My first overnight arrangement in Delivery Boys

Delivery Boys was very popular gay escort agency in Sydney. Overnight arrangement is rare arrangement that guarantee good payment for an escort. However, it means a hard work – depending on client, of course.

I was a bit tired when I arrived to the agency for my second day on duty. It was Thursday and I had classes till 2 pm before having a quick lunch and getting to the agency. Thursdays evenings are usually busier than Mondays and five of us were on standby in the lounge. That meant more competition, but I was feeling confident after my first day success. I really needed to score this evening and make some money for new running shoes. Three clients came between four and six but none of them picked me up.

I sort of started questioning how wise it was to leave job in the café and start this. Chatting with other escorts was useful though and I learned that fingering client while he is fucking you might get him to cum quicker. Also extending sucking session to get him close before he starts fucking… Guys also told me that is quite rare that any escort get two clients in one shift. Just before seven manager came to the lounge and called me in the office. I was sort of worried as we walked towards his office that is also reception room because no new client arrived. What is this about?


The news – I have an overnight call for you Marcus…

“I have overnight out-call for you Marcus. Taxi will take you to Hilton Hotel in the City to meet a client. Here are details about his room etc. We charge these calls as an eight hours assignment. You are expected to be in his room at nine. It is up to you if you stay longer than eight hours if it is too early for you to leave hotel. The client is paying with his credit card. You will process his credit card for the full amount for the service and I will pay you your share in cash tomorrow. Your share for this is $1,000. You can get ready now and wait for the taxi to pick you up. Any questions?”

“No… Actually… How do I charge his credit card? Do I need to take towels and massaging oil?”

“I will provide you with everything you need to process credit card – it is the same as paying with your card in shops. Don’t take towels but take oil for massage, condoms and lubricant.”

“Ok, I will be ready”

One thousand bucks man! Guys in the lounge were stunned as overnight calls are very rare. And I got it on my second day here. Only a day after my photo and details were posted on the Internet page. Guys were quite jealous. One of them suggested that I should douche before leaving. I thought it is a good idea and went to the showers where we had everything we need for douching. I was very excited. Taxi arrived at quarter past eight and took me to the hotel. Driver wanted to know if I need him to pick me up in the morning. I did not think it is necessary.

Room 816

“Good Evening. I need to see guest from room 816. My name is Marcus” – I tried to sound confident at the reception. Receptionist called room and showed me to the lift. Room was at the end of the corridor on eight floor. I knocked and door opened almost immediately. He was tall, with only towel around his waist, athletic body, moderately hairy chest, around 40 years old.

“Come in” – he said and pulled me in the room. TV was on in the lounge and bedroom door was opened. “You are slim as on that photo. Take a seat” – he spoke with an accent – probably Italian. “What would you like to drink?” – he opened bar fridge and took a bottle of wine.

“Water please”

“Why not sharing wine with me? – Come on. Relax…”

“I don’t want to upset my stomach… Water would be great”

“No problems. Here is some mineral water for you”

“May I process your card Sir before we start?”

“Sure” – he handed me over his credit card and I quickly processed it. “How much of that sum goes to you? – he was very direct. “$1,000 Sir”

“You can pop in the shower now” – he said while pouring wine in his glass

I quickly moved to the shower attached to very big room. It was very nice. I wrapped towel around my body after shower and went to the lounge room.

“No need for the towel. Take it down and show me your body”

I dropped the towel off and stood there while he was examining my body with his eyes. I took long time and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. He got up and pull a camera out of the bag, unpacked it and was focusing on me.


“I am not sure I want to do photos Sir… My manager did not say anything about photos being taken”

“OK. Sit down and let’s have a little chat. I did not tell your manager anything about photos. That is between you and me. I don’t share photos of this type in public domain. It is just for my personal use. We can negotiate that – just between you and me. What do you say?”

“If you promise not to publish them then it is OK Sir. Will you take photo of my face and whole body or…?”

“Face and body of course. Don’t like headless photos. I offer $200 extra if you agree. OK?”

Extra for photos – sure

“OK” – I said after thinking shortly. I mean, he is a stranger so what are chances that someone I know will see photos. He pulled $200 and placed them on the table, then grabbed camera and started taking photos of my naked body and directing me what to do to pose for them. I started feeling like a photo model. Who knows? I don’t know what this guy does for living.

