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International Gay Guide – Best of 2016 – January


We hope you had great New Year Eve and crossed into 2017 with joy and happiness! To all our readers and followers and the whole international LGBT community we wish you very happy and successful 2017.

January is time for reflections, reviews and plans for the year that just started.

We are reviewing 2016 and presenting you the most popular articles published. This post is the review of January 2016.

International Gay Guide is trying to cover a wide range of topics as: Gay Travel, Gay Health, Fashion, LGBT Activism and rights, Gay Relationships and Entertainment. Although we have pretty good picture of what type of posts are the most popular, we encourage you to send us your views, opinions and suggestions.

Here are the most popular posts published during January 2016:

Fashion – Models – Photographers:

international gay guide - fashion

gay models and photographers presenting men underwear

Gay Arts:

international gay guide arts collection

Gay health, sex and education:

international gay guide - first time anal sex - gay health

understanding homosexuality, gay sexual behaviour, gay social behaviour

gay sex taboo topics

Homosexuality through history:

international gay guide to history of homosexuality

Gay travel:

gay travel review, gay hotels international, international gay guide to gay asian travel

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