Pretty face – Jacob Dooley by Hayden Su

The phrase, “he’s more than just a pretty face” has never been more appropriate than when you’re talking about Jacob Dooley. This gorgeous guy is like an onion. Every time you peel away a layer, there’s a new interesting layer beneath. Well read, intelligent, multitalented, funny, intriguing and sensational are all words to describe Jacob.




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LGBT China - Teaching kids about same-sex relationships in sex education book

Mon Mar 13 , 2017
A new inclusive sex education textbook has received mixed opinions in China. The book, which is published by Beijing Normal University and is reportedly being used in at least 13 schools in the capital city, teaches children about intercourse, homosexuality, sexual abuse and gender equality. On one page of the book, […]
But LGBT groups, other parents, medical professionals and the Chinese media have all applauded the move, saying it is “long overdue”. “Giving our children more knowledge about sex will help them better protect themselves in the future,” one user of the site Weibo argues
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