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Gay Hentai Story

Thursday afternoon at Stephen’s place. Robert and Stephen discovered that doing homework together is much more fun. Their marks improved since they started recently
It all started during first term of year 12 when Robert and Stephen discovered each other at school excursion to Gold Coast. Both average students who were considered to be shy by their schoolmates. As such they were given the same room in hostel during excursion.
Robert was one that made the first step during that excursion. It was not in the hostel room but on the bus after first night. It was rainy and windy day and Robert offered his dry spare t-shirt to Stephen who was shivering after hopping on the bus. Everyone was excited and talking loudly and nobody noticed two shy boys seated towards rare end of the bus hugging after wet windy day.
Stephen who is more shy of the two really hated that excursion till that moment in the bus. He noticed Robert was looking at him often in the school but would not dare to even think about possibility that Rob could be gay and maybe interested in him. Excursion ended with two more sleepless nights for boys and nobody noticed as others had wild sleepless nights drinking and partying. Doing homework became the best opportunity for boys to stay together. It helped with their marks as well. Now they are talking about going to university together as well.

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