Expat in Asia – Cambodian Tales – Part 4

Written by Richard


A big warm welcome back to all of you darling viewers. I’m still thrilled that you are so loyal and encouraging me to keep on blogging.  Even more fabby are my new viewers. I’m really going global. This week I welcome new viewers from Italy, China and the United Arab Emirates.  I love Italy…beautiful place, everyone so stylish and so many gorgeous Italian boys and those delicious sausages.  China is on my must see list.  I definitely wouldn’t mind getting my chop sticked.  The UAE…..midnight at the oasis, send your camel to bed…….I’ll be your belly dancer and you can be my sheik.

So, what a week it’s been!  Threats of flooding earlier last week had us all filling sandbags in readiness.  Thankfully the river just managed to keep it’s banks much to our relief.


Busy, busy, busy week both at River Queen and personally.  It’s such fun getting to meet so many different people.  Some recent highlight guests have included a gorgeous tall english lad (and his girlfriend……lovely girl but….).  Why are all the gorgeous boys straight?  A crazy Dame Edna Everage would be and a Charles Manson look a like.  As I said to my partner, “Thank God I just had my hair cut or he may have mistaken me for Sharon Tate!!  Seriously though viewers they are all wonderful in their many varied ways.

Our building work on our rooftop apartment is absolutely dragging along….the demolition work that was supposed to take 7 days only finished 2 days ago. That’s 8 days longer than quoted.  They have started building the outside walls and of course today I realised they had started building one incorrectly.  We specified a floor to ceiling window all across one wall and they started building a regular wall with small high window.  Thank god the mortar between the bricks hadn’t set so they are now working back late to correct their f*ck up.  One of the new laborers is just delicious……nothing more to say but feast your eyes on this boy…….And just to tease you viewers with his shirt off he is even more heavenly…..and his work mate is lot’s of fun too!

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We had an invitation to a cocktail party at the Rosana Cabaret….it’s so cool to be on the Siem Reap celebrity A list….Anyway not just a lovely evening but yummy canapes and delicious cocktails plus a chance to meet some of the fabby cast personally and catch up with some lovely ex pats.  A real bonus though was the surprise show they put on for all the guests.  Even more fabulous than our first viewing. The cast are relaxed and polished and just ooze personality on stage.  I want their set decorator to do some of his/her amazing work at River Queen…really and truly.

Remember as I always say…..stay stylish and be gorgeous until next time.
Y’all come back now – ya hear?

P.S….. the new promo pictures outside Blue Hatha are hot. I am not the only one who has noticed.  Well done guys and thanks for tuning in —–I’m here to help.



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