Meet me in “357” – Part 3 – Saturday Night with Alex

Night after last having sex with Alex in “357 gay sauna” was sleepless. One hour with him brought up several issues that were bogging me. So many contradicting feelings. I was thrilled that he fucked me without condom being between our bodies, but I was worried about consequences. Did he pull out before he cum? Did I get some of his semen entering my body? That scared me but then I was touching my tummy and thinking about having his baby inside.

I was happy that his $200 covered my rent payment for the week but then I was feeling uneasy about it. Was that prostitution? Having sex and getting money for that is prostitution, I guess. Am I turning into a gay escort – not to say a gay prostitute selling sex for money. If it was then was it wrong or does it matter as many other people do it. I carefully washed my hole after coming back home and was looking for any signs of sperm but could not find it. I knew it is silly but still….

That Saturday morning I was up very early and my flat-mates were still in their rooms. Alex refused to get out of my head. Maybe I was in love with a guy I did not know. Well, I know his name and have his phone number from the business card he gave me. During our two meetings we exchanged just several sentences. Maybe he has a real boyfriend and I was just for some casual fun? Why would he give me his phone number if he was not interested? I was thinking about his strong body. So masculine and manly. Then I was thinking about his hard cock rubbing against my buns. I could almost feel it right now.

I had ten days before some exams at university and finally managed to concentrate on studying. Did not go out over Weekend. Back to my daily routine on Monday. However, after classes instead of heading straight home I went to Sexual Health Clinic. I have never been tested before. This time I had two reasons for that – 1st because Alex did not wear condom on Friday.  And 2nd because I really wanted to experience pleasure of him unloading his semen in my tummy. I think he would like that too. I am sure he would. To be able to do that I needed to get proof I am clean. As a country folk I have never “came out” back home. I think that many people knew because of my feminine manners but it was never mentioned.

I am sort of “out”

Here in Sydney I am not hiding my sexual preference, but nobody ever asked me about it so far. My flat-mates are mixed – one is gay and the other one is straight. I guess that many mates at university sort of knew I am gay. Most of my friends at university are not gay but nobody is bothered with anybody else sexuality. I spent almost two hours at the Clinic and everything was done. They made appointment to see me again in one week. I have told them what happened on Friday and they said that I should come to see them immediately as it is now too late to take any measures. All in all, it was not as unpleasant experience as I feared. Walking out of the sex clinic, I was feeling as some sort of certified gay.

Week passed quickly, and I was doing well with studying. On Monday I went back to the Clinic and was a bit uneasy waiting for results. All tests were negative, and I was feeling relieved. It was followed by seeing a counsellor. I told him that I could not resist my partner insisting on unprotected sex as I was feeling the same urge. I did not mention my pregnancy fantasies of course. That would be really embarrassing. He made another appointment for Friday and spent some time explaining to me dangers of unprotected anal sex.

Calling Alex

“Hallo! May I speak to Alex please?

“Alex speaking”

“I am Marcus. Remember me?”

“You have sexy voice Marcus. Of course, I remember you. What is up?”

“I am just outside Sexual Health Clinic with all tests negative.”

“Good for you. It is perfect timing. I am very busy this week and not going to 357 sauna but will be free on Weekend. Actually, I will be very busy over Weekend as well but will make sure my Saturday night is free”

“I have exams from Monday to Thursday and will be free after that. 357 sauna must be very busy on Saturday nights”

“We are not going to meet at sauna. My place is much more comfortable”

“Oh, no problems”

“One personal question – Do you douche?”


“Yes. You know – clean your hole – How do you do that?

“Under shower. With my finger, you know…”

“I see. It is not good enough sometimes. Don’t worry, I will get everything you need for that before we meet. I will help you douche”

“Was I unclean?” I could feel blood rushing in my face in embarrassment

“Nothing serious. Just relax and everything will be fine. I got your number and will call you on Friday or Saturday to arrange. Got to go now for another bloody meeting. Be good”

“OK. Bye”                                          

He invited me to his place! I was feeling so happy. He does not see me just as a toy for having some sex. Was still embarrassed about cleanliness. He would not make a comment if there was not a problem. I do remember having like a dripping inside feeling both times he fucked me. Well, he is not too upset about it. Must check about how to douche. It seems that my sexual life is getting more serious – I even know what is the meaning of douche.

