Gay Beaches in Europe

It is holiday season in the northern hemisphere. Time to head to the nearest beach and enjoy. Here are some ideas


Nudist Beaches of Sitges – Barcelona – Spain

SITGES has a total of 22 beaches, from which 3 are nudist. The nudist beaches of Sitges are located both at each end of the village.

The first one, called Playa de las Balmins, used to be straight exclusive. With the time and wide acceptance of the gay community by the locals, it became mixed. Playa de las Balmins has a little restaurant with a sea view. The first two sections of the beach are the main nude gay areas. Although it is encouraged to get nude, it is not mandatory, meaning nobody will force you to take off your clothes. This beach is small compared to the other non-naturist beaches in Sitges, even though it is still located close to the city center. It is a fifteen-minute walk from the church.

The Second beach is called Platja d’Aiguadolç and it is another fifteen-minute walk from Playa de las Balmins. It is also a mixed beach, and also not mandatory nudism. Very often both beaches are confused with each other due to its proximity, or simply called Playa de las Balmins together.

The third beach, Playa del Muerto, or Dead Man’s Beach, lives up to its name. It is a bit further from the city center, around an hour by foot. Playa del Muerto is of hard access. First, it takes a 45 minutes walk from the city center until L’Atlantida, the club on the south part of the city. From there you have two options: the short way and the long way. The short way there involves a steep path down a cliff on the left side.  On the long way, taking by the right side you will encounter rail tracks, which you will walk along side with. Doesn’t sound bad until you see the yellow signs warning the 140km/h speed limit for trains. After a few meters there is a snack bar, from where starts an easier path down to the beach.  The younger men tend to stay on the most visible places, while the older ones stay around the cove area. Behind the tracks there are woods known as a popular area for cruising.  Cruising in the gay community means looking for a sex partner, of the casual, one night stand type. The trip down to Playa del Muerto is worth spending the day, since it takes a while to reach it. Just make sure to come back before sunset, the rail tracks might not be that safe in the dark! To make sure you can enjoy a day at Playa del Muerto and the other beaches Sitges has to offer, consider staying for a few days!

Its friendly atmosphere makes of Balmin the most relaxed beach of the area. It is also one of the main stages of Sitges Bear Week, in September.

gay travel guide Spain-01


Elia Beach, Mykonos – Greece

Elia is one of the largest beaches on Mykonos island and the most gay-popular. This sandy beach is well-managed with many good quality sun beds and shades for rent.

At the righthand end (assuming you’re facing the sea), you’ll see a rainbow flag. The area between the water sports rental section and the flag gets increasingly gay-popular. The sandy quality above and below the waterline is at its best in this area.

Beyond the rocky outcrop towards the very end (beyond the rainbow flag) is a second beach that is almost entirely gay with some nudism. Further behind is a much smaller sandy cove that is mostly occupied by gay nude sunbathers.

Sun beds and shades are available for rent. Customers can expect an efficient ‘at seat’ drinks and food service. A selection of sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, salads are cooked to order at the nearby Arte & Mare Resort restaurant and, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delivered by runners to your bed.

Buying food and drinks from the beach staff is a great way of securing front-row sun loungers reservations for the following day. There is also an excellent beach restaurant in the middle of the main beach, serving a wide selection of fish and meat dishes.

Elia Beach is generally quiet in the morning with people arriving around lunchtime and leaving in the evening. After 5pm, the rocky area beyond the beaches becomes very cruisy. The only privacy is behind stone walls, and even then you are definitely taking chances with the exceptionally prickly bushes that cover the rocks.


We hope you are enjoying your holidays and would be very happy if you share holiday ideas with us. Send us your suggestions and we will publish it.




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