Hot, Ripped and Tanned at Boyz Town

Due to popular demand here is another erotic story. This time from Asia

It was very late on a Saturday night. I had just finished a delicious seafood dinner in Jomtien with some friends. They were all being boring and didn’t want to go out and headed home. I was bored, alone, a little drunk and feeling horny. I saw a baht bus heading toward Pattaya so jumped on it. Rattling along the way all I could think about was finding a ripped, tanned Thai guy to fuck. I’m versatile but that night I just wanted to be dominate and fuck some tight Thai ass. When I got there I headed straight for Boyz Town. There were quite a few guys around, so I settled into a bar and started drinking some Singha beer hoping that I would find a nice guy who wanted to get their ass banged hard.

A drink waiter came over and asked to sit with me. I said “sure why not”. He was not really my type, too white and too feminine but he was friendly and had a nice smile. We got talking about all the usual stuff and I bought him a few drinks. It was enjoyable sitting with him. Time passed quickly and it was already 2am. As I looked around I could see people heading home and the soi was thinning out quickly. None of the guys around attracted my eye and was thinking that I had missed out. I decided I would just go home and wank and started walking off down the soi.

Towards the end of the soi it was quite dark, there were just a few people around. As I walked onto the main street someone touched me on the shoulder from behind. I looked around and a gorgeous Thai guy was standing there and he said “hey hi”. He was hot, ripped and tanned! He was wearing tight dark blue jeans and a white tshirt. He was perfect!! My hormones went into overdrive and my dick went rock hard. We got talking and I asked straight out if he wanted to fuck. He said “yeah lets do it”. No time to waste, we headed to a short term hotel off the soi.

We got to our room… I took control and started kissing him and took off his tshirt. His body was so hot, I just wanted to lick every square inch of it. I unbuttoned my jeans and my hard dick sprung out from my undies. He immediately went down on his knees and started sucking me off. I grabbed his head and face fucked him. It felt so good!

I pulled him up and started sucking his nipples and slowly moved towards the button of his jeans. I then headed towards his hard dick pressed against the tight denim. I sucked his dick through his jeans and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. His dick literally exploded out of his undies as I took all 6 inches of it deep into my mouth.

As with me, he face fucked me. I moved my attention to his balls and then up under to his ass. His ass had a light covering of black hair in his crack. I licked every inch of it, over and over again. Finally I focused on his tight cherry hole. He started rubbing the side of my face and said “just fuck me!” I said I need a condom, he said “don’t worry about it just fuck my ass”. I bent him over and rubbed my dick over his crack, finally focusing on his hole. He said “do it!” I thrust it up there, he moaned loudly but it went in first go. I fucked his Thai ass slowly to start off with and then ripped into him. I pounded his ass for a good 10 minutes and then pulled out. As I did he looked back, I grabbed his head and exploded over his face. He exploded all over the bed at the same time. His ass was so tight which made it so good!. We embraced and fell to the bed and instantly feel asleep holding each other.

When I awoke he was holding me, his dick was hard and pressed up my ass. It felt so good and warm. But I didn’t want to be fucked then, so I pushed him over and started sucking him off. I moved my dick up over his head and we both sucked each other in the 69 position. It didn’t take long and we both cum over each other. He told me he has to hang out with a friend today, I said “why don’t we do something adventurous today, we can all hang out together”. He said “yeah, let’s do that” so we got up and had a shower together. After the shower I made him a coffee and we started talking. I felt bad as I didn’t even know his name, so I asked. His name is Tae. He then said “let’s go and meet my friend” with a big smile.

As we were walking out the door I thought of vinapu from Gay Thailand forum for a second who would have luved what happened last night as hes into shirtless, ripped Thai guys wearing tight jeans.

Sunday brought about a unexpected gay threesome on a beach.


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