Camera looked very expensive and professional and maybe he is a professional photographer… He placed camera on the table and undressed completely. Cut cock with trimmed pubic hair. “Start licking it” – he stood, and camera was in his hands again. I started licking his cock and balls and following his instructions while he was taking photos. He moved to armchair and I followed. His cock started getting hard. Then he ordered me to take a seat in the armchair and started licking my cock. I got erection very quickly.

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He took camera and photographed my cock in close-up. “Long foreskin on smallish cock” – he commented. He finished taking photos and went on sofa. “Come here. I have few more things to tell you about our arrangement for tonight”. I moved to sofa to join him. He put his hand around my shoulder and had a couple of sips of wine

Client has a friend…

“I have a friend. He is in this hotel on different floor. We sometimes play together when we travel. He will be joining us around eleven”

“I was not told there will be two guys…”

“I did not tell that to your manager. How about you make some extra cash?”

I did not respond immediately. I already got extra $200 for photos. Not sure about having it with two guys whole night. Had some bad memories from 357 Sauna when it comes to group sex though this was not a group but just two guys. I did not want to appear greedy and really did not know what to say.

“OK. I offer you extra $500 for that. Is that enough?”

“Oh, thank you Sir. That would be fine…” – blood rushed in my face – I guess I am still inexperienced prostitute and feel embarrassed talking about getting money for this sort of stuff.

He put $500 on the table on top of the $200 already there. I could not take my eyes off the money. Marco (that was his name apparently) then asked me if I was recently tested for STD-s and I told him I was just last week and everything was fine. He wanted to know if I had unprotected sex since I was tested and I told him that I had only one client since and it was with condoms.

Feeling like a photo model

That was followed by taking more photos and then he went to the bedroom and brought some dildos – different colours and sizes and asked me to take photos with me sucking dildos, pushing them in my hole…. I am sure he took hundreds of photos before his friend (Giovani) arrived. Giovani was roughly my height and stocky guy. He looked all over my body and went to the bathroom to have a shower. Marco and Giovani were speaking Italian and I could not understand a word.

Giovani walked back in the lounge naked – hairy body and bushy pubic hair around extra-large cut cock. He grabbed another bottle of wine and took a place in the arm-chair opposite of me. Marco was on the sofa. Marco got up and pulled something from his camera bag. Two bags to be exact. I had a pretty good idea what could be in the bags. Soon after they were having a “line” each. Then Giovani offered me to have some. I had sex on chem once in 357 with the group and it was rather unpleasant experience so I politely declined.

“Relax… It is very good quality Coke… Not speed… Understand? – Giovani said with his accent even heavier than Marco’s. “You will have to endure pretty wild night and this will help you enjoy it… Have you ever try it?”

“No… I had an E before sex once…”


Magic pill

“That can be done if you prefer E” – Marco said and reached for his camera bag again. Next moment he had several pills in his hand and placed them on the table. “Feel free… I will have one as well…” – took one pill and pop it in his mouth and flushed it with soda water. Giovani took one too. I hesitated a bit and then took one pill and swallow it with my mineral water. Marco got up and went to bedroom, dimmed lights there to make it almost dark and turned some music on. They started talking in Italian again, but I could understand one word – Viagra.

Giovani got up and went to the bedroom. I could not see it but I could hear them taking pills out of package and having them with their drinks. I remember that Giovani supposed to come to the room around eleven. It has been half an hour since he arrived. That means we are two and a half hours into our arrangement and five and a half hours to go. I started feeling anxious about the whole thing. Then I looked on the table and could see those $700 … I just must be prepared for a long night and hope it will be worth it.

“Come in here” – Giovani called and I walked into dark bedroom. “Close the door” The only light in the bedroom was coming from barely opened bathroom door. I could see silhouettes of Marco and Giovani on the bed and I walked to the bed and climbed on it. It was big king size bed and enough space for three persons to be on it. One of them grabbed me and pushed my head towards his cock. I started sucking his cock. My pill started working and I was feeling very hot. An E has bad impact on erection in most of men.

They are Viagra boys

Obviously, their Viagra has not started working yet. I was sucking one cock first and then the other. Their hands were all over my body, fingering my hole, pinching my nipples. Giovani was the first one to get erection – I knew it is him because of size before erection. His erection was huge and his cock became rock hard. I was spitting his pubic hair and continue sucking it till he pinned me down to the bed on my stomach. Marco pushed his cock in my mouth and Giovani slammed his cock in my hole.

My pill was working and there was not much pain that I could feel – I could feel his cock in my body going through it and touching sensitive spots. Marco’s cock got hard some time later.

