Are Men in Crop-Top Sexy?

The usage of Crop Top started already a long time ago and was introduced by men for men in the gym. The weight lifters were the first to start as the gym dress code didn’t allow men to practice shirtless. So in the early 70’s so they crop their T-Shirt to hide their breast but to free their abs for a better ventilation. Then other athletes followed the movement : track and field, cross country running and amateur football. The truth about the crop top movement is that it has existed since the 1970s. The cropped shirt was originally created by men for men and was part of men’s fashion for years before women began wearing them. The golden age was in the 80’s and it also appeared in the women guard robe. Nowadays the crop taps are less used and in the gym one can see more and more stringer TopTank.

Well, it all depends on what is underneath I guess.


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