Meet me in “357” – Part 2 – Lunch-time

For those who don’t know – “357” is a gay sauna in Sydney. It is located in Sydney CBD and attracts many gay people. Lunch time is among busiest times in the sauna.

Morning after my first visit to gay sauna I woke up quite early and way before my alarm went off. Last night experience was very different from all my previous encounters. I was stretching in my bed and still feeling his presence deep inside my body. I even checked my hole in bathroom. It was a bit weird really.

Coffee was refreshing, and I started thinking about daily issues and my study at the university. One flatmate came to the kitchen and we chatted for a while before I had to pack and leave. Thursdays schedule at university is quite busy and demanding so I forgot about last night and get on with daily routine.

I got back home Thursday evening and both flatmates were already at home. Brian asked where I went previous night and I told him where I went and what happened briefly.

“You bitch! Good for you! He must be good as you seem very excited talking about it. Did he give you his phone number?”

Jealous flatmates

Brian is a bottom like me but more sort of masculine than myself. Our third flatmate, George is gay too, but he does not mind bringing a girl home sometimes – well meaning he is a Bi rather than gay, I guess. He is dominant butch. I was happy to share my experience with someone as I could not just put it behind as with previous brief encounters. I went to bed early that evening and stood in front of a mirror in my room checking my hole. My body was pretty much hairless and very white as I am not beach going person.

I remember him saying that he likes guys who shave their pubic hair. I checked my pubic hair and decided it is too early to shave it again. My cock got hard as I was checking myself. Yeah, he also liked smell and taste of my precum. Yay me! I pulled my long foreskin to check my cock-head. It was very red and was not any thicker than the shaft unlike his that was much bigger than the shaft. Yes, I did have a wank before going to bed.


Planning next visit to gay sauna

I have only two classes at university on Friday mornings and am free after 11 am. I walked out of the university building and day was cloudy and windy. It is walking distance from Central Railway Station and I usually stop to get something to eat before catching train to go home. It started raining just before I got in café. I ordered my meal and was thinking about Weekend that just started.

Not many options were available as my budget for this month was very tight – stopped working in café in Newtown last week so my bank account was under pressure. Rent is due this Weekend and some bills should arrive soon. That mean staying at home over Weekend. Oh, how about meeting Alex at 357 sauna?

He said he is there regularly around 12:30 pm every day. I had more than enough time to walk to the sauna. If he does not turn up today I will not be able to go in as entry fee would be too much for me to pay. He said he will pay for me to get in if I turned up. Should I do that? I was feeling a bit cheap and uncomfortable with him paying my entrance fee. However, I was feeling urge to meet him again. To feel him.

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Yes, I will go. Paid my bill and went out on a wet and windy day. I arrived to the front of 357 around 12:20 pm and was a bit nervous standing in front of the door, feeling that everyone is staring at me and knowing where I am intending to go. It was 12:35 pm and he was not there. How much longer should I wait? Just as I was about to leave and start walking to the Central Station Alex appeared right in front of me.

“I knew you will come for more” he said and opened the front door.

“I don’t have money for the entry fee. Am sorry….” Feeling embarrassed

“I will take care of that. Just come in, I am not going to wait here forever. Have only one-hour break” he said and started walking upstairs. I followed.

He paid for the entry and the guy on the counter gave me a smirk as he was handing over towel and locker key. We proceeded to the locker room and undressed. Locker room was quite busy with people coming to spend their lunch break cruising and looking for a quick sex. I undressed quickly, wrap my towel around my waist before pulling down my undies and looked towards Alex. He was not rushing and let his tool flash after pulling down his briefs before he wrapped his strong body in the towel and walked towards showers.

We showered next to each other and he soaped my back and buns. My cock started to grow, and I was embarrassed that everyone in showers can see that so I stepped out and pulled my towel to cover my cock. He stepped out too, took his towel but did not wrap it around his waist. He took my hand and started walking toward spa. Spa in 357 is not particularly big but is exposed being opposite showers. Two guys were already in the spa far apart from each other.


Some fun in the spa of a gay sauna

“Just relax. Nothing is wrong with having erection in sauna”.

We jumped in the spa and I was happy to hide my erection under the water. I could feel other looking at us but somehow was not too disturbed by that. He put his arm around me and played with my nipples. My face was red and burning. Everyone is watching! He pulled me towards him and now I was resting on his knee.

“I want to go upstairs please” I whispered on his ear.

