My first client at Delivery Boys

For those who don’t remember and for those who are not from Sydney. Delivery Boys was one of Sydney gay escort agencies operating in Surry Hills for many years. Marcus worked in that escort agency for some time. These are some of his memories, he spoke about.

I met several guys from Planet Romeo in 357 sauna as an escort in the past several months. Because I could not afford to rent my own apartment and going to sauna to meet my clients was inconvenient. It took some time to accept that I am sort of slutty type that enjoys sex and even more being paid for that. My meetings with clients in sauna were providing welcome income but not enough to change my lifestyle. I advertised on some Internet sites for male to male escorts but lack of place for meeting was a problem as many clients did not want an escort to come to their place.

I managed to meet only two guys over these advertisements, both visitors to Sydney, in their hotels. Then I saw advertisement for Delivery Boys gay escort agency when I was searching for site to place my ads. They are located close to the Central Station. I hesitated to contact them for some time but then I decided to try. Conversation with a manager was quite brief. He wanted to know my age, sexual preferences, preferred role and then he set the time for the interview in Delivery Boys.


Hesitating before the interview

I stopped in front of the building for a while hesitating before I moved in and upstairs to the entry door. A guy opened the door soon after I rang the doorbell. I told him my name and he took me to the office. Manager was there. Conversation was brief. He wanted to know if I worked as an escort before and I lied saying I have not. I expected that some sort of physical check or even sex would be involved in the interview but none of that happened. They told me to go to the Sexual Health Clinic and obtain test results for several STD-s and then come back once I got results.

Getting tested

I left and headed to the Clinic. It was my first time at the Sexual Health Clinic. They asked if I was having unprotected sex and I told them that I did. Blood and urine samples were taken, and I was told to come back next week to collect results and have a consultation with doctor. A week later I went to the clinic. All tests were fine. Doctor spoke to me regarding unprotected sex and let me go. With all test results in my hands I went to Delivery Boys. Manager looked at papers I brought from the Clinic.

He collected more information about me and informed me that it is my choice if I am going to have unprotected sex but agency policy is to promote protected sex and will support me if client insist to have it against my agreement. We agreed that I will be working two days a week – Monday and Thursday – Monday from Midday till eight in the afternoon and Thursday from four in the afternoon till eleven in the evening as their closing time. He promised to give me more attractive shifts if I am doing well. He also explained about payments.



Clients pay him $100 for using premises and $200 to me. He suggested taking money before sex. After explaining how I get to meet clients and what I suppose to tell them as introduction, manager let me go – “See you Monday” – he said and I walked out. I could see several guys in the lounge as I went to the exit.


Monday finally arrived! I had classes at university till 11 am and then rushed to Delivery Boys. It was just fifteen minutes’ walk from university. I was extremely excited and anxious about my first day working in a gay escort agency. I arrived a bit early and met two other guys who were working the same shift. One was Australian guy of athletic build and quite rough looking and the other was Japanese backpacker.

They were very friendly and helped me calm down and feel a bit more comfortable. No clients arrived till just before 2 pm. The client walked to the reception office and we could not see him from the lounge but we knew he is there. Few minutes later the manager came to the lounge and told us to go and meet the client one by one. I was to go there after Japanese guy.

Meeting potential client

“Good afternoon Sir. My name is Marcus. Nice to meet you! I am twenty years old, smooth…”

“Hello Marcus. Nice meeting you. I am John. You look gorgeous Marcus. Are you top, bottom or versatile?”

“I am bottom Sir”

“Good match! How about kissing – Do you kiss?”

“Yes, I like kissing Sir”

“Great! I hate sex without kissing. How about sucking?”

“Yes, I do sucking…”

All questions answered

“That is great Marcus. I will see you soon” – he said in a pleasant voice. He was casually dressed in jeans and blue shirt in his fifties. Strong built with a bit extra weight but fit.

I walked out of the reception room and Australian guy went in. I was very pleased with my performance so far. Just was hoping I will be the one chosen by the client. Australian guy came out of the reception room and manager went in to see the client. Briefly after that manager came to the lounge –

“Marcus, take the client to the room 3 upstairs please. Congratulations on getting a client on the very start. Well done”. I took towels and went to the reception room.

