A sexy Italiano living in London – This is Luca Thanks to Alisson Marks

Italian male model Luca Scarpa posing so so freaking sexy thanks to photographer Alisson Marks, who definitely made our 2017 a very good year, because he presents series of sexy men, the most gorgeous Italian men on earth you would never seen before – unless you travel to Milan.

The work of Alisson proves to anyone that Italian boys does artistic erotica photos, and does fashion, his partnership with stylist Stefano Guerrini proves so many times that they can do both, erotica and fashion as well.

So we have this stallion posing so very sexy Luca Scarpa a young man who’s living in London, but his heart belongs to Pavia Italy, a well studied young man – Maths PhD at UCL and globe-trotter who enjoys the passion of healthy and stay with good vibes.

Alisson Marks shooting -exclusive for Fashionably Male – will make you moan, because the snaps you’re about to see are to make people moan, so we have to say that thanks for reading this words, and this work is not possible without the location of @a.drama.king.







Happy New Year 2018 🥂

Photographer Alisson Marks @alisson_marks_photographer
Model Luca Scarpa @lucascarpa91

Source: https://fashionablymale.net/2017/12/29/a-sexy-italiano-living-in-london-this-is-luca-thanks-to-alisson-marks/

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