Tomás Márquez by Adrián C. Martin

Often, human beings are found in the pursuit of happiness. We work 9 to 5 jobs to earn money to buy materialistic things we consider a source of our happiness until something new or latest comes along.

This model Tomás Márquez a healthy fitness young man photographed by lensman Adrián C. Martín. To become a sexy portrait, Tomás is wearing PUMP! Underwear for your eyes only.

What we overlook is often the most important thing for a happy and peaceful life. We often compromise our physical and mental health to run for a living and all its temptations.

When you love yourself for what you are and what you are not, life becomes so much easier. Instead of comparing yourself to others for things that cannot be changed, learn to appreciate what you have and who you are.

Take proper care of your personal hygiene as it is essential for a healthy life. Make sure to take necessary steps in order to observe proper hygiene for your body. Like Tomás is a proper example of he’s taking care of his fitness body.









Photos: Adrian C. Martin @adriancmartin

Model: Tomás Márquez
Underwear: PUMP! Underwear @pumpunderwear

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