started flowing in my hole. He knew how to do it – just enough water to fill bottom side. I was holding water inside not knowing where to discharge it.

“Discharge in the toilet bowl” – Chris said after slapping my buns

I got up and went on the toilet. I discharged and felt very embarrassed by the sound of content flowing in the toilet. I looked to the ground and felt humiliated. He made me get up before dripping from my hole was finished and looked in the toilet bowl. “Need to repeat it couple of times more. Get back on the floor”. I followed his instructions without saying anything. Chris rubbed my hole with the douching nozzle and then pushed it inside and opened the water. This time he allowed more water in and I could feel a bit of a pressure building inside. When he stopped I quickly jumped on the toilet bowl and discharged. It splashed with more noise but somehow, I felt a bit less embarrassed. Chris pulled me up from the toilet bowl and checked. “You need more of this…”. I went down on the floor and was ready for more douching. I started feeling like I enjoy this man playing with my body. Nozzle went deeper inside me. Much deeper. Chris opened the water and my body started filling with the warm liquid. Pressure became unpleasant. “Chris please stop” I moaned. He stopped the water and I rushed towards toilet as it was very hard to hold. I started discharging before I touched the toilet bowl and moaned in relief. My stomach was rumbling, and discharge took longer time. Chris let me stay on toilet longer. Water was dripping from my hole but I had a feeling that I am still full. Chris checked toilet after I got up. I did not want to look at it. He flushed the toilet and said – “We are almost done” and kissed me. I went down on the floor and nozzle was in my hole immediately. This time it was not as much water as before. I got up and discharged. It was clean. I thought this is over, but Chris told me to lay down on my back in the bathtub. Hose could not reach that far so I was told to get out of the bathtub and bend over. “Hold it” Chris said after he closed the water and directed me to lay down on my back in the bathtub again. I struggled to hold water inside my hole. He spread my legs and raised them up – “Discharge now” he ordered and I obeyed. It seems that I was completely controlled by him despite feeling humiliated. “Push” he said as water started spraying from my hole. Then it just dripped. “Hold your legs up” he said and grabbed towel and started drying my hole. His cock was fully erected now. I enjoyed my man standing in front and displaying his manhood. I licked and sucked his cock and then he took me in his arms and walked to bedroom.



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