Expat in Asia – Cambodian Tales – Part 3

Writings by Richard


Greetings viewers.  Let’s start off with a big thank you (orkun) to all of you.  My readership is increasing in leaps and bounds.  How exciting to think there are so many of you out there interested in little old me!

It’s been a fun filled time since I last blogged.  My partner is still away in Australia and I have been making the most of it.  Not to say that I haven’t been working hard.  We have had almost full house at River Queen since the last blog so I have been on my toes keeping things running.  Thankfully the last two days have quietened down and I have been catching up on some much needed rest.


I had two fun – filled nights partying hard with the boys from the car wash.  All the boys came over and we spent the night drinking and getting up to all sorts of mischief.  I stayed up two nights running and had a hard couple of mornings organizing guests breakfasts with a hangover and afterglow!  Definitely worth it though.  Unfortunately as I write they are dismantling the car -wash and getting ready to move to new premises…it was fun while it lasted.  Really it’s good news for the guesthouse though.  We are situated across the road from Siem Reap River and the government have embarked upon a river beautification project.  They have cleared every house along the river bank from one end of town to the other.  The car wash and 3 other adjoining properties are all that remain.  Now they have been giving marching orders and soon we will be enjoying uninterupted river views and landscaped gardens.

There seems to be quite a lot of new development happening around town lately.  Many new buildings are popping up all over the place and a few new shops have opened or are being refurbished.  We now have a new night market (that makes it about 5 or 6 now) on Sivutha Blvd opposite Pub St and a little further along they are building yet another market.  Although this one does look more like a shopping mall than a market.  It is a wonder any of the shops make a profit with so many of the same and all selling the same touristy things.  That’s one thing I hate here – the total lack of creative or individual thinking.  In the streets you will see a dozen or more “Batman” or “Superman” tuk – tuks. I want to do a bright pink “Barbie” tuk-tuk!  Market stalls one after the other all selling exactly the same products.  Book sellers all selling the same “First they killed my Father” or ‘Brother Number One” books.  Even the tourists get into it with their “Same Same but Different” T-shirts.


Anyway enough whinging.  I had a fabulous evening with my new ‘boyfriend’ last Saturday.  He took me to a little out of the way bar called The Tuk Tuk Bar.  A really nice, if small, all night cocktail bar tucked way down a side street.  The drinks were great and cheap cheap.  Everything between $1.50 and $3.00.  An interesting selection of cocktails (not same same as every other bar) and a groovy bar set up to resemble a tuk tuk (hence the name).  We spent a really lovely couple of hours getting to know eachother better. He is definitely keen but delightfully is not throwing himself at me and the evening ended with a hug and promises of another night out.  It’s so refreshing to find a boy who is not ready to jump into bed at the drop of a hat and who doesn’t expect me to automatically pay for his drinks (or all of his friend’s).  Not too mention that he hasn’t as yet rung me with a request to lend him money!

Monday night I ventured out by myself.  I headed for 8Bar, forgetting they are closed on Monday, and ended up at Linga Bar.  Not too much happening there, but what can you expect on a Monday night?  However I spent most of the time talking with the boys from the bar and we pigged out on deep fried spring rolls.  Of course being so quiet every money boy there tried to hit on me but I was a good boy and politely turned them down.  I actually only came out to get away from the guesthouse and relax a little so I was quite pleased with myself in not picking up.


Not sure what it is with me and boys on motos though.  I got half way home and two boys on motos pulled up beside me.  One of them was a tuk tuk driver who I had ridden with once and he remembered me.  Long story short, his friend was absolutely gorgeous.  Young, cute as a button with that straight boyish charm I love.  That was the end of my quiet night.  OMG just about the best fun I have had in ages.  That’s why I love it here so much.  There is always a fun filled adventure just waiting around every corner.

Another thing I love is the street fashion the local boys wear. It reminds me of Suzie Wong meets Huckelberry Finn.  Depsite the poverty these boys all manage to create a gypsy type image which just looks great.  Hard working, well worn and work stained they still look hot and stylish. I snapped this issues photos just walking around town – enjoy!

Until next time – be gorgeous.



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