Giovani pulled out as quickly as he penetrated me and Marco turned me on my back and raised my legs. He did not penetrate immediately but was just pushing his cock-head in and pulling it before started penetrating but gently. Giovani was standing above my head and I was licking his balls.


I am not sure how long they were fucking me. My pill was very strong and I was aware of what is happening but it was like some sort of a dream. I enjoyed times when Marco was fucking me because he was more gentle and also kissing. Giovani was brutal. They decided to penetrate me at the same time with their cocks, but it just did not work for some reason. Marco was the first one to cum while fucking me. I could almost feel his sperm spraying inside me. He was moaning. He stayed in for a while before pulling out.

Endless games

They got me on my knees, sucking wet Marco’s cock while Giovani was fucking me from behind. He cum without moaning and pulled out immediately and spread my buns to let his cum drip out. We stayed on bed in silence for some time. We were all sweating and I was feeling very thirsty. I moved to get down from bed and to get my bottle of water, but Marco stopped me – “Where are you going?” – “I am thirst. May I get my water please?” – “You will need to ask for permission to get off the bed.

Only if you need to go to toilet… I will get you water” – he said in a firm voice, got up and came back with my bottle of mineral water. I emptied bottle very quickly. They made me suck them while they were just resting on the bed. One of them went to the lounge and I could hear him sniffing the stuff followed by the other.

Camera is on

Marco switched the light on and camera was in his hand. He started taking photos of me and Giovani on the bed then he came to the bed and Giovani took camera and started taking photos. Marco grabbed dildo and was pushing it in my hole as photos were taken. He then took me to the bathroom and asked me to pee while they were taking photos. We then moved to the shower and I was on my knees sucking his cock for photos. I was confused but also somehow was enjoying this photo frenzy.

We moved around the place and they were fucking me in the shower, lounge and bedroom while taking photos and videos. Then Marco told me to stay in the bedroom and turned lights off. They were in the lounge and I was laying on the bed, waiting and feeling very high. After some time, bedroom door opened and they walked in. Someone turned the lights on and I could see three of them – Marco, Giovani and a girl. She was blonde, my height and similarly slim to skinny. She was stunned when she saw me on the bed.

OMG! They got a girl in too

“You told me there will be only two of you” – she turned towards Marco.

“He will not fuck you” said Marco and took the girl back to the lounge.

They returned after short time and I was sure she was offered extra money. She was staring at me laying on the bed. Marco started undressing her and then pushed her down on her knees and she started sucking his cock. Giovani was standing next to the bed and made me suck his cock. They undressed her completely and she started sucking them both till Giovani took her in his arms and placed her on the bed next to me. He spread her legs and slammed his cock in her vagina while she moaned.

Four is a crowd

Marco got on top of me and spread my legs and started fucking me. I was confused but I did not mind feeling of his cock inside me. My knees and girl’s knees touched several times. She was moaning loudly as Giovani was very brutal. Her moaning became laughing and I am sure she was given one pill as well. Marco and Giovani were talking in Italian and Marco get off me and they concentrated on the girl. I was told to stay on the bed. Girl was tossed between two of them and then I realised that one is fucking his vagina and the other one is fucking her ass.

She moaned with a pain at first and then it was more like a pleasure. I was happy to be just an observer. Bed was shaking violently as Marco and Giovani fucked the girl and the whole room was turning around me. Marco was the first to moan as he cum in her vagina and Giovani followed soon and cum was dripping from her asshole as he pulled out his cock. They both got out and left the room.

With a girl in bed – smell of vagina

Girl was laying next to me still moaning. I could smell that distinct smell of vagina. She was touching her asshole and sort of crying. I am not sure how long were laying in bed. Sheets were wet and there was strong smell of cum and vagina. Marco and Giovani came back and jumped on the bed.

Marco took my legs up and started fucking me and Giovani was fingering girl’s ass before he plunged his cock in her vagina. I moaned and girl was very loud. Then they moved us around so that I was laying on my back and Marko was fucking me while girl was on her knees and above me while Giovani was fucking her from behind and she was sucking my cock. I must admit it was a pleasant feeling particularly that Marco is not too rough and was massaging my prostate gently with his cock. I could feel heat in my stomach and my cum filled girls mouth.

She was spitting it all over my stomach. Then they changed positions again and I was on my back with Marco fucking me while girl was leaning over me on her knees and Giovani was fucking her ass while I was licking her pussy. Her clitoris was hanging quite a lot. I think she cum as her pussy started dripping. It was terrible taste in my mouth. Boys continue for a while before cumming and we all lied on the bed.

