Azerbaijan – LGBT Events – OUTPUT FEST BAKU

Our friends from LGBT community of Azerbaijan and Baku have contacted me this morning regarding coming event in Baku. They need some help and assistance in their struggle. Let’s show some international solidarity and support LGBT people of Azerbaijan and Baku!

OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU: Musical festival in Azerbaijan. Be a part of history. OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU – rainbow music festival, as the first step to a free-will acknowledgment of sexual and gender identity by a person – coming out in Azerbaijan.

OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU: Musical festival in Azerbaijan

Be a part of history. OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU – rainbow music festival, as the first step to a free-will acknowledgment of sexual and gender identity by a person – coming out in Azerbaijan.

Help us to start a music festival – OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU. Lack of knowledge makes “Gay” scary. Our active social attitude initiative group offers concept, adaptation and coming out for those who face the selfdifinition problems in Azrbaijan. This arrangement brings real sense by showing the identities variety, supporting people’s rights to be themselves regardless of sexual or gender identity, confronting violence and discrimination. We’d like to use it as a key to the empowerment of seeking ways to solve that kind of problems. By means of the crowdfinding campaign we hope to gain the whole sum to make it true. We’d love to have you on board as we begin this journey!


25.12.2016 Baku for the first time become a platform for music festival Allied Rainbow Communities.

OUTPUT FESTIVAL BAKU – That music festival will upscale the worldview; look into the serious society relations and sooth the desponded ones. We’re not waiting for the world’s changes but we do hope people will muse: you must not offend a person just because he is not like you! That is the only way for “weird” ones to feel that their concealed chapter will be told as it worth to.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the festival and we want to make this engaging process for everyone who supports us.

What We Need

But first, we need your help. The contributions gained through Indiegogo will allow us to start the Festival of equality and process of coming out to invite popular musicians and sign contracts with the local partner organizations. We’ve conducted researches, drawn the steps-line, and found a production company to cooperate with. But the project scale and sponsor’s interest definitely depends on you!

About organizers

We are the creative craftsmen team bringing special state of mind as much as artists, musicians and producers. We have adequate experiences of conducting of such festivals. We’d love to make a contribution to violence and discrimination confrontation. It takes much to give gays future in Azerbaijan. The main problem is lack of knowledge. But we can see the conservatism is stepping slowly back. So it’s our time to make one step up and become opened. We are currently in talks with show stars. We are rushing to cause a dialog of LGBT legal and social status in Azerbaijan.

We know that our festival in our story might be controversial and cause a lot of discussions, but that’s good. Controversy creates curiosity and then people talk about it.


We are making a so called Flexible Campaign which means that even if we don’t reach our goal, any cent and all money received from this campaign will go towards making this festival and help making it better and greater!

The festival will definitely be made! The more money we can raise the more independent we can stay and the bigger and cooler this festival will get.


The corporate media will never tell our story. Let’s stop complaining and do it ourselves.

If you don’t feel that you can donate, we encourage you to share this campaign through social media – just spreading the word can make a huge difference.


Unfortunately we have nothing to offer to you but being thankful for your longing for social justice. And your presence at our festival will make us really happy!

You can still be a part of us and help us make the festival bigger & better! So please help us to achieve the highest possible level and make this WAY OUT WEST.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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