Wander Aguiar Portraits Killer Session with ‘Hottie with a Body’ Forest Harrison

Comments like: “Great work!”, “love your work!”, “amazing photos!”, “creative, nice work”, from people who loved and feeling inspired by the work of photographer Wander Aguiar, that we have followed his photographic career for a little more than 4 years and still wonder how good is Wander behind the lens.? Damn pretty good!

His mantra is “I try to use my experience as a former model to bring out the best in each model I work with. Being a model is beyond just having a beautiful face, you have to perform and show a different personality and attitude no matter what you have on”. And yes fellas this handsome photographer from Belo Horizonte used to be a model back in the days.







Photography Wander Aguiar
Instagram @wanderaguiar_photography
Model Forest Harrison @forestsofficial.

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