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Gay couple face homophobic abuse as vile anti-gay article goes viral in Singapore

Originally published by – ATTITUDE


A gay couple in Singapore have been suffering from homophobic abuse after an image of the pair kissing went viral in a homophobic opinion article



A gay couple have been experiencing homophobic abuse after an image of the pair kissing on a Singapore Metro train was shared on a local news site.

Melinda, a contributor for the site, took a photo of the couple on the train and wrote a homophobic ‘opinion’ article on All Singapore Stuff.

“I respect everyone’s rights, but this is simply disgusting in a public space,” she wrote.

The resident claimed that homosexuals “should be thankful that they have their annual Pink Dot,” Singapore’s equivalent to Pride, before stating that she didn’t reveal the couple’s faces “out of kindness.”

“What if my children saw this and asked – mummy, why are the two men kissing? Would I have to answer and say it’s the same as normal love and marriage, the only difference is that one man opens his buttocks for the other man to put his private part inside but in the end no babies come out, they only get AIDS!”

“Most people in Singapore already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention,” she added.

“What more do they want? Gay sex parties? Gay parades? To be able to teach kids about gay sex? Homosexual relationships are not normal and therefore will never be equal to a real marriage between a man and a woman.”

Since the articles publication, the article has been nearly 80,000 times on Facebook and nearly 3,000 times on Twitter resulting in one of the men in the photo recognising it.

Peter Eggenhuizer from Australia has spoken out on the hate he’s received, revealing that the article has caused him stress and anxiety.

“I felt mortified and violated,” he explained.

“To rub salt into the wound, the author went on to attack my act of love and affection. But I feel the need to rise above it and raise awareness that this is unacceptable.”

Homosexuality is still illegal in Singapore but Eggenhuizen believes that many Singaporeans are supportive of the LGBT community.

“In many countries homosexuality is still illegal and this could have real and dangerous consequences. I will continue to spread my love and do it my way. Spread love, not hate.”


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