Lioz Haroush in new hot pics by Eran Levi

Eran Levi belongs to this new and fresh generation of fashion photographers where they capture great boys with so much potential. Known by some as one of the most ‘hipster’ cities in the world, Tel Aviv boasts a growing community of fashionistas or devoted fashion followers.

You have no idea how much material we possess where beautiful men based in Tel Aviv are captured by many guys like Eran Levi.

On this special occasion, I want to introduce you to Lioz Haroush, a model boy represented by the agency Passion Management.

Eran were prepared a lighting set appropriate to receive Lioz at the studio, where a warm, romantic, and red hot spotlights can be reflected in the photos. They have an aesthetic that Eran manages lately when he’s working in the studio, the shadows and lights fall on the body of Lioz.

Lioz gives us the service of being a fascinating boy, and that awakens us the interest of seeing it again and again.

That’s why we always look at Lioz because the images are splendid.



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