Meet me in “357” – Part 1 – The first time in 357

Hello, my name is Marcus. A country-boy moved to study in Sydney. Almost a year after moving to Sydney and settling in shared apartment in Newtown I have discovered mysterious world of “357” gay sauna in the city. Since then I am regular visitor and have some experience to share with those interested. Well, as you know, gay people go to gay sauna to have gay sex. I guess I did not need to make that silly statement.


It was miserable evening and flatmates were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. I was just horny and keen for some action. Certainly determined to get out. Where to go? Went on Google to check on gay clubs and bars and among other things saw some information on gay saunas in the town. Wow, I have been in Sydney for almost a year and have not gone to any of gay saunas so far. I have never been to a gay sauna in my life. Yeah, why not.

gay-erotica-sauna-01“357” gay sauna is not too far from the Central Station in Sydney and I was walking fast to warm up in that miserable cold evening. I started feeling a bit anxious as I was getting close. What to expect? What to do? Just hoping that paying entry fee that would put some pressure on my student budget will not be a waste. Stopped for a few moments on the street opposite the entry, hesitated and then crossed it and went through big door and then walked upstairs to the entry. The guy at the counter was very pleasant (I guess that is part of his job) and I quickly got my locker key and a towel.


I am not particularly shy person, but I was feeling a bit uneasy in the locker room having to strip down. It was not very busy. Only a couple of guys were around, one in his thirties and one in his fifties. I mostly have sex with guys around my age but I met some older guys than that and enjoyed it so I am not too concerned about the age of my partner (unless it is very big difference).

I wrapped towel around my waist before taking my briefs off. Found my way from the locker room to the area with showers and spa. Two guys were in the spa and one was having a shower. I had a shower before leaving but I know that one should have a shower after getting in sauna. Let’s do it then. Walked in the shower area, took my towel and hanged it and opened the water. Guy who was showering was in his thirties, well built with strong body and well hung. I adjusted water and got some washing liquid while standing under stream. Started rubbing soap under my armpits and looking towards the wall. Just as I started feeling a bit more relaxed someone’s hand touched my buns. It was the other guy who was in shower when I arrived.

Showers encounter

–              “Need some help with soaping?”

His voice was deep and calm and controlling somehow. He did not wait for the answer and started rubbing soap on my waist and my bottom.

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“I like boys who shave their pubic hair” he commented while rubbing soap on my stomach.

I blushed and was feeling uncomfortable and did not know what to do. I did not mind that bloke but decided to sort of ignore him and grabbed my towel before washing soap off my body. Stepped out of showers and wrapped towel quickly around my waist to hide my fast-coming erection. I walked upstairs and spotted a bench. Nobody was on the bench, so I set down trying to slow my breathing. I was a bit confused as I was pleased to get attention so quickly but did not expect anyone to approach me so directly. Silly me, what else would you expect in a gay sauna. I mean everyone is here with the same objective – sex – so why wasting time. I did like the guy and was sort of regretting walking away from him. Well, there are many more around, walking with just towel around their waist. Calm down and try to get most of the evening.

Getting some courage to explore

I am not sure for how long I was on the bench. Few other guys came to the bench and then got up and disappeared in the dark corridor leading to it. Place was not very busy but it was not deserted either. I guess it is normal for Wednesday evening. It was interesting observing the crowd walking around. I noticed that quite many guys were Asians and that most of visitors were in their thirties and forties.


Finally, I got courage to get up and walk into the darkish corridor. Let’s explore the place I thought. Some guys were just standing and some were laying on vinyl covered beds in the cubicles on the right side. I continued to the end of the corridor and then turned left and continued before going upstairs where  more cubicles were to be found and some rooms for public sex with slings etc.

Top floor is occupied by nice café with reasonable prices. Walked down one level and started cruising. I stopped in front of one of the cubicles and just as I was thinking about guy from the showers he appeared around the corner and walked toward me and entered the cubicle and stood there rubbing his cock under the towel. I started feeling heat in my face and did not know where to look and what to do. He walked to the cubicle door, grabbed my arm and said

Second encounter

“You are waiting for me?”

I looked down to the floor and he pulled me gently but firmly in the cubicle and closed the door behind us.

His arm was around my waist pulling me close to his body and he started kissing me. His other hand pulled my towel down and let if drop on the floor. I could feel him massaging my buns and slowly pushing finger into my hole. My cock was immediately rock solid. He was not erected but I could feel his large cock under his towel. He let me go for a moment and dropped his towel on the floor.

