Meet me in “357” – Part 4 – Asian Typhoon

Four weeks since Alex left. I was obviously in love with him. I cannot be sure, but I think he also developed some feelings towards me. At 41 he is tougher than I am at 20. I received several SMS messages from them on the day he flew out of Sydney. I really think it was genuine. After all, he did not have to send any messages. And he effectively paid for a night pleasure at his place. I had a mixed feeling about the fact that he paid me for having sex. I was frightened of a thought of becoming gay escort boy. However, it was a pleasure having sex with Alex and then getting paid for it. 

I have found a part-time job in one café in Newtown and my financial situation improved. I am grateful for getting $500 from Alex the last morning I have seen him. It does not matter if that gesture made me into some sort of a …. well … prostitute. I guess that gay escort would sound a bit better than the prostitute. 

I woke up in a pretty good mood, looked at my face in the mirror and realised that beard is not really good idea aesthetically and mentally as I just don’t feel as that sort of a “man”. I just stopped shaving since Alex left. It was my way of mourning. I also stopped shaving my pubic hair since then and it was pretty much normal now. Few moves with a razor blade and my beard (if one could call it that way) was gone. I did not shave my pubic hair that morning, but it was the next thing to do tonight before going to bed. Coffee with Brian who was very supportive during this hard period and train to Uni. I wished Brian was a gay too as he was really understnding. 

My classes on Mondays are all over the place in this semester. Morning classes finish at 11 am and then I have two more classes starting at 3 pm. Four hours of gap between them are really pain in the back.


I walked out of the Uni just after 11 am. Sydney winter day. What to do next four hours? I started walking towards the Central Station and when I was almost there I decided to go to “357” gay sauna once again. I was there only twice before and both times with Alex. Yeah, why not. I had money to pay entry and after four weeks of depriving myself of sex (wanking excluded).  I was feeling a bit frisky and visit to gay sauna sounded as a good chance to have a real sex. 



I was much more relaxed entering this time around. Paid my entry fee, collected locker key and towel and proceeded to the locker room. I got here around 11:30 am – just before lunch-time crowd but locker room was already busy. Undressing was also more relaxed than before and this time I did not wrap myself in a towel before pulling down my briefs. Half of showers were in the use by other guys when I got there. I hanged my towel and picked free shower and let the warm water wet my naked body. This time nobody offered to help me with soaping as Alex did when we met first time.

I walked past the spa and memories of splashing there with Alex came back. Just before I started walking up the stairs I realised there is a Steam Room on that floor as well. I pushed the door and hot steam hit me. Apart from small section near the door, Steam Room is dark place. Some guys were sitting on sides, some with their towels around waist and some nude without towels. One of them in the very corner was stroking his cock. 

I walked back closer to the door, find a place to sit but could not stay very long in a very hot (and obviously steamy) room so I walked out and went upstairs. Walked through cruising area on the first level and then to the second level. Second level is darker. Walked past a guy in sling massaging his hole and then entered a large room that was completely dark. Took my towel in my hand and stood not far from the entry. Someone grabbed my cock and started playing with it but I did not feel comfortable and walked away. Walked back to the first level and sat on the bench. A young Asian guy sited next to me – shorter than me but strong athletic gym-body. He smiled

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“How is your day? I am Jason”

“Fine, thanks. How is yours? I am Marcus”

“Nice meeting you Marcus”

“Nice meeting you too Jason”

His knee touched mine and he gently placed his feet over mine. He placed his hand on my knee

“Do you want to go to the cubicle?” he asked directly.

He had nice strong body and I liked it, but I was not sure if he is top as his appearance was not butch. I figured that the best thing is to ask and be direct in this place.

“What do you want to do?”

“I am top. Is that OK if I fuck you?”


He got up from the bench and I followed him. He took my hand in his and chose a cubicle and we walked in. He immediately dropped his towel. His cock was just slightly bigger than mine (that is not too hard as I am under 5.5”) and was cut. He was erect already. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him, kissed my shoulder, nipples and licked my tummy before getting my towel off. I kissed him back and he went on his knees and started sucking my semi-erect cock while fingering my hole. My cock became hard and he pulled my foreskin forcefully off my cock-head. He laid on the vinyl bed, held his cock and pulled me towards it

“Suck it!”

I obeyed. Soon after we were in “69” position sucking each other. He was laying on his back and I was on top of him in “69”. His finger was getting deeper and deeper in my hole. He pushed me forward and raised so I was on my knees and he was behind me with his cock rubbing my hole. He reached for a condom, rolled it over his cock and then reached for lubricant and slapped it on my hole before slapping some on his cock.

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His penetration was fierce making me scream. He grabbed my shoulders and was pumping my hole very fast. I was moaning and my head was hitting the wall every time he pushed his cock deep. He suddenly stopped and turned me around, took my legs in his arms, raised them and started fucking me with even more force. Pain became a pleasure, I relaxed and after some time my sperm started spraying all over my chest and even my face and the wall behind me. He started fucking me even faster and stronger and then moaned very loudly and his body was trebling as he cum. Condom was full of his juice after he pulled it out. He took condom off, whipped his cock with a towel and opened the door. 


I got up feeling bruised, wrapped towel around my waist and left the cubicle. By time I got to the showers he was already walking towards the locker room. OMG, I did not think that Asian tops are that good in kissing and sex. I showered and went to the locker room too. I could see in the mirror that my buns were red. Dressed slowly and walked on the street. I stood in front and smiled thinking “I am back!” Time to walk back to the Uni

I hope you like our erotic stories. By the way, Marcus is real person. And this is his life story. He is great story teller but not always in the mood to share his experience. I am really keen to continue with this very erotic gay real life story but it might take some time.

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