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Let’s go SHOPPING – Bangkok – Chatuchak Market

After you have explored Bangkok night-life and gay scene or at least part of it, it is time to do some shopping. Bangkok is one of the best places on Earth to do shopping. And one of the best and most colorful places for shopping in Bangkok is certainly Chatuchak Market the famous Weekend Market.

We would like to encourage LGBT travelers to share their experience with us and other LGBT travelers. Planning a trip and not sure what to see, where to go or where to stay? Post your questions on the forum and someone might come up with great ideas and suggestions. Join our forum and become part of a great and ever growing community of LGBT travelers. Click on the link below to start today.

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Gay Travel Forum – Travel Experience Exchange Post your questions or share your travel tips with other gay travelers  on this forum or post to –

We wish you safe, enjoyable and exciting travel!


Bangkok Sunset


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