Meet me in “357” – Part 5 – Old Wine

I think I got addicted to gay sauna in Sydney. My visits there are becoming more frequent. Only two days after being stormed by young athletic Asian guy I decided to go there again. I had only two dollars left after paying entry fee. Luckily, will get pay tomorrow.

Yesterday I shaved my pubic hair and was thinking about Alex. It was nice feeling when he was doing it. Classes finished at 3:30 pm today and I was in sauna just after 4 pm. Locker room was not busy, so I guessed it is not the best time for visiting. Well, so far, I have never failed to get laid here so did not worry about how big the crowd is. Nobody was in the spa when I went in the showers area. Not much traffic on levels two and three either. I did not check big dark room. I hate walking around in circles, so I decided to go on the top level where there is a lounge and café.

There are computers there with Internet connection and I grabbed a seat behind one of them. Logged in Gay Romeo after weeks of being absent from that site. Not many people in the “room” on Romeo either. Just when I thought it is a waste of time I got a message. He was 53 years old with a decent body. That was a bit too old for me as Alex was probably the oldest guy I was with at 41. He unlocked his private photos – big uncut cock and hanging big balls covered with hair. He also had hairy chest. I did not want to cut him off immediately so politely held conversation for few more messages before he asked if I want to meet him.

Message from “Romeo”

“I have no place for meeting Sir”

“I don’t have place for meeting either” he said. “Are you in the city?”

“Yes. It says you are Bi in your profile”

“Correct. Is that a problem?”

“No. I understand why you are discreet now”

“We can organise to meet in one of the saunas. I finish at 5 pm and am only 10 minutes from 357 sauna”

“I am nearby too”

“Well, we can meet there then after five”

How can I decline without being rude now I have told him I am close to the sauna etc. Then one unthinkable thought came to my mind

“I am an escort Sir”

There was some 5-6 minutes of pause in chatting and I thought it worked. At the same time I thought I just missed making some money. Is this me becoming …a gay escort? I really don’t idea of calling it prostitute. 

“Do you kiss?”

“Yes, I kiss Sir”



“You safe”

“You mean you want to fuck me raw?”

“That is possibility”

“I test regularly. How about you?”

“I am married and don’t fuck with gays often and am clean”

“I will have to think about that”

“How much?”

“$250. And extra $50 for raw”

“Let me see you first and if you are like on photos from profile I will pay that much. Must kiss and swallow. I like submissive and feminine young guys. You look very feminine and gay on photos”

“I am feminine… Natural…”

“Wait for me on the bench on the second level in 357. You know where that is?”

“Yes, Sir I know”


Waiting for “Romeo”

He went off line. I looked at time on computer – 4:50 pm. My heart was beating fast and I was not sure if I am doing right thing. Why not? So many other gay guys are doing it. I came here to have sex and he looked quite decent despite his age – at least on photos. I got calmer about the whole thing and walked down to the second level at 5:05 pm. There is a good view from that bench down towards the first level where showers are. I will recognize him once he walks in the showers. And if I don’t like him I will have time to lock myself in nearby cubicle and hide for a while.

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Perfect plan. Huh, I was quite pleased with myself. Soon after that a tall, dark haired with some silver lining guy walked in, took his towel off and went to have a shower. I could recognize him – that is the gay from Gay Romeo for sure. Slim, strong body.

Face looked fine too just as on photos he unlocked for me. Yes, will wait for him here. He had a quick shower, whipped his body with the towel and started walking upstairs. He looked towards the bench as soon as he appeared on top of the stairs and recognized me and waved.

“Hi! Di you have shower? We go on the next level where cubicles are bigger”

“I had a shower Sir”

We walked upstairs. I was a bit uncomfortable with him holding my hand for others to see it. Like everyone will know we will have sex. I know it is silly. Everyone here is a gay and reason for being here is desire to have sex. He chose the cubicle and we walked in.

“I don’t have more than one hour so let’s not waste time. Here is $250 and if you are good I will pay you the rest in the locker room” – he handed me money.

“You will not be disappointed Sir”

Towels down

He let his towel drop on the floor. His penis was semi-erect. Only half of his cock-head was outside foreskin. I dropped my towel. My dick was not hard at all. Probably because I was very nervous. This will be my first time having sex for money. I did not know that Alex will give me money when I met him. Actually, I was convinced that money Alex gave me was not for sex. After all, he said it was not for sex. 


Brief introduction

“Completely smooth. I like that girl. You have a problem with too long foreskin? My son had foreskin problem when he was 13. You should see surgeon if your foreskin is too tight” He took my penis in his hand and pulled my foreskin back. It was a bit painful but I was actually getting horny as he touched my penis. 