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Whole Weekend in my room studying. Monday to Thursday went through my exams. Don’t have all results but am confident I did well. Relaxing on Friday. Checked about how to douche on Internet – I think I would feel embarrassed if I had to buy stuff in the pharmacy. I mean I have a problem buying lubricant and condoms and do it in Oxford St. only rather than in my local pharmacy. No phone call from Alex on Friday. Is he going to call? Should I call him if he does not call me tomorrow?

I had a good sleep and woke up late on Saturday morning. Having coffee with Brian in the kitchen when phone rang.

Alex calling!

“Marcus? Alex calling”

“Yes, it is Marcus”

“About tonight. I will text you my address and hope to see you after 8 pm. We can walk to a restaurant from my place to have a dinner first. I expect you to stay all night. Is that OK?”

“Sure. I will be there at eight”

“See you then. Bye”

Yeah! He called. Brian was curious to find out what is happening. I told him briefly it was a guy I have met the other week not mentioning my visits to gay sauna. Brian is straight guy but he knew I am gay. This was the first time I told him I go to gay sauna. He was truly happy for me. The rest of the day went very slowly. I could not wait any more. I left home early after deliberating what underwear should I wear. I arrived in front of Alex’s building in Darlinghurst half an hour before eight. Should I wait or ring his bell straight away. I pressed the buzzer and he answered shortly through the intercom. He opened the door as I was getting out of the lift and I walked in his apartment with excitement. He was formally dressed.

Arriving at Alex’s apartment

“You are early. I just got back home ten minutes ago.”

He led me to the lounge, offered me to seat on an armchair and took my jacket.

“Give me a couple of minutes to change and we can go for a dinner. I have made booking”

Shortly after he came back dressed casually but elegantly. Restaurant was just few minutes’ walk from his place. It was quite a posh place. Conversation over dinner was mostly about my visits to the Clinic and my exams at university. I don’t drink but had a glass of wine.


“No, thanks. I don’t want to have too much food in my stomach”

“Ah, I got it” he said with a laugh. “Well, we can go back home then”

He put his arm around my waist when we got in the lift. I was feeling very excited as we walked into his apartment. He closed the door and pressed me against the wall, kissing me passionately. I did not expect him to be so passionate right there in the entry corridor. He took my jumper off and undone buttons on my shirt and started playing with my nipples before undoing my belt and zipper on my jeans and pushing them down. His arms were spreading my buns as he pressed me against the wall and letting me feel his erection. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my body. He took me in his arms and got me in the lounge placing me on a sofa. My jeans were just under my knees and shirt was opened. He stood in front of the sofa and pulled my head towards him. He started unzipping his pants and I finished it. His cock was rock hard and took me some effort to pull it through the zipper. He guided my head towards his cock and I happily took it in my mouth to suck it. He took his shirt of as I was sucking his cock and then pulled it out of my mouth and rested on sofa next to me.

“I needed this after busy week. Sex is always helping me relax” he said, put his arm around my waist.

“Me too. I was thinking of you a lot” I heard myself saying in disbelief

“We have all night. You are staying overnight?


“No condoms and no anti-baby pills. You will be pregnant by the morning”.

I wanted to tell him about what doctor have told me in sex clinic about bareback sex. However, it just did not feel as it is good moment for talking about it. Why gay people cannot have natural sex these days? It is just not fair. I decided not to as Alex to have sex with condoms.

I just moaned as he rubbed my stomach. He took his pants and underwear off and he took my jeans and underwear off. Our shoes were already off somewhere in the corridor. He took his socks off but when I went to take mine off he stopped me

“Keep your socks on. How did you know I like white socks? I will take them off later”

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He took me up and placed on his knees and then pulled me towards him and placed his cock between my legs. We kissed, and he played with my nipples making me moan.

