Delivery Boys – Chapter 3 – What a Wonderful Day!

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I must admit that I worried greatly since my last visit to the Sexual Health Clinic. What would be results of my test? Finally, Tuesday arrived and I went to the clinic early. I was there so early and there was no que to wait. I was called to see the doctor lectured me about safe sex before telling me that all tests were fine. I asked how long before I can have sex and he said that I would be fine from now on. What a wonderful day!

I was incredibly relieved and happy after I walked from the Clinic. Finally I can enjoy spending my hard earned money. Decided to stay in the city instead of going to university. It is time to celebrate and enjoy. First I called the manager of Delivery Boys and told him that I will be back at the end of the week. I did not tell him the real reason for my absence last Weekend. For him I just had some stomach problems and was not quite fine to perform and he was happy with that.

I enjoyed my day to the full. Coffee and breakfast first, followed by some shopping and then went to have a nice lunch at Circular Quay – something I could not afford before. I really enjoyed the day and after going through my shopping bags after lunch I headed to train station.

“Hello! How are you?” I heard as I was walking down the street. I looked up and there was the nurse from the Clinic in front of me, smiling. I said “Hello” and he asked me about test results. It was all good I said. I told him how happy I am about the whole thing and asked him if he would like to have a coffee or drink to celebrate it together. He accepted my invitation and we had to walk a bit away to a café that has smoking area as he is smoker and I don’t mind having cigarette sometimes with a coffee or drink.


His name is Chris and he started working at Sexual Health Clinic just recently. He is taller than me with slim but strong built. I bet he goes to gym regularly. I told him that I am a student and work in a café in Newtown as a part time waiter. I found him very attractive and sexy and I think he was certainly interested in me as he scanned my body with his eyes.

“You have been a naughty boy” he said with a smirk on his face. “What happened?” he was very curious and looked straight in my eyes as firing questions at me.

“Yeah, I had a bit of fun that I should not” – I said while looking down to my cup of coffee on the table. I mean, what could I tell him. We are total strangers to each other.

“You were there for more than just a test as I could see you have visited two specialists that day. I guess your test results were fine as you seem quite happy and relaxed?”

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“Yes, I am very happy and relieved as everything turned to be fine. I am usually not naughty, but it happened…”

“Hope your boyfriend did not hurt you too badly”


“Oh, it was not my boyfriend…” I started feeling uncomfortable with all these questions. Sure, he was gay considering all these questions but still…

“So, you are single I guess. All good. I am asking too many questions?”

“No. Well… it was not boyfriend and I was hurt but it is all over now and I want to sort of forget about it…”

“Sure. I will stop asking questions about that. I am single too. Let me guess – you are pure bottom?”

“Yeah, I am…”

“Good match. I am top only. A bit dominant but not into rough stuff… Would not ever hurt you as you are so cute and somehow fragile…” He touched my knee with his under the table and was rubbing it against mine. Then his hand went under the table and he touched his crotch as adjusting his cock that just got hard…

“I like guys who are, you know, like a man…You know what I mean…”

“I am sure I know what you mean. Where do you live?”

“Newtown. With two flatmates. You?

“I am in Darlinghurst but currently have a visitor. Otherwise, I live alone. Are your flatmates gay and know you are gay?

“One is gay and the other one is Bi – I think. They know but I have never brought anyone to my room…”

“I really like you… We seem to be compatible… And we are both single… Some fun would be nice. And, who knows…. Might work out for something longer… If we both are interested, of course”


“Yeah. You are so straight acting, and I like it… I never had a boyfriend… I mean proper relationship… I would like it but… it has not happened… yet…”

His knee was rubbing against my leg and he took my hand in his and looked straight in my eyes as we made a pause in our conversation. I was feeling the urge to jump in bed with him, but I also had some warm feeling about this turning into something more than just a quickie.

“Bummer, where can we go? If you are willing, of course?”