“It is not too tight Sir, just long”

I was not sure what to do for a moment and as he was standing I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He had the whole bush of hair down there and his balls were also very hairy. His dick became very hard only seconds after. This oldie is rock solid. He spread my buns and started fingering my hole as I was chocking with his big tool and saliva was dripping from my mouth and down on the floor. He started moaning but not much. My penis started getting wet, but I could not get erection despite wishing it desperately. Will he pay me extra if I don’t get erection? He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me down on the bed laying on my back. He spread my legs and had a good look at my hole.

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“You are just as I like it. Skinny, smooth, small cock… A girly gay boy”

“It is 15 cm Sir when hard. I am just a bit nervous Sir but will get erection for sure” I sounded apologetic. Just could not get erection…

“Don’t worry about that. I don’t need your erection. You are dripping precum though. Nice smell. Good boyish and feminine feel. Yum, so feminine gay boy”

He got between my legs and rested them on his shoulders, his erect dick pressing my hole.

“You are fine with some raw fucking? You promised it”

“I did not take anti-baby pills.” – I was trying to be funny

“Well, I have four kids, so you might get pregnant after this” – he laughed

Before I could say anything, he held my shoulders strongly and pushed his cock in my hole very forcefully. Pain was excruciating and went through my spine and neck to my head. I screamed very loudly. He pulled immediately. He did not put any lubricant and was so rough. My body was twisting in pain.

Painful start

“I did not want to hurt you. Sorry”

My stomach was rumbling, and I had to go to the toilet.

“I have to go to the toilet Sir please”


I got up and wrapped my towel around my waist, unlocked the door and went out. Toilets are just around the corner. I got in, locked the door and seat on the toilet breathing fast and deep. I was truly scared that he hurt me. Nothing was coming out except air. I pushed toilet paper deep in my hole and checked if I could see any blood, but everything was clear. Pain was gone. Should I go back? Money is on the floor in the cubicle. I am going back. I walked back to the cubicle and locked the door behind. He was laying on his back. I was ready to please him and to get rewarded for that. Yes, I was feeling like a real gay escort now. 

“I am sorry. Did not want to hurt you. Are you OK?

“I am fine. Please start slowly and I will be fine after that. Please”

“You get on top of my cock and ride it till comfortable”

I took a lot of lubricant and applied it on my hole and pushed it in with my finger. Then I lubricated his dick. It was hard and very little curved. I got on top and held his tool with my hand while sliding on it slowly. He did not move. His cock-head went through my hole and I slowly pushed down with gentle strokes till I was sitting on his balls with him deep inside me. He sensed that I am fine and started pushing his cock in and out while spreading my buns. It was quite pleasurable. He then got on his knees holding me in his arms and placed me on my back without pulling his cock out. My legs were resting on his waist and I could freely move them to get into comfortable position.


He stroked in and out without rushing. After a while he pulled out, turned me on side, got behind me and pushed his dick in again. This time his stroking was faster, and he was playing with my nipples and cock. I had erection but not fully. He was kissing my shoulder and neck and bit me several times. I moaned. Pulled out again and turned me on my stomach and fucked me doggy style like that for a while.

I was starting to wander if he is going to cum soon as my hole was more and more sore. He pulled again and I thought he is finished but he turned me on my back, spread my legs and plunged his penis in my hole again. Stroking was fast now as well as his breathing. He pressed hard and then moaned and sprayed his cum inside me.

Very long session

He pulled his cock out, leaned over me and pushed it in my mouth. I licked it unwillingly thinking if it was dirty as I did not douche. I licked all his sperm from his cock. His erection was still on and head was very red. I never had erection this time but a lots of precum. He cleaned his crutch with a towel. I picked money from the floor and hid it under my towel and followed him to the locker room. He took another $50 from his locker and handed it to me. I took the money and put it in my locker.

He walked back to showers and I went in the steam room. Sweat was dripping from my body and warmth was entering my body. I relaxed there a bit, got the shower and left. My balls were painful while walking towards the Central Station. I touched my neck and realised there it a bite mark on it. It was not as easy as I thought but I earned my $300. Again, I thought that being gay escort is not as bad after all. It was as much as I was getting for 15 hours work in the café. Frankly, sex I had with this guy was enjoyable in spite of having a rough start.

Flat-mates were not in the kitchen or lounge when I arrived and I was happy I will not have to face anyone. My balls were still hurting. I jacked-off  in my room and pain in my balls slowly faded away. Could not get to sleep for a while. Well, it seems that I am turning into a gay escort. A slut… Not cheap one though.


357 is gay sauna in Sydney. This is story by Marcus ex gay escort… This chapter is from days before he started working as an escort in Sydney. I met him some time ago. He had very exciting life so far and this story is just part of it. He is not keen talker, so recording his story might take longer than usual. I got many people contacting me and asking for more. I hope we will have more to share.

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