“Please follow me Sir” – Client got up from the armchair and followed me through the door. He was tall and strong and did not look overweight as it seemed to be while he was on the chair. I took he upstairs to the Room No. 3, placed towels on the bed

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I was picked up!

“Please make yourself comfortable. Shower is there. I will be back in couple of minutes”

I went downstairs to grab a bottle of oil for massage and to give client time to have a shower. I was told to wait 3-4 minutes before going back to the room. The client paid for one-hour service and time starts from the moment I go back to the room. After waiting several minutes, I went upstairs with massage oil and one more towel. I locked the door. The client was laying on the bed with towel covering his stomach and genitals. I started undressing and he got up from the bed and started helping me. His cock was not hard, was uncut and very thick with a lots of pubic hair around it.

“You are not wearing underwear” – he noticed. “Is that to save time? – he said laughing.

Money first

“May I take money now Sir?”

“Sure” – reached for his wallet and handed $200 to me. I put money in my pocket. I was standing naked and did not really know how to proceed when he pulled me towards him and started kissing. He was a good passionate kisser. His cock started getting hard as we were standing and kissing. I went on my knees to start sucking him but he pulled me up and took me to bed.

How about some massage?

“Would you like some massage Sir?”

“No… I will give you a good massage” – he turned me on my stomach and started massaging my neck and shoulders. He had very strong arms. His hands moved down my back and he was squeezing my buns, stretching them and touching my hole before he laid on top of me, his cock pushing against my balls, kissing my neck and licking my ears. My cock got hard and wet. He turned me on side and we were kissing while my leg was up and his cock between my legs. It was very thick with a big head. He was kissing and biting my nipples. His cock started pushing strongly on my hole.

Please use condom

“Can you put condom on please Sir”

“You roll it on” – he said and laid on his back. I reached for condom from the draw next to the bed and opened it when he grabbed my head and made me suck his thick cock. I sucked it and his pubic hair was getting in my mouth. “Now you can put it on” – he said after releasing my head. I took condom and rolled it on his cock then took some lubricant from the bed-side table and slapped it on his cock before lubricating my hole. He placed me on my knees and was slapping his cock against my buns from behind, then put his arms around my waist and pushed his cock in my hole.


I moaned. It was thick and I could feel sharp pain in my hole. His cock-head went through and he slammed his cock all the way in while I screamed. He did not pay much attention to my screaming and kept pushing himself in and out. He pulled his cock out and turned me on side, got behind me, took my leg up and pushed his cock in again. He was kissing and biting my shoulder and pushing deeper and deeper.

He held me firmly

His cock popped out again and he turned me on my back, grabbed my legs and raised and spread them and slammed his cock in my hole. I was trying to find comfortable position but could not move my legs much as he was holding them. He slowed down and I was feeling relieved. He let my legs fall on his waist while playing with my cock. My cock was wet and semi-erected and he made me cum while gently fucking me. After I cum he accelerated and was pushing very hard in and out. I was moaning and praying he will cum soon.

The climax

He started moaning and pushing faster, slammed his cock in several times before stopping and pulling out. Condom was heavy with his sperm. “Take if off” – he said as lay on his back. I took condom off his cock and placed it on a tissue next to the bed. He took my head in his hands and made me lick cum from his cock. I did not enjoy it but I was happy it is almost over. He got up after resting on the bed.

It was not as hard as I expected

His cock was still hard as he walked in the shower. I was checking my hole with my hands as it was sore. I took sheets and pillowcase off the bed and dressed while he was having a shower. He walked out and dressed quickly. I opened the door and checked to make sure no other clients or escorts are on the way. It was clear and we went downstairs and I led him to the door. He slapped my buns and walked out.

I took sheets, pillowcases and towels to the laundry, went to the shower for escorts and stayed there for a while under stream of hot water. There were three other guys in the lounge when I came back and I introduced myself to a guy who arrived while I was upstairs. The rest of the afternoon passed quietly. Only two more clients came but I was not with either of them. I walked out quite pleased with my first day in Delivery Boys Escorts and was holding money in my pocket while walking to the station. It was clear now – I am a prostitute and I was not particularly bother by that.

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