Photographer Dmitry Zemenkov Shares Intimate Portrait with Edvinas Pètra

Photographer Dmitry Zemenkov based in Vilnius, Lithuania shares in exclusive a new intimate portrait with model Edvinas Pètra.

The session ‘home alone’ portrayed a beautiful boy Edvinas taking a hot bath, being comfortable in his own skin, naked, in the new project by Zemenkov.

Is not the first time Zemenkov shares his work with us, previously he has shared portraits with stunning European models and we are very intrigued by his passion behind the lens.

The model, Edvinas Pètra –from Ecma models– has been working as a model some time, and he has been also modeling at Hong Kong –which you know many Asian bookers are constantly seeking for European guys. Pètra was there fro three months, according to his IG.

Dmitry and Edvinas did a marvelous portrait together, he really caught up our attention and we can be focused on him every time, he has a big presence, specially when he’s having a bath time.

Edvinas and his European genes, are the most hunted for Asian market as we mentioned before, and is a big trampoline to many models. You don’t have an idea of how lucky can models be when they are working in Asia. Of course it depends on your Bookers, Managers and Agency, but if you have people on your back, its great.

Vilnius is the largest and capital city of Lithuania and we know there’s thousand of creativity people around there, like Zemenkov which in the last weeks, has been post on his social network stunning pictures like the ones we see down below:









You can see more work of photographer Dmitry Zemenkov at:
Instagram: @dmitryzemenkov
FB: /dmitryzemenkov

And if you want to be in contact with Edvinas Pètra, do it at:
Instagram: @edvinaspetra


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