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– “I am Alex. What is your name?”

– Marcus – managed to say

He took his towel from the floor and placed it on the vinyl bed, took my arm and pushed me on the bed then started playing with my cock and balls while spreading my legs. I could feel his mouth on my cock

“Your precum tastes nice”

I got my hand on his cock that was erect now and showing its full size and strength. His big cock-head popped out from the foreskin and was very big. My foreskin is much longer and I have to pull my foreskin back to let my cock-head out.

He pulled my head towards his cock and pushed it in my mouth. He did not have any precum. He moved my head gently and then pushed his cock deep into my mouth and throat making me choke. Pushed me towards the wall on the bed and lay down next to me. We were on our sides facing each other and he raised my left leg and pushed his cock between my legs touching my hole. I moaned as his head rubbed my hole.

“You like it” he said and continue rubbing

My body slowly was turned so I was laying on my back with my legs spread and he was leaning on top of me pressuring my hole stronger and stronger while kissing me passionately. He briefly got off the bed and filled his hand with lubricant. He spread my legs in the air and started lubricating my hole while I was moaning. He put some lubricant on his cock and grabbed my legs, raised them in the air and placed his cock on my hole. I could feel pressure of his cock and pain when his head started penetrating me.

“Please use condom Sir” – I did not think it is wise to have unprotected sex with a total stranger in gay sauna. Bare sex is more pleasant for me but being in sauna made me a bit concerned about sex without condom.

No bareback please

I was in panic that he will continue penetrating me without condom and did not know what to do if that happens. As every pure bottom I dream about being fucked raw but I always insist on safe sex. He reached for a condom from dispenser on the wall, opened it and rolled it over his cock. I started feeling relaxed but realised how big is his tool. I am constantly horny but don’t have sex much and was a bit tense about the size of his tool. It would be fine if he is gentle starter.

He lubricated his condom and put some more lubricant on my hole before taking my legs up in the air and spreading them again. His cock was rubbing my hole for a while before he pushed himself inside. I moaned loudly and try to push him away as penetration was rather painful

Gentle penetration

  • “I don’t want to hurt you” he said and slowed down for a while.

I started relaxing a bit and he made slow moves penetrating me deeper and deeper. A then could feel his balls touching my hole while his cock was firmly inside me. We kissed passionately, and his movements became stronger making me moan every time he reached deep inside me. I was about to blow and was trying to hold it back. He sensed it and squeezed my cock and balls and pulled out.

  • “Not yet bitch” he said “Sex is not short distance race boy”
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It worked, and my pulsating cock did not blow. I was feeling embarrassed but relieved. He laid behind me so we were resting on our sides and raised my leg and pushed his cock slowly in but then made a strong push and I moaned very loudly. It was painful but it was a sweet pain. It was so great I could not believe it is happening to me. He accelerated his moves and hold my hands off my cock. It worked for some time but then my cock just exploded and my cum started spraying the wall on side of the bed. I don’t think I have ever cum so much. I was screaming in relief and pleasure. He pushed several more times and then pulled out, took condom off and pushed his cock in my mouth. His hot cum started filling my mouth and I started choking and coughing. My first time to swallow just happened. It was strange feeling his sperm sliding down my throat and going to my stomach. Smell of his sperm was somehow different from mine. I was very pleased with this new (for me) type of gay sex. He was obviously in control of his ejaculation – unlike myself.

Invitation – maybe even a date!

We laid down for some time next to each other. He then suddenly got up, wrapped towel around his waist and stood next to the bed.

“I come here regularly during my lunch breaks. Would be nice to meet again”

  • I am a student Sir and cannot afford to pay entrance fee so often. This is my first visit
  • “I will take care of that. If you want to meet I arrive here around 12:30 pm
  • OK

It was pleasant after all

Door opened and he left. I was laying on the bed and feeling tired but very happy. Someone tried to get in the cubicle and I realised that people can see me from the corridor. I quickly got up, wrapped towel around my waist and went downstairs to have a shower. Got to the locker room, dressed up, handed my towel and locker key back to the guy on the counter and went out on the street.

Wind was cold but I was feeling warm walking towards the Central Train Station. I could feel his cock inside me and my hole was bruised but it was sweet feeling. Walked back to my room and miserable night turned into something great. That was my very first sex experience in a gay sauna. There is something erotic about having sex in a place that is neither public or private.


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