Blonde – Cute & Hot

Blonde people are less and less numerous on the planet. The blend between men and women of different origins are nos more frequent with the globalization and the emigration. The result being a generation of people with brown hair.


Originally blond hair people often paired with blue eyes come from countries of Northern Europe, like Scandinavian and Baltic Sea countries. The center being the countries located around the Baltic Sea where the ratio of light hair can reach 80% of the population. Then the darkness increase progressively when you move away of this area. You have still an important proportion of blonde hair in countries like England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Finland Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine Lithuania and Belarus. When it comes to France the ration of blonde and light brown hair is 26%.In Spain 17% of the population is blonde in the North and only 2% in the South. Italy is about 12%.


The ratio in North America is around 10%..

In this post you will find several blonde guys and we are sure that you will find them handsome and sexy. Just let us know.


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