“You did not shave your pubic hair since last meeting”

“Oh, I was busy and then forgot. Sorry”

“Relax. I will do it for you. Your pussy is naturally smooth. And we will give it a good nice clean-up in the bathroom”

“You have the stuff. I will do it – I have found out everything about how to douche on the Internet”

“That pussy belongs to me and I will take care of it. You just relax”


“Shhhh” he said and put his pointing finger on my lips

I placed my head on his shoulder and started playing with his cock. Could not wait to feel it in my body. He took my hand and we moved to the bedroom and from there to the bathroom.

A little embarrassment in the bathroom

“Bend over” he said while unpacking Enema

“I can do it myself”

“Just relax and bend over” he said and gently pushed me

I bent over without resisting and he pushed the nozzle in my hole gently, squeezed the bottle and I could feel the liquid filling my hole. Not particularly pleasant feeling especially when it is done in a presence of another person.

“Hold it for a while and get on the toilet”

I got on the toilet and he stood in front of me and pushed his cock in my mouth. I started sucking his cock and feeling movements in my bowel. Could not hold any more and felt as stuff is pouring out of my hole in a noisy manner. I moaned to cover for that embarrassing sound. Air stopped coming out and only liquid was dripping slower and slower.

“It is done now. The rest can be done in the shower”. He gave a kiss and press the button to flush the toilet. My buns were wet.

“Yes Sir”

He pulled me up and we went under the shower. We soaped each other and kissed. There was an attachment to the portable shower head. Alex turned me around and made me bend over slightly. Next thing I could feel something penetrating me and water coming inside my body. Alex pulled it just in time before I was feeling like exploding.

“It is all right” – his voice comforting – “Hold for a moment and then let it go”

I held my breath and let water go out after he signal to me it is fine. It was a big relief. Water coming from my anus was not perfectly clean but was not too bad. I was embarrassed again.

We walked out of the shower and he dried my body with a towel. Episode with douching had immediate effect on me – my erection was gone, and my cock shrunk and cock head was completely covered with the foreskin. Alex took me to the bedroom, placed towel on the bed and got me to lay down on my back, put some shaving cream on my pubic hair and rubbed it.

Pubic shaving time

“I like your little cock hiding under foreskin. Spread your legs, I am going to shave your pubic hair and balls”

I could feel razor blades taking every single bit of my hair. He finished, took his towel and clean remnants of a gel, spread my legs and strongly whipped my wet hole. There is no hair on my hole. I had a feeling that gay tops expect bottoms to shave their pubic hair. Maybe it makes their sex more enjoyable. Actually, I think they like it because bottom with no pubic hair looks more feminine. And probably more boyish look.

In bed with Alex

I must say I was feeling much more comfortable in his bed than in a cubicle in a gay sauna. His bed had nice smell and was very soft and comfortable.

“Nice and clean” – he said and laid on the bed pulling me up towards him. I was feeling as he took full control over me and must say I was liking it. Alex placed me on my back and spread my legs, took lubricant and started lubricating my hole then he squeezed some lubricant on my hand and let me lubricate his cock. I was rubbing lubricant over his cock-head and shaft and feeling excitement through my body making me shiver. He placed his cock on my hole, rubbed it a bit and then pushed inside.  Only his cock-head penetrated as he   stopped for a moment as I was moaning. Then he pulled out making me moan even more and repeated that several times. Every time his penetration was a bit deeper. First I moaned from pain and then I moaned from pleasure. Every time he pushed in it was feeling more comfortable.

Then he pushed strongly and I could feel my body being violated with sweet pain moving through my stomach and along my spine. I screamed and was holding his arms. He gave me soft kiss and slowed down, pulled a bit and then started accelerating and his balls were loudly slapping my buns every time he pushed to the end. Pain turned to a complete pleasure.