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Girl is leaving us

Girl was the first one to be ordered to dress and go. I followed soon. My body was sticky all over while showering. Shower helped me regain somehow clear mind. I dressed, collected my extra $2000 from the table in the lounge and left. I was very tired and slept the whole day and following night.

I woke up very early almost 24 hours after spending night with Marco and Giovani. Most of that time I spent in bed between sleeping and sort of hallucinating. As soon as I opened my eyes that morning I had a massive headache and my stomach was queasy. My flatmates were still sleeping and I quietly went to a toilet. Distant pain in my stomach became very intense while I was in toilet. Then I discover blood on the tissues as I was cleaning. I was scared. Hot shower helped with waking up. I was pushing finger in my hole and every time it was painful. Walked back to my room very worried.

There were blood stains on the sheets. I was on my bed confused and staring at the wall. What am I going to do about this? It is Weekend and quiet outside. Should I go to hospital? What am I going to tell them? So many questions but no answers. I walked out to the kitchen and made myself a coup of a coffee and took it back to my room. Maybe it will stop and get back to normal. I decided to wait rather than going to hospital. I mean, what could I tell them? I managed to occupy my mind with my textbooks. One thing I managed well was my studying and I was determined to get my degree.

Back home

I heard my flatmates getting in the kitchen and chatting there but did not want to go and face them. They would know something is wrong and ask too many questions. I stayed in my room till midday. By then I gained some confidence and thought it will be over by the end of the Weekend and everything will go back to normal. I looked at my takings from the night with Marco and Giovani and was thinking about some shopping. Both of my flatmates left by midday and I walked in the kitchen, made couple of sandwiches and another cup of coffee.

I enjoyed my lunch and realised I have not eaten for more than 24 hours. I spent the rest of the day in my room and did not see my flatmates till Monday morning. Visit to the toilet was unpleasant again. It was not as painful as yesterday morning but there was still some blood on the tissues. There was some improvement, so I was hopeful it will be fine in a day or two. I called the manager of Delivery Boys to cancel my shifts for this week due to sickness. I told him that I am suffering from flu and he was fine with that. He told me that we shell discuss different shifts for me as I proved to be popular with clients. I was happy with that. My mood improved as day progressed.

Till I discovered thick slimy stuff is dripping out of my penis when I went to have a pee. WTF!?! Front of my undies was wet and full of that sticky stuff. I knew I got something from the boys in hotel. I started regretting compromises I have made that night to make some extra money. And I knew that for this I will have to see doctor. It was sleepless night that followed. Distant pain I was feeling in my stomach was not pain any more but rather feeling somehow uncomfortable.

My cock is dripping!

Tuesday morning was unhappy affair after visiting toilet. I made decision to go to sexual health clinic in the city after my morning classes. I could not manage to concentrate on what are lecturers presenting that morning in classes. Straight from university I went to the clinic. After waiting less than an hour I got to see the doctor.

Needles to say it was unpleasant experience. Doctor had a quick look at my penis and said it is gonorrhoea. I had to tell him what happened. He wrote prescription and sent me to another doctor at the clinic. With prescription in my hands I joined another que.


Doctor already had information about my case. I was asked to undress and climb on the table. First I was on my knees like a doggy style and doctor put gloves on and pushed finger in my hole. It was painful and I moaned but he continued. Then I was placed on my back and asked to spread my legs and raise them. His finger went in my hole again. In both positions he also used some instrument to stretch my hole and a small torch to enable him to see inside. Finally I was told to dress and take a seat opposite the doctor.

He wanted to know more details and I have told him the whole story not mentioning that I am an escort. He lectured me about safe sex and drugs, wrote prescription and let me go. It was all followed by giving blood and urine samples in the lab. Lab technician was around 30 years old and very pleasant. Once he finished he had a good look at me and told me “Be good” and smiled. I was told that all results will be ready next week. All in all it took me some four hours to go through this all. I bought medications prescribed to me and decided to head straight home.

Doctor examination

I was tired but calm as bruises were temporary according to doctor. I took medication as soon as I got home and went to my room. The rest of the week I concentrated at studying in spite being very concerned and worrying about what test results will be like. Marco and Giovani were obviously unclean and anything could happen. Could not make myself celebrate successful night with going to shopping.

My flatmates noticed the change and were trying to be helpful and supportive by asking too many questions. Great news was that by Thursday my cock stopped dripping and uncomfortable feeling in my stomach was no more.


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