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My sexual escapades with Alex over the past couple of months have been really hot.

Alex and I did receive a few offers for company last night in Byron Bay and as usual 90% of them read something like this:

Hey Dave, would love to play with you and Alex. Email me.

You are dreamin’!! It is too much effort to tell us a little bit about yourself? Include a photo or two? If you sent us a message that read like that, I probably didn’t even bother to read it all before deleting it. If you are too lazy to send through a photo of yourself, then I’m too lazy to organize for you to fuck Alex’s super tight arse.

Thankfully, some guys did send proper emails and Alex and I met up with two guys from the UK who are on a holiday and are in Byron for a week. One of the guys is a member of and reads this blog daily so he couldn’t believe it when Alex and I were passing through. The guys were a couple that play together, str8 acting, early 30’s, fit and loved speedos – perfect combination for a leg of our Sex Safari.

After exchanging pics and info we met the two English guys at Fishheads Restaurant which is a really nice spot. The two guys were a little older than us but not much and they were hot!! They were str8 acting which made Alex feel a little more comfortable and if anyone walked past our table they would have thought it was 4 str8 mates just having dinner… not the first act in a hardcore gay foursome.

Dinner ended pretty late and we had all had a few drinks and the four of us were getting along well. Alex and I had established a bit of a signal so he could tell me which of the guys he liked better which didn’t really require any signal by the end of dinner. We then went back to the guys room which was just a couple of blocks south.

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Walking in their hotel room, Alex and his English guy moved to the couch and started making out, I moved with the other English guy to the kitchen to make some drinks and we both started making out before we made it to the fridge. Everyone was pretty horny and pumped up with anticipation of what was to cum.

By the time I made it back out of the kitchen with some drinks, Alex’s belt and jeans were undone revealing his fully erect cock stretching the front of his black lycra speedos. The full erection might have been because his Enligh guys hand was rubbing the front of said black speedos. While in the kitchen I had managed to mention to my guy that I’d love for all three of us to fuck Alex and the English guy said that he had read my post about Alex’s Bucket List and they would be happy to comply. So after enjoying the show of Alex making out on the couch I interrupted and all four of us agreed that Alex should be fucked, one at a time, by the three of us.

We stood Alex up, he knelt on the couch facing it so he was pretty upright. One of the guys had grabbed some lube and condoms and the other guy had pulled Alex’s speedo down around his knees. We also put a towel on the couch since we didn’t expect Alex to be able to stand 3 of us fucking him without climaxing.

Now this was the view the three of us had…

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So the guy that I had been making out with, he removed his jeans to reveal a classic black AussieBum speedo. He pulled his cock out the leg of his speedo, put on a condom and mounted Alex. While this was going on, I had removed my jeans and the jeans of the guy that had been making out with Alex and we were both making out in our speedos – mine were my red Arena speedos, he was wearing a pair of blue classic AussieBums.

It was pretty hot sitting right next to Alex as he was being fucked. It didn’t take the English guy long before he he started thrusting deep into Alex and he started cumming. I love watching someones ‘O’ face!! It was just in time too because I think Alex was getting close.

After catching his breath the Englishman pulled out of Alex and it was my turn.

I was really horny and it took me maybe 5 deep strokes inside Alex before I came. He was definitely loosened up more than when we usually fuck but it didn’t matter. Having two guys watching was enough to send me over the edge very quickly.

That was two guys Alex had been fucked by, now it was time for his third in about 5 minutes and this was the guy that Alex had thought was pretty hot. I barely got my cock out of Alex and the 2nd English guy was on the couch with his cock out the leg of his speedos guiding his cock into Alex’s now used arse hole… and now Alex was begging for it!!


(Illustration by gay-guide-asia-and-cambodia)

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