He took my hand again and we got out of the spa. I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist and he did the same with his. His cock was not fully erected but was much larger than under the shower. He led me upstairs and asked if I want anything to eat or drink. I declined his offer saying that I just had a lunch. We walked through corridor till we found cubicle with wide vinyl bed that was covering the whole width of the box on the ground. We walked in and he locked the door. I took my towel off and started drying my wet body, but he stopped me, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards him to give me wet kiss with his tongue pushing deep into my mouth.

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Going upstairs

He then pushed me down on my knees and dropped his towel. His cock was semi-erected. I started licking his cock-head and his balls and then took his cock in my mouth. His cock hardened slowly as he was guiding my head to push it deep into my mouth. I chocked a bit but continue as he was massaging my neck and shoulders and then reaching down to my buns and fingering my hole. He reached for lubricant and slapped it over my hole and pushed his finger deeper as I was busy sucking his cock. My hole was opening and I could feel two fingers in it stretching it as I moaned but not dropping his cock out of my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me on the bed with my face down laying on my stomach. He spread my legs and massaged my buns then leaned over me placing his cock between my legs and strongly massaged my neck and shoulders. I was feeling relaxed and could feel my precum on my stomach. He slapped more lubricant on my hole and then I felt his cock head spreading it and penetrating. I moaned as his big head pushed in. He gently pressed deeper

“Please put condom on Sir” I moaned.

“I will not cum inside and I don’t release any precum” he said but stopped pushing in.

His cock was half way inside me and my body slowly relaxed around it. I wanted his cum inside me but could not take the risk. I was scared he will get angry if I insist on using condom but decided it is the only way to go. He looked healthy but it could be deceiving.

Condom or Raw?

“Please Sir! I fear having unprotected sex. I am sorry Sir

“No problems, this is just foreplay but I will use condom” – he did not sound angry. “Don’t worry will not get you pregnant” he laughed and pulled out as my hole popped when his head got outside.

How did he know that sometimes when I fantasise about raw sex I sort of imagine being impregnated? Nobody knows about that. It is my secret never shared with anybody else. I could feel warmth in my body thinking about being made pregnant by this potent stud. He turned me on side facing him and we were kissing as he pressed his body against mine. His cock was rubbing my tummy and chest and my cock was dripping precum like never. I just hoped I will not blow too early but was not as tense as last time.

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“You fuck without condom often Sir?


“When was the last time?

“Some weeks ago. He was on PrEP”

“Have you tested since last time fucking raw Sir?”

“I test regularly but not since then. I told you that he was on PrEP meaning it was safe”

Getting Relaxed

He pulled me strongly towards him and placed his cock between my legs. I moaned quietly as his cock-head was rubbing my hole.

“You love feeling of my cock rubbing your boy-pussy”

“I do Sir”

He turned on his back and I was laying on top of him with his cock between my legs. My head was resting on his shoulder and I was very relaxed and enjoying touch of his warm body. My hands rubbed his chest. He slowly forced his cock-head in my hole. My body was relaxed, and I enjoyed little pain of his penetration. He pushed deeper but not very forcefully. I enjoyed it and my resistance to being it unsafe slowly faded away.

“I will not cum inside”

His cock-head massaged my prostate gently and then pushed strongly and I could feel sweet pain as he was reaching deep inside my body. He accelerated as I was leaning over him and my cock was dangling wildly on every push. My moaning became louder and louder. I could feel my body completely conquered. Sperm started spreading from my cock uncontrollably all over his chest and face and I screamed in ecstasy and pleasure. He continued pumping and then pulled out and his cum started splashing my buns and my balls. He kept his promise and did not cum inside.

He did not cum in!

My body slammed on bed next to him. I was breathing fast. We laid quietly for some time. I watched his cock still erect and then slowly softening.

“Where can I get PrEP Sir?”

“Sexual Health and HIV Clinic. You are keen to feel some cum in your tummy! Make sure you get contraception as well. Ha Ha.

He kissed me and got up and rubbed my cum from his chest.

“Time to get back to work”

We walked out of the cubicle holding hands, showered and proceeded to the locker room. He dressed quickly and before leaving placed his business card and some money in my locker.

“Oh, please don’t Sir. I am not…”

“I know that you are a student. No, you are not… See you again and don’t forget PrEP”

He tapped my buns and walked out. I finished dressing, took his business card and money and put it quickly in my pocket hoping that nobody has seen what happened.

Rain has stopped but wind was still strong and cold. I was feeling hot despite my jacket not being buttoned. A few steps from the door I pulled his business card and money out of my pocket. He left me $200. My feeling about that was mixed – guilty and dirty but also happy that my financial worries for managing through next week are sorted. Does this make me a …? Oh, it is so confusing. Cannot share this secret with my flatmate.


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