My cock got hard again and was dripping precum. He continued very fast and I screamed in pleasure before my cum sprayed all over my chest and neck. He screamed soon after that and pushed in brutally before his cum started filling my hole. I was shivering and breathing fast and sweat was dripping from my hair. He pushed hard several times while moaning loudly then stopped and started kissing me. My legs slumped on his waist. His cock was still inside, and he slowly pulled it out. I reached my hole with my hand and could feel his sperm dripping out slowly. I cannot describe that feeling – just great. Having sex with Alex was getting better every time we have met. He did not feel like a gay – more like a straight bloke. I liked it.

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Falling in love

We cuddled and kissed and fell asleep. Some time later I woke up with my head on his shoulder and his arm over my waist. His body was warm and comforting. I moved my back closer to him and could feel his cock. Touched my stomach and was feeling very warm thinking that his semen is now inside me. I have never had that feeling since my first time when it was raw as well. I got closer to him to feel his chest on my back. Did I found my man? I belong to him as his semen is inside me. Then his cock started moving and getting hard. Smell of a dry cum was floating around as we did not shower after our first fuck.

He got full erection now and started stretching and then kiss landed on my neck. He moaned and placed his cock between my legs rubbing my balls. My cock got hard immediately and I kissed his arm resting under my head. He started rubbing my hole with his cock and response was great as I could feel my hole opening. He grabbed my shoulders and quickly penetrated with a force. I wish my hole is always wet and ready and moaned but did not want to stop him to get some lubricant. He was deep inside me now and pain slowly faded. My legs were resting on his waist and moving up and down as he was pushing in and out of my hole. OMG I loved having sex with this man. His balls were slapping my buns, he turned me on my stomach  and managed to get even deeper. It was very long session and I came on sheets under me while he continued and then moaned as his semen was filling my body. He slumped on top of me and kiss my neck. It took a while before his cock softened and slide outside my hole.

“You are beautiful”

“Thanks Sir. I like you a lot”

“I know. I like you too. And that is my problem”

“Why problem Sir?”

“I will explain to you during breakfast. Time to get up and have a breakfast before I start my busy schedule for the day”

He gently tapped my buns and took me to shower. What does he want to explain to me? Maybe he is with someone else? Bedsheet was completely wet under my stomach and I started feeling it as cum started cooling. We finished showering and helped each other drying with the towel. I was touching my hole under water stream – it was a bit sore from sex and I had sensation as something is still inside. He was dressed when I got out of the shower. I dressed quickly, and we left his apartment soon to have a breakfast out.


“What year are you at university?

“First. I made a gap between High School and Uni”

“Your folks are at country-side?”

“Yes. Farm”

“You have a boyfriend?”

“No. I am single”

“I am single too. Most of gay guys are… However… I work for a big multinational company and will be leaving Sydney on Tuesday morning. Heading to Singapore for at least two years assignment”

“I see…”

“Meaning we cannot continue with our affair. I really got to like you…”

“I understand… I too… like you…”

We finished breakfast in silence. He paid and we went to the garage, picked his car up and he gave me lift home. He pulled a small parcel from glovebox after we arrived and handed it to me and gave me a quick kiss.

“I should not take it Sir”

“Don’t be silly. It is a gift from my heart. Sorry about it finishing this way. I was not just with you for having sex. I guess this is many gay guys destiny. Please take it”

Thank you” – I quickly left the car with tears in my eyes. It is over

Walked in my apartment. Flat-mates were still sleeping. Sunday morning – quiet. I was shattered. Made myself a coup of a coffee. Unpacked his gift – latest Dell laptop. Card with a message: “I really like you and am sorry we cannot continue. Wish you all the best and happiness.” I was holding off my tears. Walked in my room and realized there is $500 in my pocket. Thought I should call him and tell him that I am not a prostitute or gay escort. No, leave it – money will be more than helpful till I get another part time job. Maybe I am … gay sex worker – escort slash prostitute. Tears were dropping…

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