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Some statistics – LGBT UK – Proportion of LGB people grows


The Office for National Statistics, ONS, in the UK has reported that the proportion of young people that identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) has grown significantly from 2014-2015


The data, released s part of the ONS’s Annual Population Survey, shows that in 2014, 2.8% of young people identified themselves as LGB. This has increased to 3.3% in 2015. This represents around 242,000 young people in the UK.

The sexuality which has experienced the largest growth is bisexuality, rising from 1.3% in 2014 to 1.8%.


Stonewall, the UK’s leading LGBT rights charity, has said that one likely reason for the increase may be the high profile names which have come out as bisexual in recent years, including Miley Cyrus.

A spokesperson for Stonewall said: “We would hope that individuals who had previously felt pressured to conceal their bi identity now feel safer and more empowered to be open about how they identify.

“It’s a shame the data doesn’t account for those who identify outside of the binaries of lesbian, gay and bi, however.


“We know that many LGBT people prefer not to label their sexual orientation in such a way, and so their input in this research is lost.”

The survey also doesn’t include data on sexual attraction of sexual behaviour.

Also, the data released shows that the proportion of LGB people across all age ranges has increased, from 1.6% in 2014 to 1.7% in 2015. 93.7% identified as heterosexual, with the remainder either identifying themselves as “other”, “don’t know” or refusing to answer.


The countries in the UK do not have an even proportion of LGB people. Northern Ireland has the highest proportion, with 1.9%, followed by England with 1.8%, and then Scotland and Wales each have 1.6%.

There is also a gender divide over sexuality. Males are more likely to be homosexual or bisexual, with 2% of men identifying as one of the two, compared to only 1.5% of women.



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