I paused a bit and then suggested – “Maybe to 357 sauna…? It is not far from here…”

“I usually bring guys to my place… Have not been to sauna for ages. Is 357 good place? I have only been to one in Taylor Square as it is close to my place…”

“It is cool. And clean…”

“I’ll take your word. Bet you are there often” he smiled

“I used to but not lately…”

We finished our coffees in a hurry and it took me a while to accept that I pay the bill. The 357 is just ten minutes’ walk from café and we both were keen to get there quickly. We walked upstairs, paid our entry fees and rushed to the locker room. It was mid afternoon and quiet. We undressed quickly and went to the showers. We looked at each other as towels went off before entering showers. Oh, he is quite a man. His uncut cock was quite thick as it was dangling. Nothing that I have not see before. But… He had a cock-ring and a piercing between his cock and his balls. His chest was like in a swimmer and moderately hairy. He noticed that my eyes caught his cock-ring and piercing


“Yeah… It is not going to hurt you…” he said and stepped under shower. I stepped under my shower and turned away from him showing my buns.

We walked upstairs and I suggested to go to the highest level. We picked a cubicle with a wide mattress. He pulled me towards him as soon as we locked the door and pushed my towel on floor. He is so good kisser I was thinking as his tongue was exploring my mouth deep and passionate. I could feel his cock getting hard as he held me close to his body as he was holding my buns and gently touching my hole with his finger. Then he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. His towel was showing big bulge under it. I pulled his towel down and large stiff cock was right in front of my face. I started licking it and balls and then he pushed it in my mouth gently but firmly. I let it slide deep in my mouth and down my throat till I started chocking. He was stroking it gently in my mouth for a while before pulling it out and taking me on the mattress. My cock was rock hard and precum was all over it. He had a good look at my cock, rubbed my balls and then slapped them. It was painful and I moaned. He slapped them again.


“I like your cock. Pretty thin… I prefer when it is not erected though…” he said and slapped my cock-head with his finger several times. “You are not in too much pain?” he asked and continued slapping my cock-head and balls. I moaned every time he did it. “It is painful… but… I like it…” – I managed to say between moaning. My cock started to slump. It was semi-erected. He squeezed my balls as he got me to lean on top of him in sixty-nine position. I was sucking his cock as he was licking and fingering my hole and squeezing my balls. “I lose erection when guy penetrates” – I said realising that he wants my cock to slump completely. He raised up and I was on my stomach and he was leaning over me with his cock rubbing my hole. We turned on side with him behind me and his cock between my legs. “I know you are clean. Would you trust me? I was tested two weeks ago and was negative…You don’t have to…Maybe… “ – he was whispering on my ear while kissing my neck and shoulder. “I trust you” – I whispered back. I really wanted to feel this stud inside my body with nothing between us. He kissed me passionately and then reached for lubricant and slapped it over my hole while massaging and fingering it. He could not penetrate me from side. I was just too tense and could not take it in that position. He put me on my back and my legs willingly spread as he leaned over me and his cock and balls were touching my stomach. We kissed madly as he placed his cock on my hole, rubbed it shortly and then I could feel his cock-head pushing its way in. It was certainly making its presence feel strongly. He pushed in slow strokes getting deeper and deeper as I moaned in total pleasure. My body was relaxed and willingly wrapped around his cock as hi pushed deeper till his balls touched my buns. Then he stopped and we kissed long and passionate. His strokes became longer and stronger and we both moaned. Number of times he pulled out completely just briefly before pushing back in. My hole was wide open and these moves were incredibly pleasurable. He fucked me from side after that then he placed me on my stomach and then I was on top of his cock. My cock was wet from precum and dangling as I was enjoying his cock. He regularly took my cock and balls in his hand and squeezed it – I guess to make sure I am not erected. Finally we stood up and leaned against the wall while he fucked me from behind. “I am cumming” – I said while moaning and my sperm started spraying over the wall from my now semi-erected cock. He continued briefly before his strokes became very strong and his moaning louder. His juice was filling my body. He stopped and pulled his cock out and his sperm started dripping from my hole on the floor. He turned me around and we kissed gently.

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It was late afternoon when we walked out of the sauna. He kissed me briefly before we went through the door.

“I would love to meet you again” he said. “You are hot”

“You are real man. I like you…”

We exchanged our phone numbers and walked down the street till he had to turn left and I continued towards the train station.

It was simply wonderful day


To be continued

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