Back to Work – Delivery Boys – Chapter 4

Friday afternoon I went back to work at Delivery Boys after more than a week of absence. I was feeling quite relaxed despite what happened after my first overnight arrangement. The fact that I have not collected money from the manager for that arrangement made me even more keen to get there. Fridays and Saturdays are always busy, but I was prepared. I douched just before leaving home. I prefer doing it at home rather than in the agency. I am starting at 5 pm and expect to have couple of quiet hours before it gets busy.

I entered the building and started walking upstairs and someone followed me. I turned around and saw a guy in his fifties walking upstairs just behind me. I said a quick “Hello” and he responded as we were waiting for someone to open the door after I pressed the bell. One of boys opened the door and I let the guy standing next to me enter first. He must be a customer. I walked to boys lounge room quickly so that client feels more comfortable. In Delivery Boys everything is done to prevent two clients meeting in corridors and also prefer if clients don’t see boys before we are sent to present ourselves. Well, this could not be avoided.

Other three guys were already in the lounge when I arrived. We greeted each other quickly and I put my bag away and went to make myself a coup of a coffee. I am still new here and have not formed any close friendship with other guys, so I brought some of my textbook for university with me to study while waiting to be picked. However, only few minutes after my arrival the manager came in the lounge. “Good. I have two tops and two bottoms available” he said more talking to himself than to us. “Guys we have a client who used to be regular before but I have not seen him for probably a year or so. He will require one top and one bottom boy. You all fine with doing doubles? The top will fuck the bottom so if any of you guys don’t want to have a sex with your co-worker let me know now. That is what he was requesting before when he was a regular. It would be great to get him to start coming regularly again” All four of us agreed with the arrangement. Tops went to the room first one by one and then two of us who are bottoms went one by one. I looked at two top guys while we were waiting to be called. It was a bit uncomfortable to know one of them will get so intimate with me but I did not mind it really. At least they both are close to my age. And we are all professionals in this. Manager opened the door and called me and Johnathan to go and take customer to the room. “Room with the sling boys” he said and closed the door. Johnathan and I looked at each other and he smiled at me. We collected towels, massage oils and went to meet the client and then took him to the room with the sling. Normally escort leaves the room after he takes client in and let him have a shower and then comes back in 4-5 minutes. This time the client told us to stay in the room. “You are obviously the bottom one” he said to me. “Do you have white socks to wear? I like bottom wearing white socks”. I did not have any socks at all. I went out and was lucky that one of other two boys had socks – short white socks. I put socks on and went back to the room. The client was in a shower and Johnathan was waiting. When client came out of the shower told us to have a shower together while he is watching us. It was weird and both of us were feeling uncomfortable. Johnathan looked like in a bit of a panic. We went under the shower but both did not really know what to do. We were told to kiss under shower and then I was told to suck Johnathan’s cock. He did not have erection and it was probably because it was all unusual situation. His cock was cut, not very thick but was pretty long and his balls were quite big. After couple of minutes of sucking his cock started getting stiffer. We both relaxed a bit. We were then told to get out of the shower. Client was stroking his cock that was not fully erected yet as we had a shower and then rubbing each other with towels to dry. All three of us moved to the room. Johnathan and I were heading towards the sling but client told us to lay on the bed and to start “making love”. “Just make love to each other. The same as when you are in bed with your boyfriend” he said.

It seems that I was the first to break the ice and start playing with Johnathan’s cock as he was laying on the bed. I licked his balls and cock, then moved up and licked his stomach and his nipples before moving to his neck. Very quietly I whispered on his ear – “You have big cock John, hope you will be gentle with me”. That relaxed him and he started kissing me and then whispered – “You have great body. I will be gentle. Hopefully he will be happy”. We kissed and cuddled and Johnathan got me on side and was rubbing his cock against my hole and balls from behind. In all honesty I completely forgot about this being our play for a client and started enjoying it. Johnathan stroked my cock and played with my foreskin while pushing his cock against my hole. He reached for condom and I reached for lubricant. Our client was standing next to the bed and stroking his cock without having to say much as Johnathan and I played very well. Johnathan placed me on my stomach, took lubricant from me and spread my legs and started lubricating and fingering my hole. It was feeling really good. He opened the condom and rolled it over his cock and then lubricated it. He laid on top of me rubbing his body against my back with his cock gently pushing my hole. “I will be very gentle Marcus” – he whispered and I could feel his cock-head opening my hole and gently pushing in. His cock felt great and he slowly pushed it to the end and his balls were touching mine as he stroked gently first but then faster. He turned me around and took my legs in his hands and spread them before pushing himself inside me again. I moaned and we kissed. He was more aggressive now and his strokes made me feel great. Wow, I could not imagine this happening. Jonathan stroked my cock faster and faster as he fucked me and I did not lose erection this time. He was first to cum but continued stroking till I cum with a lot of moaning. He pulled his cock out and slumped next to me. I took tissues and cleaned my chest and stomach from cum and then took condom off Jonatan’s cock. He cum a lot. It was very thick and white and had a good smell. Before I finished with disposing the condom, client took my hand and took me to the sling on the other side of the room. I knew it will be hard time for me. No matter how gentle Jonatan was, my hole was a bit sore and I would need at least an hour to recover. However, there was no time for recovery. Client raised me and I was in sling very quickly. He called Jonatan to come and watch. Before that Jonatan was told to put condom on client’s cock and to lubricate my hole. He put a lot of lubricant on my hole and I was so grateful. Client spanked my hole and balls with his cock several times and then brutally penetrated me. I moaned loudly but he continue pounding me. Being in sling, I could not control his movement at all. I just closed my eyes, moaned and hoped it will not last too long. Client took his time but his moaning became louder and louder and then he cum while pounding me brutally. He pulled his cock out, rolled condom off it and went to shower without saying a word. Jonatan helped me get off the sling. He kissed my shoulder gently and say “You will be fine”. We dressed and took sheets off the bed while client was in shower. He came out and started dressing. When he was dressed, he tipped both of us. Jonathan got $100 tip and I got $200. We made sure the client can walk out of the room without running into anyone else and escorted him to the door. I could still feel pain inside me and went to bathroom. I knew that continuing tonight would not be good thing to do. I am fine with having two clients in one shift but tonight it was different. Manager understood me and let me go early.

On my way home I was thinking about what happened tonight. Jonathan was really great. However, I was really thinking about Chris. We exchanged numerous messages since our little adventure in the sauna. I told him that I am working this weekend and we agree to try to arrange to meet on Monday or Tuesday.


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