Meet me in 357 – Part 6 – African Boy


This Sunday I was at friends place to study for incoming exams at university. He lives in Penrith which is a fair bit from Newtown. He got unexpected visitors and I decided to leave early. Station was almost deserted in the afternoon. Trains are not very frequent on Sundays and I had to wait for some time. Just few minutes before train arriving to the station very young African man walked to the platform. He was quite young but tall and slim with beautiful eyes. We had a brief eye contact and that was all. Train arrived at time and I went on the upper deck and got a seat next to the window. African boy came up some time after train left the station and grabbed a seat opposite mine. I avoid making eye contacts in the public – probably something to do with me growing up on the farm and being somehow shy in the public so I tried not to look at him and was looking through the window. He put his leg on the seat next to mine. I could see his reflection in the window. He was staring at me and I liked it but also was feeling uncomfortable. There was only one couple on the upper deck and they were on the other side of the carriage. I could not watch through the window all the way and several times African boy’s eyes got in contact with mine. He was somehow tense. I decided to go all the way to the city. Train finally arrived at the Central Station and I got up and went on the platform. African boy followed me and then got in front of me as we were heading towards the exit. He turned back and looked at me several times and then walked in the toilets. He stopped briefly at the toilets door and stared at me. I did not know what to do and walked past the door. He went in. I stopped few meters away. Less than a minute after walking in he appeared on the door and when he saw me he stopped at the door and stared at me again and then walked in. I decided to follow and that would be first time I have ever done this in public toilets. We stood next to each other and he pulled his cock to pee. It was impressive. So big. I have never seen black cock before. I pulled mine and started to pee. He then packed his cock back in his pants and walked to the cubicle and stopped on the door waiting for me. That was too much for me to follow and I packed my cock in pants and walked out of the toilets and then stopped few meters from the door. He did not appear for a while and I was thinking about just leaving. Size of his cock kept me waiting. When he appeared from the toilets I stared at him and then walked out of the station turning around to see if he follows. He did. I walked across the road into the park and grabbed a seat at the first bench. He came to the bench and joined me.

“Hi” – it was unusual for me to initiate conversation, but I realised that he is my junior and appeared tense.

“Hi” – he said – “Why did not you follow me in the cubicle?”

“I don’t do things in public toilets…”

“Where else?”

I was excited but also scared of continuing this strange meeting

“Do you have ID to prove you are over eighteen years old? – I asked

“Yes. I turned eighteen last month. Why?”

“There is a gay sauna in the city and you must be over eighteen to be able to enter”

“Sauna… Cool…What is it like?

“It is safe place and is comfortable. Want to have a look?

“How much is entry? I don’t have money…”

“I can pay entry for both” – I said after a pause. What am I getting into?

“Let’s go then”

We got up from the bench and walked up the road towards sauna. His name is George and he lives in Blacktown, but he missed his station because he had urge to catch up with me. I was very impressed with that.

“Are you top or bottom?”

“Err, I never…I like to fuck… I am male…”

“That is great George as I am bottom only”

We walked to the locker room and started changing. I watched him as he pulled his jeans down and then his shorts. His cock dangled. It was bigger than my cock when I get erection. He stared at me undressing. We wrapped towels and went to the showers. There were not many people around, but I think everyone stared at the African boy. He was tense but did not hesitate to take his towel off and we had a shower. I took his hand in mine to show off and took him upstairs. We walked in the cubicle on the second level. His incoming erection was quite visible under towel as we walked upstairs. He stood next to the door after I locked it and did not know what to do. I took his towel off and his big cock was straight up. I went on my knees and started licking his balls and stroking his cock. He moaned. I licked his shaft and then his cock-head before taking it in my mouth. He started breathing fast. I could not pack the whole of his cock in my mouth and throat. He pushed me away after a while because he was getting close to blowing.

“I have the same problem – cumming very quick” – I said to calm him down as I stood up and dropped my towel on the ground.

He took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. I was getting close too and enjoyed touch of his hand on my cock. We stroked each other’s cock standing. I moved to the bed  and he lied down on top of me. It was obvious he was completely inexperienced.

“Have you had sex before? With guys or girls regardless?”


“You prefer guys or girls?”

“Not sure… I think both… Depends…”

I spread my legs and he was now on top of me with his cock touching my hole. His cock was very wet just as mine.

“Don’t you suppose to lay on your stomach?”

“Oh, there are many positions for having anal sex George. I prefer this one. It is called missionary – like with girls.” I pulled him closer and our lips touched. We both enjoyed kissing and he started pushing his cock towards my hole. I put my arms around his neck and raised my legs. He was too big to penetrate without lubricant. I was stroking my cock as he was rubbing his cock against my hole. Then suddenly he pulled away, but it was too late and he cum all over my cock, chest and balls. His sperm was so thick and white. I stroked my cock faster and exploded in a moan. I was covered with his and my cum. He turned around and was embarrassed. I stayed laying on my back as sperm started dripping from my chest and stomach. I reached to him and just touched his waist. He stayed calm and was not moving.

“We did not have sex…” he said disappointed. I pulled him towards me. “We can have it still. You will be hard again quickly” He laid down on his back and I licked his cock. Taste of his cum was somehow different to what I have tasted before. He was rubbing my shoulders and neck as I took his cock in my mouth. His hand slowly moved towards my hole and he started fingering it. It did not take long before his cock started hardening again filling my mouth and throat. When he was fully hard again I started kissing his stomach and sucking his nipples. He liked me playing and sucking his nipples. He moaned and every time I sucked his nipples he pushed his finger deeper in my hole. My cock was hard again. We were laying on our sides and I raised my leg and placed his cock on my hole. He pulled me close to him and started pushing his cock between my legs. “Your cock is very nice and big. I will need to put some lubricant on my hole before you can fuck me.” – I reached to lube dispenser and started rubbing lubricant on my hole. When my hole was well lubricated I started lubricating his cock. He moaned. “Lay down on your back and I will get on top of your cock” He followed my instructions. I held his cock as I slowly started sliding on it. My hole opened slowly and I could feel his cock-head getting in. I tried to relax as much as possible and slowly started sliding down on his shaft till I started feeling it opening my body. Finally I was sitting on his stomach and balls. He was quiet at first and then he started pushing himself deeper. I moved up and down. “I am not comfortable in this position” – I said and raised up and his cock flopped out of my hole. I lied down on my back and he quickly moved between my legs. I grabbed his cock and guided it in my hole. He pushed brutally hard and I screamed – “Please slowly till I get relaxed” – he did not pay much attention and was pushing his cock deep and fast. After a while he slowed down and stopped. “Why is your cock soft?” he asked as he was playing with it. “It gets soft when I get fucked. Not sure why… Maybe pain… I can still cum like that” He suddenly started pushing hard and deep again. I could feel sweat dripping from his head. He was touching all the right spots inside my body and my cock became wetter and wetter and then cum started flowing on my stomach. He moaned louder and louder and then screamed as he brutally pushed in. His body was shivering and then he slumped on the bed next to me. His cock was still hard and covered with his cum. We stayed like that for a while. I was touching his cock and feeling it slowly slump. It was very sticky. I was the first one to get up and he followed. We wrapped our towels and walked downstairs to the showers. We dressed without saying a word and walked out. It was dark.

“You are going to the station? – I asked and he confirmed. We walked to the station together and boarded the train that was just about to leave. Not much talking. He touched my hand and we held our hands together till train arrived at my station. I gave him a big smile and got out of the train. Oh my God, I did not get his phone number… I really wanted to see him again, but it was too late now. For weeks I was hoping to see him in the train but it just did not happen.



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